Demand Harvard Medical School Stop Experiments on Monkeys

Target: Mark Barnes, J.D., LL.M., Interim Managing Director of Harvard’s New England Primate Research Center

Goal: Stop Harvard’s deadly experiments on monkeys

Harvard’s medical school is currently running experiments on marmoset monkeys to study the effects of aging. A marmoset recently died after it escaped and was recaptured with a net at the New England Primate Research Center (NEPRC).  The marmoset died after an imaging test. Although the exact causes of death are unclear, the research center is responsible for five primate deaths, including that of the marmoset. In February, the death of a cotton-top tamarin monkey led the U.S. Department of Agriculture to file a citation against the research center.

The experiments performed by Harvard medical school are highly questionable. The head research of the project, Dean P. Jones stated that the purpose of the study with the marmosets is to find solutions to physical weaknesses seen in older people. Jones states that it is easier to monitor the marmosets’ growth due to their short life span and that the study is not dangerous for the primates. However, the experiment constantly has the marmosets in tubes when they are being scanned to monitor and measure body composition.

John J. Pippin, a director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine states that there may have been other factors, such as poor oversight and performance by the faulty that could have led to the death of the monkey. Research on marmosets was suspended until corrective measures were taken by the experimenters and the experiments recently have resumed. The level of care for the animals has not been improved. Harvard medical school’s history with animal experimentations is not a good one. There have been many cases of neglect and harm toward the animals resulting in deaths.

The study of aging can be effectively done on humans without any danger or harm. However, since it will definitely take longer to attain results, the Harvard scientists are taking the easy way out by studying marmosets. These animals do not deserve to undergo such gruesome tests, especially when they are squeezed into a tube during the imaging tests. Results from these experiments may not even be worth the damage that is being done on these animals.

The NEPRC must not continue its experiments and these monkeys must be saved.


Dear Mark Barnes, J.D., LL.M., Interim Managing Director of Harvard’s New England Primate Research Center,

The experiments done on marmoset monkeys at the research center must be stopped and I urge you to take initiative and end all studies immediately. The marmoset that died recently was only one of five primates that have died at the center due to complications from studies. The experimenters claim that the studies are purely observational and that the monkeys are not in any harm. However, that is clearly not the case if these monkeys keep on dying.

Lead researcher Dean P. Jones states that these experiments are needed to study the aging process in humans and hopefully will help explain why physical frailness occurs with age. Jones wants to find a solution for physical frailness and he claims that studying monkeys will help humans. This study can be done with humans at no harm. The only downsides to that type of experiment are costs and time. These factors are not enough to justify the harm done on the monkeys.

I urge you to stop these experiments before more monkeys die.


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  1. Many profit from this animal abuse, all except the animals, who are victims of this abject torture. Where is our conscience and what will it take to raise it?

  2. how horrible for these poor animals

  3. All animals should be off limits to research, there are other ways of getting this stuff done :s

  4. That testing animal laboratories helps nobody,it’s just for greed and massive pains for this poor innocent animals.
    Can anybody stop the cruelty? I hope so!!

  5. Nauseating behaviour by humans, as usual.

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