Stop Torturing Bulls in Spanish Town

Target:  Counselor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Castile and León Alicia García Rodríguez

Goal:  Put an end to the barbaric killing of bulls in the annual Toro de la Vega festival.

Every September in Tordesillas, Spain, a lone bull is chased, tormented, brutalized and killed as part of an annual “celebration.”  Despite widespread outrage, this barbaric practice is defended by officials as a cherished tradition and a tourist attraction.  Each year a frightened bull endures a long, torturous death because of the simple refusal of city officials to update the festival and replace this horrific display with a humane and respectable celebration.

During each Toro de la Vega festival, an innocent bull is chased through the streets by men on horseback and on foot, armed with spears and herding the animal into a meadow.  During the run, the bull is repeatedly stabbed with the intention of weakening him for the final, fatal blow.  Once in the meadow, the injured animal is surrounded and continues to be tormented and stabbed by the mob.  The man who finally kills the bull is not only rewarded with a medal from city officials, but is entitled to castrate the bull and parade his testicles through the streets as a trophy.

Keeping with tradition is sorry justification for continuing such an outrageously cruel sport.  Sign this petition and tell the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Tordesillas city officials to stop torturing and killing these innocent bulls.


Dear Counselor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Alicia García Rodríguez,

The brutal killing of bulls at the Toro de la Vega festival has no place in a modern, progressive society.  The torture and murder of an innocent animal cannot be justified in the name of tradition and this practice can easily be updated to a humane, respectable celebration.

Many people throughout the world have expressed outrage and disgust at this annual festival, and it’s time that Tordesillas officials caught up and put a stop to it.

I urge you to start by saving the life of the innocent bull that is set to be killed in this year’s Toro de la Vega festival and to put an end to this horrific tradition for good.  Please show the the rest of the world that you value the lives of innocent animals and stop the torture this year.


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  1. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    The people that do this and the officials that allow it are savages. In some things Spain is a 3rd world country.

  2. I am ashamed to admit that I have Spanish blood in me, but as far as I am concerned I am a full blooded New Zealander and proud to be a Kiwi. You people are savage barbarians and do not deserve any respect what so ever.

  3. Lynne Aitken says:

    Please show you can be compassionate and stop the torture of the magnificent Spanish bulls

  4. teresa royer says:

    please people share this petition is sooo important for the people in Spain that are fighting very hard to stop this horrendous crime!!!!! SHARE,SHARE,SHARE!!!! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL THIS BEAUTIFUL BULL CALL VOLANTE AND THEY NEED ALL OUR HELP !!!!! HELP TO STOP THIS SLAUGHTHER!!!!!!!

    • gloria karol says:

      Dear Teresa,
      I hope that we can stop the torture of these beautiful animals and the barbaric tradition that serves no purpose other than sadistic entertainment of cretins who also enjoy dog and cock fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dear gloria: thank you for your response I just hope that people keep signing and more people become aware about this archaic and ignorant tradition that like you said serves NO purpose…there is nothing cultural or entretaining about it…there is a lot of good people over there that dont want this slaughter but they need help….SIGN AND SHARE EVERYONE!!!!!….and is NOT only Volante ,a magnificent creature, but many like him that are going to be torture and harras….is beyond comprehension what do they get out of this suffering and without a real reason…some traditions need to disappear we are NOT in the 1800s and this one is one of them…

  6. Comment peut-on participer et se réjouir d’un tel acte de barbarie? Torturer avec intention de tuer un animal sans aucun autre motif que le plaisir insensé des Hommes assoiffés de sauvagerie et de sang! Et on appelle ça comment déjà: célébration, fête, attraction????

  7. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Barbaric parents gave birth to barbaric babies and the evil will go on and on.

  8. I don’t understand how Spanish citizens allow this to continue. is anyone there working to get the public rallied against these disgusting and heinous atrocities!

  9. I don’t understand how any human being can look at the eyes of this bull and be so depraved as to feel absolutely nothing about causing such unfathomable suffering. A society filled with a rotten stench of evil. Officials endorsing this need to be the subjects of this “tradition.” I would volunteer to cut off their balls and show them around town, if they had any.

  10. Stop this sadistic torturing of bulls now. What kind of beings are you? Human or NOT.

  11. stepanka lagartita says:

    Por favor – despierta el pueblo espanol!!! de verdad quereis vivir vs.vidas tan cortas con manos sangrados ??? pq no protegeis a la os sentirais mejor? en vez de matar y hacer sufrir – hacer algo para ayudar a los seres vivos?

  12. shirley cross says:

    Bull fighting needs to stop this is barbarek cruelty

  13. Just plain horrible! Abuse of bulls in Spain must end!

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