Remove Representative Akin from House Science Committee

Target: Speaker of the House, John Boehner

Goal: Remove Missouri Representative Todd Akin from the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology.

Todd Akin, Missouri Representative and Senate candidate is now infamous for his recent remarks concerning a woman’s ability to shut down reproductively during episodes of “legitimate rape.” Despite Akin’s confused expectations of the female body, he sits on the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology. Please sign this petition and urge Speaker of the House John Boehner to remove Akin from the science committee as his lack of basic science understanding makes him unqualified for the position.

During a recent interview, Representative Akin cites “doctors” as his source that pregnancy during rape is rare. He goes on to explain, “If it is legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” That “whole thing” is a woman’s reproductive system and despite the “doctors” who have given Akin his information, studies analyzing pregnant raped women show 30% of the 25,000 women impregnated by rapists each year choose to raise the child. Despite Akin’s insulting and scientifically unfounded comments, he sits on the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology. According to CNN, “The House science committee has oversight on congressional science and technology policy and thereby helps shape the course of billions of dollars of related funding.”

A person who simply ignores scientific fact in favor of political hopes and dreams should not be governing a nation’s scientific funding. Comments made based on opinion are often disguised behind a façade of fact when social issues are discussed. It is important for politician’s to be accountable, and face consequences for offensive and false comments. Akin must be held accountable for his misleading words and failure to admit the remarks were false in his first apology. The United States needs intelligent, science-savvy lawmakers leading the country in scientific and technological advances.

Please sign this petition and urge Speaker Boehner to remove Representative Akin from the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology in favor of a Representative who makes decisions based on scientific research.


Dear Speaker Boehner,

Todd Akin’s recent comments regarding a women’s ability to shut down her reproductive system in cases of “legitimate rape” have spurred a whirlwind of backlash. Akin’s scientifically unfounded comments, citing “doctors” as his source, is evidence that he should not be on the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology. As a leading country in technology it is important for committee members to make decisions based on scientific fact rather than ill-construed political dreams. I am writing to urge you to remove Akin from the science committee as a consequence of ignoring scientific fact, making misleading comments as facts, and not being educated enough to thoughtfully remark on such a serious topic.

The House Science Committee is crucial to the long-term scientific progress of the United States. The committee is responsible for congressional oversight on science and technology policy, thereby deciding the fate of billions of dollars of related funding. Committee members must make decisions based on empirical research in order for the country to move forward with the most productive initiatives, rather than those favored by ignorance or political motive.

Please remove Representative Akin from the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology in response to his false, ignorant, and offensive comments about a woman’s ability to get pregnant in cases of “legitimate rape.”


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  1. Needs to take Biology 101.

    • Not saying it’s correct or anything, but I remember this being taught in sex-ed in a Baltimore County, MD high school ~2002.

  2. Susan Pateracki says:

    It is disgraceful coming out of the mouth of Akins. It proves how far right the Republicans are and not unlike their whole campaigning from the beginning. Republicans are becoming more and more unreliable. Their strong hold that they have had on President Obama is shameful. Their childish games that they have played at the White House when President Obama was elected in 2008He should not be any deciding factor

  3. The “legitimate” rape idea has been around for many years. What he and most of the Right wing zealots believe is that many women who want an abortion claim to have been raped so that they can have an abortion. Hence , they believe those abortions are not “legitimate” and their insistence to prevent abortion even if the pregnancy is from rape. Which leads them to their ignorant, fairy tale believe that “during a rape things seize up down there” so it couldn’t be a real rape or you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.
    This idea is one that is promoted by the Religious Right to confuse the issue and hide facts from their followers. There are a lot of crazy ideas that are promoted by this same group that their follows believe but they don’t talk about them in public forums because they know they’d be called out on them. Akin slipped up and got caught. Paul Ryan and Romney can say they don’t agree with Akin all they want. The truth is they have pushed this same idea behind closed doors as well. Say anything to get elected.

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