Demand Federal Regulations for Tattoo Ink to Prevent Infections

Target: Barack Obama, President of the United States

Goal: Instate federal regulations on tattoo ink to prevent infections

Recently, many people with new tattoos started noticing something strange and rather alarming. In Rochester, New York, tattoo clients began noticing pink bumps all over their new tattoos. While these bumps did not hurt or itch, it was strange that the entire tattoo was not inflamed, and this caught many people’s attention. Apparently, bad tattoo ink was unknowingly used on several clients. Now, 19 people in Rochester have been affected by this infectious tattoo ink, including tattoo shop owner Bill Herring. Detectives believe that the ink was tampered with before being shipped from the supplier, Catfish Carl’s Realistic Washes, thus tattoo artists could not know that the ink was bad before using it.

The main problem with this story is that tattoo ink is not regulated by the federal government. This means that there are no minimum guidelines supply companies have to meet, thus tattoo ink that is sub-par ends up getting shipped out and infecting people. The infection caused by this ink could have spread to other parts of the body including vital organs if it was not treated. Something this threatening to one’s health must be regulated by the government. Demand that the federal government provide guidelines for tattoo ink manufacturers in order to keep tattoo clients healthy and safe.


Dear Barack Obama,

Recently, a great deal of people have been infected by tattoo ink. In Rochester, NY, a total of 19 people have been infected by the same tattoo ink used at the same tattoo parlor. The owner of this business was also affected by the bad tattoo ink after giving himself a tattoo. Not only did pink and red bumps begin to appear of people’s tattoos, but this infection also had the capability of spreading to other parts of the body. If this infection was not treated, it could have affected many vital organs and possibly threatened a person’s life. Unfortunately, tattoo ink is not regulated by the federal government, thus there is no way to know if ink meets any minimum requirements.

Something that is inserted into a person’s skin, such as tattoo ink, should absolutely be regulated by the federal government. If there were minimum requirements that ink manufacturers had to meet, businesses would feel comfortable buying tattoo ink and knowing it is safe to use on customers. This could prevent many infections or other tattoo related health issues. It is necessary that the federal government regulate tattoo ink in order to keep tattoo clients safe and healthy.


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  1. linda ellis says:

    Many people are donating plasma and are tatooed. This is killing our blood supply, new pathogens discovered everyday in the blood supply that are killing the recipients. Clean it up!

  2. Do your research, this case is from one artist, one shop and his clients. the product was Voluntarily recalled, NOT recalled by the FDA. The artist and his shop in NY are under criminal investigation for PRODUCT TAMPERING.

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