Stop Elephant Riding in Florida

Target: Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission

Goal: Ban the cruel practice of riding elephants in Florida

Elephant riding has always been a form of entertainment internationally. However, what many people are unaware of are the conditions these animals go through during and after their training. A Floridian church, Without Walls International Church, plans on hosting free elephant rides on its property. Pastor Randy White decided to hire an elephant for the weekend of the Republican National Convention since his church choir will be singing at the event in Tampa. Elephants are also the symbol of the Republican Party, which shows the appreciation and enthusiasm of the church’s choir.

The companies that provide elephants often do not treat their animals well. These exhibitors abuse and torture their elephants by using physical force as a part of their training methods. Some of these elephants endure beatings, often with a bullhook, which is a steel-tipped instrument, similar to a fireplace poker that is used to poke and strike the elephants until they are obedient. The elephants are also chained in small cages and do not get to roam like elephants naturally would do.

After being placed in such horrid conditions and situations, the elephants often act out due to stress and fear. There have been a few accidents surrounding elephant riding and yet, elephant riding is still allowed. Since 1990, there have been a recorded 14 human deaths and roughly 122 injuries related to elephants in the entertainment industry.

Without Walls International Church may not be directly beating the elephants, but they might as well be by supporting the industry. Unfortunately, Without Walls International Church is not the only place that hires these elephants for promotional reasons. Elephant riding is very popular and riders are often unaware of the dangers behind it. This form of pleasure attainable at the expense of these innocent animals must be stopped. Not only will elephants be better off without the riding industry, humans will also be safer. The Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission must put an end to elephant riding.


Dear Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission,

It has come to my attention that Without Walls International Church plans to hire an elephant for the weekend of the Republican National Convention. The elephant will be required to give free rides on the church’s property as a form of celebration since the church’s choir will be singing at the convention in Tampa.

Elephant riding is a horrible form of entertainment. The companies that rent out elephants often mistreat and abuse their animals. Elephants are often physically abused by bullhooks, a steel-tipped instrument that is used to harm and strike the elephants until they become submissive and obedient. The elephants are also constantly chained and confined in small cages. Due to these inhumane conditions, the elephants often act out from fear and stress. There have been 14 human deaths and 122 injuries from elephants in the entertainment industry since 1990.

Unfortunately, Without Walls International Church is not the only organization that may hire elephants and thus, elephant riding must be banned throughout Florida and I urge you to make this happen.


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  1. Hard to understand why this continues when they know that elephants and humans alike are in danger.

  2. Tracy Rutkowske says:

    These majestic animals should be repeated not abused over ridden animals. They should be free.
    Let’s do the right thing and help Nosey. Tracy

  3. Betty McCombs says:

    I just went to the Without Walls International Church website, Using the contact button, I said social media has learned of your intentions to offer free Elephant rides during the Republication National Convention. I wrote to please reconsider and cancel the event. We are all God’s creatures! What a super campaign it would be for the church to inform the public it cancelled the event and supports the effort to end Elephant rides! That could be a HUGE boost to the church being recognized for God’s mission!

  4. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Exploitation of Non-Humans is IMMORAL

  5. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    I can’t believe this church would condone this cruelty, sounds like Satan is at work here.

  6. Oh my goodness but you guys really need an education in ELEPHANTS. Seriously. Doubtful you’ve actually spent much – if any – time around elephants and their handlers. Just another bunch of PETA and HSUS lackeys.

  7. Ewa Narkiewicz says:

    Anyone can write any garbage and the gullible believe it. The photo os not even from America let alone Florida. People are so lazy and gullible no wonder businesses like PETA and HSUS make millions of dollars. Just yell the word abuse and people believe you no matter how baseless the accusations. Pathetic.

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