Protect Rare Lizard Species from Destruction

Target: Baleka Mbete, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa

Goal: Protect sungazer lizards from habitat loss.

South Africa’s sungazer lizard population has decreased by one third within the past year due to the destruction of their habitat. The rich grasslands they inhabit are unfortunately ideal for growing crops, leading to farmers taking the land for themselves. Additionally, humans have been turning what has not become farmland into mines, railway lines, roads, and dams.

This is a double-pronged attack on the sungazer’s natural habitat. While the species has yet to be added to the endangered species list, should this trend continue, they could very well be within the next year. On top of this, the lizards are also being bought and sold via the illegal global pet trade, which is harmful to wild animals who cannot thrive in enclosed living spaces.

The best protection against endangerment and extinction is to put a stop to these factors as soon as possible. Sign this petition to demand a halt to farms and industrialization robbing these creatures of their home.


Dear Speaker Mbete,

The Highveld region’s population of sungazer lizards is in great danger due to habitat loss; not only do farmers take the land for themselves due to its fertile soil, but the number of roads, dams, railways, and mines being built is robbing the species of its home. Additionally, the illegal global pet trade plays a role in this due to many lizards being removed from nature and shipped as pets.

They are not yet on the endangered species list, but their numbers have decreased by one third in the past year according to a Witwatersrand University study. If their lands continue to be taken over by farms and industrialization, and the pet trade is not stopped, the species could be placed on the endangered list within the next year.

Please halt the pet trade and the destruction of the Highveld region’s grasslands. Stop this species from becoming endangered before it is too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: KatyaRagdoll

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  1. The best time to act to save these lizards is now.

  2. It’s time to make a difference! Reptile conservation is sometimes overlooked which is a great shame indeed. We need people to realise that these critters are just as important as big game animals!

  3. Absolutely right. Humans have become so greedy and noncaring about all creatures large and small. Step up people we do not have an exclusive on this planet Our arrogance will be our downfall.

    • What kind of planet will this be if all the animals are gone and all that’s left are humans? Yuck. Hate to think of it. Makes me feel good just knowing this lizard is part of my world.

      • Absolutely. Wildlife numbers have halved in the last 50 odd years. If this doesn’t change by the time I’m elderly there’ll be no Nature or wild places left, only humans – as you say Yuck! – gives me zero desire to reach old age.

  4. We have duty of care being citizens of this planet.

  5. They should already be on the endegered list.

  6. Our planet is calling all humans to Care Respect Protect Preserve & Nurture wildlife ecosystems & plants on Earth before it’s too late.

  7. Gene Sengstake says:

    “The best protection against endangerment and extinction is to put a stop to these factors as soon as possible.” ~ I’d love to – but then doing something that would actually work would probably be illegal – – –

  8. Denise Devereux says:

    The Human Race is evil and destroys all in its way for its own greed.
    The only species needing culling from this planet is the Human species.

  9. Man has no right to destroy so many species. We need to preserve and protect nature and stop being so selfish.

  10. Too many damn people. Earth would be paradise if the people just disappeared. The only beauty in the world is Nature. Down with speciesism – this little lizard has an equal right to exist as anything else – how dare humans jeopardise that.


  12. All comes down to the evil off overpopulation.
    The planet is made for all life in equal balance.
    Once the balance is tipped too far to the side = game over. Soylent Green to come.

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared.

  14. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Humans just can’t leave any animal alone to live it’s life. It;s all about money and they just need to get out of the way. Perhaps if a few of these evil buggers had their homes tresspassed upon , they might get an idea how these poor animals feel. And when , for hell’s sake, are the governments of these countries who allow it, going to stop the terrible pet trade?

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