Demand That Farmers Stop Feeding Candy to Cattle

Target: U.S. Cattle Farmers

Goal: Stop feeding cows candy as an alternative food source

As a way to be resourceful during a time of drought, some farmers throughout the Midwest and southern areas of the United States have started feeding their cattle candy instead of regular staples such as corn. The farmers have resorted to using candy as feed because the drought has raised the price of cow feed. Although this practice is saving farmers’ money, it is most likely detrimental to the cows and may cause problems to humans as well.

One rancher in Kentucky described that 1,500 of his cattle have been eating the candy all summer, claiming that, “just to survive, we have to look at other sources for nutrition.” The actual candy fed to cows is old candy that is being given away or sold for very cheap at stores. It is then mixed with a mineral and ethanol solution. The farmer claims that this mixture “has all the right nutrition” for his cows, which are slaughtered and sold commercially.

When humans eat too much sugar in their diet, the effects are devastating—obesity, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer are only some of the consequences. Sugar is considered a toxin or poison by many scientists because of its ability to break down the body. Imagine a cow eating thirty to seventy pounds of sugar per day for extended periods of time. Surely this has a damaging impact on the health of the cows. Furthermore, no one is sure of what far-reaching effects eating candy-fed cattle could have on human health. This practice should stop immediately to prevent further harm to the health of the cattle.


Dear U.S. Cattle Farmers,

You have been feeding candy to your cattle as a way to keep them alive during a time of drought. Although this practice is resourceful, it is most likely detrimental to the animals and should be stopped.

Obesity, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer are only some of the consequences posed to humans for consuming large quantities of sugar. This substance is even considered a toxin or poison by many scientists because of its ability to break down the body. Feeding cows thirty to seventy pounds of sugar per day for extended periods of time surely has a damaging impact on the health of the cows. Furthermore, no studies have been done to confirm what effects sugar-fed beef would have on human who consume the cattle. Please stop this detrimental practice to preserve the health of your cattle and the quality of meat that is consumed by the public.


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  1. Ethical Dairyman says:

    So…. what do you propose we feed them then???? I’m all ears.
    If we can’t pay for feed we have to sell cattle. Those cattle are typically slaughtered because nobody buys cattle when cattle prices are high and feed prices are high. The grass is burned up = no hay. Or we truck it in from far away states who aren’t affected by the drought (fuel + feed=$$$$$). Grain is high from failed crops due to drought. But people need milk and meat. So think on it and get back to me when you’ve come up with a SOLUTION and stop criticizing they few proud family farmers that still exist and haven’t gone out of business.

    • Take it easy, Farmer Ted. The solution is to stop adding ethanol to our fossil fuels and lower the cost of corn across the board. We stop using farmland for fuel altogether. Better for engines. Better for farmers. And as we transition to electric-based transportation, better for the environment in the long run.

      In the short run, we certainly utilize things like cookies, crackers, and any “waste” streams that make sense, limiting these “additions” to a certain percent, and eliminating candy altogether (we can turn all that into fuel anyway.) We conduct tests on the safety and possible benefits of this level, both short and long term, then enact regulation that aligns with this research.

      In addition, we arrange the subsidies to favor feed grain and make it profitable to grow grain for our farmers, so they can make a fair price and live good lives.

      • Yeah, but how is any of that going to help “Farmer Ted” THIS SEASON?

        To eliminate ethanol production for fuel is not an immediate solution. Try again. Remember, those animals must eat everyday and cannot wait for legislation to happen.

  2. These same idiots cry and moan about paying too much for quality meat

  3. I understand the delima farmers are facing.My husband and son work at one of these processing plants. They were so shocked at all the different things that are processed into animal feed. So disgusting… Tons of candy of all kinds, p-nut butter, plastics, pudding, rotten foods, chicken fat and by products,alot of un-identifiable products. reall gross stuff. I have been researching and there has not been any studies of the effect this has on the people eating the meat from these animals consuming this high sugar feed. . Consider the rise in the amout of people who have diabetes, heart disease, fatty livers. etc………. I don’t know the answer. We really need to researh this more and bring it to the attention of others. Just a footnote.. myself, my husband and my son have type 2 diabetes with no other family history of this disease in our family. So far as I know. So everyone think about this and consider…..the facts.

  4. stop feeding wheat, soy, and candy to cows now! cows eat grass not wheat, soy, and candy! wheat and soy r designed for us humans and bugs to eat not cows! just go vegan!

  5. Elijah Westphal says:

    Cows only consume 25 pounds of feed per day and farmers typically use only 3 percent candy for the whole diet. A quick Google search will reveal that . I’m all about treating animals right, but you need to check your facts and not just make up propaganda.

  6. The cow stomach is nothing like a human stomach. There are 4 compartments. The compartment that actually does the digesting is full of microbes that break feed down. The sugars that are fed are converted into a very very simple form of sugar (monosaccharides and disaccharides) which are then absorbed by the animal to be utilized. The same goes for protein sources which are broken down by the same bacteria to form acetoacetate, beta hydroxybutyrate, and acetone, (ketones) that are absorbed by the animal.

    My point is, the ruminant forstomach has evolved over thousands and thousands of years to live in a mutually beneficial relationship with the microbes in the stomach that actually are digesting the food. Other than the fact that it can just seem a little funny, there really isn’t much wrong with the practice of feeding refined sugar as a carbohydrate source.

    Food for thought 🙂

  7. WOW, never heard of this until now then looked into it and found that a guy in Australia reckons that feeding his cattle chocolate improves the flavor of the meat.This was not a drought issue. He has been doing it for years but as a mix with regular feed.His key ingredient is Cadbury’s chocolate. Fortunately, cows can digest practically anything you give them thanks to their four stomachs according to research.

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