Stop Animal Cruelty and Medical Neglect of Circus Animals

Target: Mayor Tom Tait of the city of Anaheim and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack.

Goal: Stop the cruel treatment of circus animals, demand they receive proper veterinary care and are protected against cruelty and abuse.

It is no secret that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has little concern for the welfare and condition of its animals, which is confirmed by images, videos, and undercover investigations. After the collapse of a circus elephant named Sarah following a show in California, it is time to speak out against the lack of medical care these animals receive.

The living conditions of Ringling Bros. circus animals are unnatural and inhumane. They are transferred from one show to the next without any rest, being forced to constantly stand on their feet and perform for long periods of time. Forced to endure intense physical labor and violence, only to later be chained up and shipped to the next city. As a result, circus animals develop medical disorders, deformities, and illnesses.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus neglect injuries and diseases of their animals. Because of this, Sarah the circus elephant, collapsed after her performance in Anaheim, California. PETA provides the report of an eyewitness stating that Sarah fell down after struggling to climb the ramp to a boxcar, “a Ringling crew member intimidated and forced the elephant to get up and into the railroad car.”

The animal welfare organization asked independent and experienced veterinarians to look at video footage of Ringling Bros.’ performing elephants. They state in the article the elephant “is clinically lame to the point of being crippled”, adding later that “Her condition is painful and she should not be performing”. It is the obligation of the people to demand these animals get adequate veterinary care and medication.


Dear Mayor Tom Tait of the city of Anaheim and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack,

There is adequate evidence that confirms the cruel treatment of Ringling Bros. circus animals inflicted by its own employees. Elephants like Sarah who collapsed after her performance in Anaheim, California, are inevitably developing serious health issues due to abuse and lack of veterinary care.

It is concerning that as the mayor of Anaheim, where the incident occurred, and as secretary of the US department of Agriculture, these animals’ desperate and urgent cry for help can be ignored.

These atrocities and inhuman acts have to stop, the American public would not enjoy circus entertainment if they knew behind the curtains elephants were suffering from disabling medical conditions and lack of proper care. The incident of Anaheim, California cannot be ignored, and as mayor I urge you to take a stand against animal cruelty.

Secretary of USDA carries the burden of protecting these animals and charging circus owners for incidents of abuse. The evidence against Ringling Bros. is clear, however the enforcement is missing. I urge you to protect animals against the cruelty they receive from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.


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  1. CaroleFraser says:

    Ban all circuses very cruel.

  2. These animals belong in the wild. If they are too old and can’t fend for themselves they should be in a reputable Zoo like San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. They do not belong in a circus being manhandled.

  3. The circus is so cruel and everytime these poor gentle elephants go on stage, they are beaten. There is NO< NO NO excuse for this. The tigers are also tortured and forced to jump through fire rings and they are petrified of fire. All the animals are abused and kept in small cages and shipped from town to town on trains. Ban the circuses. Let's be humane. Children should not see animals doing stupid tricks. I agree with what Cairo had said. Do we watch gladiators fight to the death? Do we go to see midgets at the circus? Breaking the spirit of the baby elephants and forcing THEM to do tricks. The minute the babies are born, they are torn from their mothers. This is so stressful for the mother and baby. Ban Ringling Circus, the Shrine Circus, Cole and Barnes, who also beat elephants. So cruel.

  4. NO NO NO NO NO NO BAN ALL ANIMALS FROM CIRCUSES AND ANIMALS USED FOR ENTERTAINEMNT. Everybody knows the cruelty exercised in hateful circuses against animals. Just because the animals are defenseless to human ruthlessness, it does not mean that we can allow them to be hurt by the most disgusting species on earth that is humans.
    Animals must be in their natural habitat. Close all zoos for that matter. Keeping animals in cages their whole life just so that humans may be entertained is brutal, ruthless, cruel and degenerate. Thank God for the humans who sign such petitions, know the difference between right and wrong and have compassion in their heart. It is us with compassion that will change the world.

  5. i am going to tell OBAMA about this NOW!!!!!!(six exclamation potints mean im serious and angry)

  6. Beth Marie says:

    Why is petition still active?

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