Stop Bain Capital from Closing Factory and Outsourcing Jobs to China

Target: The Romney administration

Goal: Stop Bain Capital from closing profitable Freeport auto-parts factory

“Cutting costs” has become a mantra used by businesses to justify layoffs and outsourcing labor. In the midst of an economic crisis, individuals that are struggling financially are more likely to understand—albeit grudgingly—that on a larger scale, businesses are also cutting back on luxuries and basic necessities to get by. In Freeport, Illinois, 170 auto plant workers are finding out this is not the case as they are called on to train the team of workers that will replace them once their company dismantles the plant and moves their operation to China, despite reporting profits.

In early 2011, Sensata—a firm Bain Capital bought out in 2006—acquired the Freeport plant as part of a larger business deal and, shortly thereafter, announced that the factory would be dismantled and its operation moved to China by December 2012. While frustrating, the details of exactly how and why these people will find themselves unemployed are unremarkable. This situation stands out because of its connections to Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who cofounded Bain Capital and once held a leadership position as its CEO.

Since improving the economy and decreasing the unemployment rates are major talking points and areas of public concern in the current election, Mitt Romney has attempted to distance himself from Bain Capital’s business practices despite the fact he still owns shares and stands to make a significant profit from them. The hypocrisy is clear. Demand that Mitt Romney demonstrate his commitment to improving the economy by intervening on behalf of the Freeport employees to keep their jobs from being outsourced to China.


Dear Mitt Romney,

Without consistency, the platforms you stand on are worthless. Claiming that you intend to restore the U.S. economy and decrease unemployment rates while profiting from a company that is in the process of outsourcing local labor—from a consistently profitable factory, no less—hurts your credibility as a presidential candidate.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that improving the U.S. economy should be a top priority for the future president. Refusing to release tax returns is many things—misleading, deceptive, and suspicious, to name a few—but claiming that you would support these initiatives as president, while contributing to and profiting from the current unemployment rate as a candidate, is downright hypocrisy.

You have an opportunity to show voters that you are willing to follow through on your campaign promises. Rather than denying responsibility and passively contributing to the rapidly declining economy, use your business connections with Bain Capital keep American workers employed.


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One Comment

  1. Gentlepersons, Your petition letters are generally very well written and clear. The above one, however, addressed to “The Romney administration” (sic) is not. First of all, there is no such thing as a “Romney administration”. He is no longer governor and is not president! You must change how you address this letter.

    Secondly, the second paragraph of the letter if not clear. What are you referring to by “these initiatives”? The way the letter currently reads, it reads as if you mean the “misleading, deceptive and suspicious” just mentioned in the previous sentence. This paragraph could not pass muster in a freshman English class, let alone to represent tens of thousands of people. As much as I support this cause, I cannot sign this letter for the above two reasons, plus the following:

    It serves no purpose other than to inflate your feelings of self-righteousness to name call in a petition. It is HIGHLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and just plain smarmy. That Romney may evidence “downright hypocrisy” is NOT THE POINT. Hello, Folks?? This is a petition, not a mud-slinging contest. I don’t know who you let write this petition letter, but they are woefully immature and abjectly ignorant of any kind of public relations and petition efficiency.

    If you rewrite this letter to correct the above, I would be happy to sign it. Thank you for your consideration.

    Lee Redfern, Bradenton, FL 34207

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