University Ranked High in Animal Abuse Must be Stopped

Target: Eric Kaler, President of the University of Minnesota

Goal: End the use of animals in experimental research at the University of Minnesota after reportedly ranking high in animal abuse.

The University of Minnesota was ranked the worst offender for animal abuse, according to a new study of federal reports conducted on the mistreatment of mice at top universities. In the study, PETA scientists analyzed animal welfare violations at universities that received $6.1 billion in grants from the National Institute of Health in 2016. The University of Minnesota had 60 animal welfare violations over the last two years. One of the violations, according to Dr. Chandna, involved “75 rats who were not given any pain relief after being used in a surgery.” She added that rats are sensitive beings who “feel pain and distress. They suffer and yet they’re being subjected to unchecked pain, unchecked distress, in the U of Minnesota laboratories.”

Other allegations include deviating from welfare protocol, subjecting mice and rats to unapproved procedures, and administering expired anesthetics. One of the study’s authors, Dr. Frances Cheng, noted that billions of tax dollars are going to universities that violate their animal care agreements with the government. “Yet the NIH imposes no penalty for drowning, starving, suffocating or denying pain relief and veterinary care to mice and rats,” Cheng added.

The University of Minnesota responded, saying that “they are working on it.” PETA has called for them to “do better.” Working on it and doing better is not enough. Not after the University has been exposed for causing numerous helpless animals to suffer. Sign this petition to demand that they stop the use of animals in experiments immediately.


Dear Mr. Kaler,

The University of Minnesota ranked the worst offender for animal abuse, according to a new study of federal reports conducted on the mistreatment of mice at top universities. In one particular case, 75 rats weren’t given any pain relief after being used in surgery. Other violations included deviating from welfare protocol, subjecting mice and rats to unapproved procedures, and administering expired anesthetics.

With 60 animal welfare violations in the last two years, it seems the University of Minnesota has no regard whatsoever for the lives of animals. We demand that the use of animals in experiments be stopped immediately.


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  1. Barton Dixon says:

    “I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty”.
    Charles W. Mayo, MD

    “Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called research.” George Bernard Shaw

    “Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character.” George Bernard Shaw

  2. The horror of animal torture in so-called “research” must be stopped!
    The charade, the pretending, that animal torture aka research is of ANY value whatsoever, MUST END.
    I think all the sadistic torturers and those giving them money should be imprisoned for these atrocities.
    NOT ONE animal should EVER be subjected to torture again.


  4. President Eric Kahler, It is your responsibilty to STOP ALL ANIMAL RESEARCH. AS A LIFETIME RESIDENT OF MN, I AM DISGUSTED TO LEARN WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING BEHIND OUR BACKS. Stop the torture, cruelty, abuse and death of mice and rats NOW. As they say what cames around goes around, and sooner or later you will get what is coming to you. Plus, I will be calling both Sentator Franken, and Senator Klobachor tomorrow.

  5. lynn woods says:

    this place should be shut right down and never allowed to have animals for research again what’s the matter with the laws down there if they must experiment then do it on themselves not innocent animals

  6. Nooshin Perla says:

    I am sorry, what else can I say. I pray and wish the worst disease and illness for these damn heartless man and women who do these sickening act at school or hospitals. They are so so STUPID. They still do NOT know that these test do NOT work on humans. They are true DUMB MORONS, and as EVIL as it coms. BURN IN HELL!!

  7. Dear Mr. Kaler,
    It is more important than ever for authority figures to teach young adults compassion and ethics by modeling it. Young people are bombarded with so much sociopathy today that people who understand this phenomenon have to work harder than ever to teach young people the difference between right and wrong. Human lives will be at stake if you do not demonstrate disgust with the professors who caused pain to animals and seemingly felt nothing. Your medical professors are sociopaths, and all the authority figures at your university have to stop this harm and speak out against it, for the sake of vulnerable young human minds, if not for the helpless animals. Compassion used to be a valuable and necessary character trait in the U.S. Let’s not let sociopaths be the arbiters of our societal standards. They do not deserve it. Thank you.

  8. Nooshin Perla says:

    STOP!!! You damn moron who call them selves scientist!!!! I pray you no good heartless A. Get the same treat and SUFFER a life time in hell!!!!

  9. Minnesota. I was like where the F*** is that? And oh yeah I realized its in the middle of nowhere where a bunch of ignorants live. I think one day these ignorant will learn that animals are alive just like any of us and that god will punish them in hell.

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