Protest Yearly Dolphin Killings in Japan

Target: The Japanese Government

Goal: Protest the slaughter of dolphins in Japan’s annual fishing season

At the beginning of September of every year, Japan’s dolphin hunting season starts and does not end until March. Thousands of dolphins and porpoises are murdered in the Cove of Taiji for their meat. These dolphins are cruelly captured and led into the cove and killed ruthlessly by local fishermen. Some are captured and confined in small cages until they are sold. Despite protests worldwide, Japan’s dolphin market is still flourishing and it must be stopped.

No animal deserves to be brutally murdered for any reason at all. Dolphins are intelligent and incredible creatures and every year they are subjected to such inhuman killings. The fishermen residing in this little town of Taiji round up entire dolphin families and lead them into the cove where they are painfully drowned. Dolphin meat nowadays are often plagued with toxins and chemicals due to pollution and can actually be fatal to the many people who consume it. Dolphin hunting is not only horrible for the dolphins, it is also dangerous for the Japanese people.

Female dolphins are often captured and sold to marine parks around the world. China is known to be one of the largest buyers of live dolphins. Dolphins can live up to 50 good years in the open ocean. When they are captured and forced to live in marine parks and turned into show animals, their life expectancy drops significantly.

Hunting dolphins is surprisingly legal. The International Whaling Commission protects the hunting of the great whale, but there is no current international law that regulates the hunting of small cetacean, which includes dolphins. Until a new law is proposed, the only hope of saving these dolphins is peaceful protest. A group of protesters recently gathered in front of the Consulate of the General of Japan in New York City to increase awareness about this barbaric practice. Other protesters have circulated the Oscar winning documentary, “The Cove” which chronicles the dolphin hunting season, to the Japanese population in order to educate them about the increased levels of toxins in dolphin meat. Although there is an increased awareness regarding dolphin hunting, it is still at large. More people need to be educated about the dangers behind eating dolphin meat. Furthermore, people must know what the dolphins go through before they are ruthlessly killed.

The Japanese government has to acknowledge the concerns brought up worldwide regarding the annual dolphin hunting season and end this horrid practice.


Dear Japanese Government,

The annual dolphin hunting season has started in Taiji, Japan. Roughly 20,000 dolphins will be captured and brutally killed in the Cove of Taiji for their meat. The dolphins are herded into the cove and painfully drowned. Their meat is sold in Japanese markets and used as fertilizer. The ocean nowadays is a lot more polluted than it ever was before, and the dolphin meat is often contaminated with toxins and chemicals. Not only is dolphin hunting cruel, it is putting poisoned meat on the market to be consumed by thousands of people who are unaware of the possible dangers.

Some of the dolphins are captured and confined in small cages before they are sold to marine parks across the world. No wild animal is ever meant to be displayed for the pleasures of humans. Animals should be allowed to live and thrive in their own environment, not one made by humans. Dolphins who live in the wild live significantly longer and are happier. Worldwide peaceful protests have started in regards to this dolphin drive hunt. People are concerned for both the dolphins and the  consumers.

You must put an end to the annual dolphin drive hunt in your nation and save thousands of dolphins from cruelty.


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  1. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause

    pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in

    return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and

    the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  2. Lori Udenberg says:

    Just the site of that blood red water nauseates me.How can people be so cold that they can slaughter these social animals in front of their own kind with no chance of saving themselves.

  3. Our pleas and petitions are of no consequence to this barbaric culture ,by -murdering them in such a hidious cruel fashion shows they have no understanding -compassion or empathy to anything let alone these poor dolphins -instead of killing them why don’t they bring them there as a tourist attraction -tourists would prefer to -see them not have them- butchered.

  4. That this is known and still allowed, by an intelligent, respectful, apple blossom loving nation and that they do nothing to ban the slaughter of these dolphins – which are understanding, sentient beings, feeling pain and terror as we would – brings dishonour to all Japanese people.

  5. fuck stupid japanese

  6. lorraine deacon says:

    Why is this not on the news every day until stopped? Why aren’t we hearing politicians discuss this barbaric yearly slaughter? Why has this continued for so many years now?
    I have protested twice now outside the Japanese embassy. Yet nothing of our protest made any news! They will NEVER stop! We must do MORE!
    Savages!!!! Yet highly intelligent nation! Shame on you JAPAN!!! To hell you will go.

  7. Patricia quiroz says:

    Just i dont understand why Japanese government can do this then say is acceptable, but most i can believe how contries’s goverment can accept this!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP

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