Cancel the Television Show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ for Glorifying War

Target: NBC Studios

Goal: Cancel the television show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ for its glorification and portrayal of war

The premiere of NBC’s new reality television show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ has been criticized and accused of glorifying war. In the show, various contestants are challenged to partake in missions based off of real military exercises. Some celebrities participating include singer Nick Lachey, undefeated world boxing champion Leila Ali, and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street. The celebrities compete in order to win money for a military based charity; however, the way in which these challenges are portrayed may not be as inspiring as NBC intended them to be.

Celebrities are paired with real war veterans and partake in things like helicopter drops and the firing of long -range weapons. Although the premise of this show was meant to pay respect to our armed forces and inspire others, it seems that we are just encouraging the next generation to take up arms and go to war, by using well-known celebrities. A real war veteran, Mike Zhao, expressed his outrage at the show and called it “an insult to him and his fellow combat veterans.” He also brings up the fact in his comment that the show is sending the wrong message to our youth and will influence them to believe that war is something to be glorified.

So far, nine Nobel Peace Laureates have created and signed a letter to NBC Studios asking them to cancel the show. They have criticized the network for airing such a show with a war theme during the time of the Olympics, which are supposed to connect and bring together the countries of the world. Instead, the U.S. is praising its celebrities for partaking in war-based competitions all for the sake of entertainment. The Nobel Peace Laureates emphasize that war is not something to be seen as amusing or entertaining, and has tragic, lasting effects. Families are torn apart, and lives are lost every day.

It is not morally or ethically right to compare war to an athletic competition. This show will only serve to desensitize people as to the real horrors and consequences of war. Sign this petition to ask NBC to stop airing its show ‘Stars Earn Stripes.’ It needs to be cancelled for its unfair and unrealistic portrayal of war by equating it to that of a competition or a game.


Dear NBC Studios,

Please consider cancelling the new show, ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ due to its glorification of war. Although the show may not have been intended to compare war to a game, many veterans feel that putting celebrities in situations and challenges inspired by real combat exercises is not a form of honoring those that have fought for our country. Nine Nobel Peace Laureates have already voiced their opinions about cancelling the show, and I support their position. Reality shows are meant for entertainment, but war is not something that should be viewed as amusing or fun at all.

By airing this show, you may be unintentionally sending the wrong message to our nation’s youth. By seeing their favorite celebrities and role models partaking in military competitions and training exercises with real weapons, they may be desensitized as to the violence and actual consequences of war. To premiere this show during a time when the countries of the world are supposed to be brought together for the sake of competition is a step in the wrong direction for world peace. Modeling a reality television show around a war theme will only give people an unrealistic portrayal of what real war costs. I am asking you to please stop airing this show.


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  1. Anything that even hints of glorifying war is definitely not the way to go. If they really knew about the true horrors of being in harm’s way, this show would not exist.

  2. I cannot begin to express my absolute disgust at this show. As a war veteran, I am completely insulted that what I did and what some of my friends died for is being minimized and cheapened into what is tantamount to an overblown athletic competition with a bunch of crap that explodes, and starring a bunch of overexposed b and c list celebrities. This so completely cheapens and sugar coats what truly happens in war and during ACTUAL missions. I urge all veterans to stand against this show.

  3. I enjoy the program. If you don’t want to watch it, then change the damn station, and don’t try and dictate to me what I should or shouldn’t watch. Go back to your bible-thumpers and tree-huggers. I support the program and will continue to watch it.

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