Seek Maximum Punishment for Couple That Tortured Animals For Sexual Fetish Videos

Target: Judge Ed Emmett

Goal: Give the maximum punitive sentence to makers of animal torture porn

Two vicious individuals have been charged with felony animal torture in Houston, Texas, and the online community must come together quickly to make sure they receive the maximum punishment. Ashley Richards, with the assistance of Brent Justice, admits to violently killing hundreds of puppies, kittens, rabbits, and rodents in the production of sexual fetish videos.

These two monsters are beyond help, and do not deserve any second chances. Justice and Richards orchestrated an international video sales business. In one film, Richards tapes the mouth of a pit bull puppy, chops off its leg, cuts the back of its neck, and finally ends the session with decapitation. In another, she impales a cat’s eye with a high heel. When the judge set their bail, she could not even bear to read the crimes aloud.

The pain and horror of being a victim of physical torture, amputation, and vivisection is a physiological stress that transcends species.  It is as if these criminals tortured humans and similar punishment should transcend species as well. We need to let the Harris County judges know that they must respect the needs of sentient creatures to be free from cruelty. Sign this petition to fortify the interests of all the creatures that died while experiencing an agony that we cannot even imagine.


Dear Honorable Judge Ed Emmett,

In unison with many others, I want be the voice of hundreds of creatures that Ashley Richards and Brent Justice deliberately tortured. To restrain, mutilate, stab, and slice sentient creatures is in the abilities of only the most dangerous humans.  We spare you the merciful euphemisms that others may offer: we do not believe these defendants deserve any help or rehabilitation.  Their sickness does not excuse their actions, as ignorance is not a viable reason for forgiveness in cases of domestic, child, or animal abuse of any kind.

Although two years imprisonment is the maximum penalty, we urge you to impress on these defendants every possible fine, servitude, and restraining order. When people are so incredibly desensitized to the point of ignoring the screams of writhing, terrorized  sentient creatures, they are a danger to society and an embarrassment to the human race that claims stewardship over animal companions. We urge you to be a responsible beacon of ethical standards and give these two monsters the most robust punishment possible.


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  2. I want these ppl dead . thats the MINIMUM they fucking deserve. Donate them to a high security prison as usable disposable sex dolls. I want them used tol they die.

  3. brenda houston says:

    Animal torture has become a huge game, people nothing for animals, in fact feel little for other humans. I am from South Africa and the farm murders is beyond cruel Google that it would make you sick. The judge system must change, treat the people the same as they treat others. Kill them, cut them to pieces and fry them piece by piece.

  4. christina webster christina webster says:

    I really hope these sick fucks suffer agonizing pain every minute of every day until they are finally tortured to death. I’d love to stand on that bitches eye in six inch heals and cut the balls off the other sick cunt. The people who watch these videos are equally as vile and they should suffer the same fate too. I hope they rot in hell.

  5. Dangerous evil people. Not safe loose in society.
    What if children could be killed next. Children and animals need protecting as they have no voice

  6. This vile ugly bitch and associates needs to be exterminated.Their death needs to be slowly and painful by decapitation.

  7. I had been saying for years that this kind of people plus sociopaths, paedophiles, rapists, murderes should all have death penalty and not waiting for years. Also the ones who torture should be done the same. It works and it is proved to work. This crimes had been each year more an more because they realize that can escape without almost nothing, or just pay a small fine and let’s go for the next one. It is also proved that these shit humans often go to do the same in humans (what restrains them is exactly the fact that they know they would be hunted till there is no stone unterned. If they knew it would be the same and they would be tortured and killed by these kind of acts, I have no doubt that this number of crimes would soon be almost zero.With humans the same to humans the same would be applied, it would be eye per eye and just look to countries where they cut hands of thieves and they have gold to sell on the streets and rarely have problems, why is that??? They know what is going to happen.

  8. If they do this to innocent animals. What will they do to people, childeren, elderly???

  9. if they do this to innocent animals what will they do to people, children?

  10. these thugs need to be done the same way. Let them be filmed while they are being tortured. NO EXCUSE for this barbaric,abuse. Then let them die. Don’t
    put them out of their misery. Offer no medical attention. Don’t wast the tax
    payer’s money on scum of the earth like this. They need to be put out of their misery.

  11. Research and statistics have shown that individuals capable of such atrocities with animals often move on to human victims. Do not allow him this entitlement, the feeling or belief that he deserves to be given special privileges. Our (every country) Governments are aware that these animal abusers are a threat to our communities. Please sign petition and state we aware that our governments are aware that these animal abusers are a threat to our communities and move into our neighborhoods! Make our governments responsible for these animal abusers reoccurring crimes! These judges or governments who don’t investigate or give these animal abusers the maximum penalty should be held accountable for their heinous crimes! Sign Petitions AND COMMENT – make the Judge who LET these criminals go free without a maximum prison sentence. These Judges need to take responsibility for their negligence in keeping our communities SAFE!!!

  12. Dirty stinking freaks, what a waste of space and oxygen. What the hell is wrong with people, so cruel and sadistic.
    Only humans are cruel, says a lot about people, who think they are above animals.
    Exterminate the scum before any more animals are tortured.
    Thats another human trait, obsessed with sex, and sick sex as well. There are no words to describe these vile repulsive ugly freaks, too bad they werent aborted.

  13. I’m sure this horrible people never finish high school… Just plain loosers… Locked them up and loose the key…

  14. Natalie Broadley says:

    People who do this should suffer the same pain they’ve inflicted on these defenceless animals..I know what I’d do to them..evil piece of shit!

  15. Alice Knight says:

    Poor examples for human beings.

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