Tell Republican Congressman that Women Do Get Pregnant from Rape

Target: Representative Todd Akin

Goal: Publicly apologize for claiming that women cannot become pregnant from “legitimate” acts of rape

While many right-wing politicians have publicly spoken out against a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, few examples of anti-choice rhetoric have been so blatantly incorrect and offensive as the recent statements from Rep. Todd Akin. When asked about his views on abortion in the case of rape, the Tea Party Republican  simply replied that pregnancy resulting from rape was a biologically impossibility.

“From what I understand from doctors…if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” said Akin. The claim that a woman’s uterus somehow knows the difference between consensual sex and rape is not only absurd, but deeply offensive to rape survivors and women everywhere. Countless women have been impregnated by acts of sexual assault. Their stories are real and painful, and to write off their experiences as fiction degrades all women. Furthermore, Akin’s use of the phrase “legitimate rape” implies that he believes only violent rapes should be considered rape at all–a problematic stance that erases the experiences of women who are raped nonviolently by their partners and friends.

No doctor or scientist could possibly claim that all forcibly-created embryos are automatically rejected by the female body. And no male politician has the right to tell women that there’s a difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape. Tell Rep. Todd Akin to apologize for his incendiary statements and retract his comments at once.


Dear Rep. Todd Akin,

Recently, you told an interviewer that the question of abortion does not even enter the picture in instances of rape because women are not biologically capable of being impregnated by their rapists. Not only is such a statement blatantly untrue, but it erases the experiences of women who have been actually impregnated by real, legitimate rape.

The female body does not contain a mechanism for rejecting embryos that result from rape. Your recent comments imply that all women who become pregnant after being raped are lying about their situation in order to get an abortion. Your statements also suggested that there is a difference between a legitimate rape and an illegitimate one, referencing the problematic argument that nonviolent rapes do not “count” as real sexual assault.

I demand that you research your outrageous and enraging claims before speaking on the matter of abortion again. Retract these fallacious comments and apologize for spreading misinformation about serious issues of women’s health immediately.


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  1. Unbelievably backward thinking!!

  2. Kimberly McMahen says:

    For one, rape is rape. There is NO “legitimate” and “illegitimate” rape. Secondly, this is exactly why we rank so low in education. The right wing is rewriting science and history. Why is the GOP declaring war on women? Next to go is our vote and then their version of sharia law. Break out the burkas. Women are losing all constitutional rights. We are humans with (supposedly) inalienable rights. Hey GOP do you remember that thing called the Constitution – or just the parts that YOU want to remember?

  3. Daniele Halle says:

    The man is an idiot

  4. I think this man has so little understanding of the basic human rights and biology of more than half the people he wants to preside over that he should be forced to stand down as unfit to stand office.

  5. There you have it another dumb ass politician talking
    as if he knew anything .Why would anybody vote for a
    person that so obviously lacks basic intelligence,as well as common sense.This country has people like him to thank for it’s deplorable condition .

  6. Tina Robertson says:

    This is just a tiny hint of what type of intelligence you are voting into office. How did he ever become a Congressman?
    No wonder America is sinking quickly into a big deep hole…..the world wonders where all the intelligent citizens are in the USA or are they all as doped up as this guy?

    Feel sorry for you poor Americans, really do, but I am glad that I don’t live there!!!!

  7. Rape is Rape. I feel bad for Missouri people….

    Why is a MAN trying to tell us what WOMEN’S bodies do?Is he a women? he needs to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Even the president thinks its a idiotic move and doesn’t agree with this dude…

  8. Mark Stears says:

    Watch the movie “Idiocracy”. The dumbing-down of Americans began long ago. People like Todd Akin are the proof. Those who’ve voted for him are the ones making the program’s progression inevitable. As a nation, we are screwed collectively.

  9. What was the dudmb idiot doing during HS biology class?

  10. says:

    Another idiot.

  11. Todd Akin is a complete ASS !

  12. Haijo de Jong says:

    That such a dumb man can be a congressman!

  13. LINDA BOGAERT says:

    WHAT AN ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF SOMEBODY WANTS TO RAPE HIM FEEL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. How can any body be so ignorant and call them selves a politicion? Is this a sick joke or what? Sir, i am a nurse and i have worked in the medical world for almost 30 years and 14 years of that in the ER. I have seen a lot and have treated many women who have been raped and not ever have i heard of such nonsense as a “legitimate” or “illegitmate” rape! This was never taught in any medical book, probably because there is no such a thing. I thought you needed to be somewhat intelligent to be a congressman. It is no wonder why our government is going to hell in a hand basket with ignorant people like you.

  15. Lorraine Kennedy says:

    I tried to vote on this last week but needed a zip code. I’m glad I have found one that doesn’t as this is a global issue. First Asshole…when I was raped why was I given an “after morning” pill during The Rape Kit at the hospital if there was no chance of pregnancy?
    Maybe I shouldn’t have downed a weeks worth of the 500mg Penicillin either? If my body would reject pregnancy don’t you think it would then also reject diseases too?
    So knowledgable one…I’d love to have a one on one chat with you in person Asswipe… to discuss whether mine was a legitimate or illegitiment rape. Hmmm…On second thought, NO…I don’t talk to pieces of shit like you!

    • Daniele Halle says:

      To Lorraine Kennedy, I love you, you told the idiot, that’s what I called him, you got your point right on.

  16. I find it hard to comprehend that In This day and age women still are treated in some parts of the world no better than rock, I won’t say like animals as animals are overtaking women in the protection of their rights department
    Time to wake this planet up mother earth with a few more natural shake and wake earth quakes ,,, some men are so slow to get it … The power of women will be felt very soon and the wake up will be hell hath no fury like women whom have done the ” please be patient ” regime to death ,, Wake up wake up wake up. Only when women and men hold equal power on earth will we find peace on earth

  17. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    some people rape anally, some people rape vaginally. stop rape now!

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