Ask Groupon to Stop Supporting Animal Cruelty

Target: Groupon

Goal: Stop misleading the public about organizations that participate in animal cruelty

The popular website Groupon offers deals and discounts to many things including stores, restaurants, and events. Some of these events include discounted tickets to circuses around the country. Groupon claims to only promote those circuses with “clean USDA and public record inspection reports.” However, it seems that this isn’t the case.

Several of the circuses being promoted have been issued citations in the past two years from the USDA for violating the Animal Welfare Act. One example was the Piccadilly Circus, whose elephant exhibitor was arrested for charges of cruelty to animals. Another incident involved the UniverSoul Circus and several of its trainers, who failed to provide proper veterinary care to one of the elephants in the show. The elephant suffered from a foot injury, which is the number one cause for euthanization of these performing circus animals.

It is unfortunate that these atrocities exist inside of these circuses, but for Groupon to promote them and sell discounted tickets to make a profit, shows that it doesn’t care about the welfare of the animals. PETA has written to Groupon asking it to stop misleading the public. It is inappropriate to support and sponsor such organizations that partake in animal abuse. Groupon should rethink its statements to the public, considering the inhumane forms of entertainment that it is currently promoting.

Support PETA in its efforts to stop Groupon from selling deals to circuses. Sign this petition in order to urge the company to practice what it preaches. Don’t allow the public to be lied to about the tickets they are buying. No one wants to support circuses that disregard the well being of their animals.


Dear Groupon,

In light of PETA’s recent findings and letter, I would like to let you know that I also support their request. I would appreciate it as a consumer if you would stop misleading the public about the circuses you promote. While your claims seem to state that you don’t support or offer deals from circuses that don’t have a clean USDA report, it seems that this isn’t the case. Some incidents that occurred at both the Piccadilly Circus and the UniverSoul Circus clearly represent forms of animal abuse. Both of these groups received a citation or warning for their lack of proper treatment to the animals in the shows.

It is unfortunate that these animals are being abused for entertainment purposes, and the organizations that allow this to happen should not be supported or sponsored in any way. Please stop promoting these circuses and remain a reliable service to the public.


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  1. The use of animals in circuses are antiquated and outdated. Just the though of what the animals endure and the lives they are forced to lead is blood curdling. Is it any wonder why elephants go crazy? Then they blame the animal. This is perversion, not entertainment.

  2. TRUDY NICKOLS says:

    Stop your supporting animal cruelty

  3. Sue Binder says:

    The undercover investigation of Tim Frisco at Carson and Barnes Circus, will turn your stomach.
    His cruelty is off the charts.

  4. This is what Groupon send to me when I emailed them to complain – “Groupon stands behind its decision to feature circuses. Many circuses are local businesses in need of the same traffic and revitalized customer base that other small businesses turn to Groupon to provide, and we never assume an entire industry is represented by those who have broken the law. When we run circus deals, we work with circuses that we believe provide a positive experience for our customers and that treat the animals properly. Though we run circus deals from time to time, this does not mean that we are insensitive to the need for the humane treatment of animals. We’ve even saved a zoo:

    It’s also important to note that any merchant accepted to run a Groupon deal is subject to our thorough vetting process first, regardless of industry. We strive to work with businesses who meet our standards, and circuses are no exception.”

  5. Muriel Servaege says:

    Stop supporting animal cruelty.

  6. Beware groupon u may wind up in a cage …. Supporting animal cruelty is something only a barbaric ‘human’ could do.

  7. Circuses in their current form are antiquated and barbaric. It’s time for a new business model that doesn’t make money from animal cruelty. I won’t support Groupon and I’ll ask the company I manage not to advertise with them either.

  8. Phyllis Colmar says:

    Tell me please, what isn’t cruel about locking a wild animal in a cage for the majority of it’s life when natured intended it to live free in it’s wild environment. Elephants go mad from this torture, not to mention the barbaric training methods used to break the babies spirit. So long groupon. Youu are too stupid to live.

  9. Daniela Bress says:

    I don’t understand this so-called human being; almost all of this species think they are the crown of creation and their life is worth much more than any other existing life and – in really any part of it’s life the human being needs animals: pets as companions, as experimental animals for new products, as entertainment in aquariums, zoos and circusses, as sexual objects for their own desires, as unpunished replacement for humans concerning own violent fantasies of torturing and killing, as trophies to prove masculinity or power, as food for the uneducated in this regard, as a commodity in order to rake in a lot of money without having to work hard for, as a substitutionary sacrifice for hypocritical religious rituals of cowardly people, as birth machines for a few dollars more, as fashion for human vanity, etc. – HOW IN THE WORLD DO HUMANS COME TO THE IDIOTIC CONCLUSION THEY COULD REALLY BE CREATION-CROWNING CREATURES?

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