Stop Mistreatment of Sea Animals in Canadian Aquarium

Target: John Holer, Owner of Marineland

Goal: Stop neglecting Marineland’s animals and provide clean, safe living environments for them

Marineland, an aquarium in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is under scrutiny for mistreating their sea animals. Former Marineland employees expressed their concerns over the living conditions of the sea animals at this park, citing numerous health violations. The aquarium is understaffed and many of the marine animals are frequently left unattended. In the event of emergencies, the limited staff may not be able to help the animals immediately. These animals deserve better care and more attention, and Marineland must ensure the safety of all their animals.

Ex-employees described the many horrid living conditions that these animals are forced to inhabit. The water is so filthy that the sea lions are going blind. One harbor seal named Larry who has resided at Marineland for about eight years has completely lost his eyesight. Sea lions Baker and Sandy’s eyes are so damaged that the animals had to be repeatedly removed from the water and forced to live in dry cages for over a month. Not only are these animals suffering from physical pain, their spirits are also dejected. Baker and Sandy no longer look happy or excited and they merely sit all day like cold statues.

The five female dolphins at Marineland are also living in similar filthy waters. The bottom of their tank is murky green, and the water is only changed when the show season is about to begin. The dolphins’ skin is falling off, their skin color has gotten significantly darker, and they often refuse to eat. Social animals, such as the killer whale and the walrus, are kept in confinement in cages too small for their size and without any companions. Unfortunately, these are just some of the animals suffering from Marineland’s lack of compassion and care.

The Canadian government cannot intervene because there are no regulations regarding how sea mammals are held in captivity. Marineland does hold a license under the Canadian Association of Zoos and Acquariums, which is a non-profit organization. This association and Marineland officials have let everything slide under the radar, claiming the animals are safe and happy. Tell Marineland to step up and take better care of their sea mammals.


Dear John Holer, Owner of Marineland,

The recent allegations against your aquarium, Marineland, are alarming. Ex-employees have described horrifying living conditions of the animals that reside there. I am concerned for the welfare of these animals and I urge you to change your regulations and clean up your act.

Old employees have blamed the deteriorating health of your animals on filthy water and lack of attention, a consequence of being understaffed. Larry, your seal, is completely blind and his eyes remain red and swollen. You have sea lions, Baker and Sandy who are almost blind and are forced to live in dry cages to prevent further damage. Your dolphins suffer from skin conditions and loss of appetite. These are only a few of the many instances of animal cruelty at your aquarium.

I worry for these animals and other animals that may join them. Exploiting animals for monetary gain and tourism is shameful. You must improve the quality of living at your aquarium before more sea mammals suffer and die.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    Canada has so much nature and wildlife to protect, so much possibilities to teach it’s children about the whales, dolphins and all the other beautiful creatures living in the ocean – it’s totally absurd for Canada to torture and even kill by locking them up in small tanks.
    Why do you absolutely want to follow the European, Asian and African example of extinction and just have a last silly look in cages and aquariums left?

  2. These animals do not belong in captivity, and exhibiting this kind of cruelty is not educational, rather it teaches more abuse and disrespect for the animals and the environment. Why keep animals they can’t maintain?

  3. It’s simple, if you can’t provide the quality of life that these creatures deserve then they should not be in your care and you should definitely NOT be profiting of off them in any way!

  4. 53% of those dolphins who survive the violent capture die within 90 days.
    The average lifespan of a dolphin in the wild is 45 years.
    Half of ALL captured dolphins die within the first two years of captivity.
    The other half live an average of only 5 years.
    Every 7 years half of all dolphins in captivity die from capture shock, pneumonia, intestinal disease, ulcers, chlorine poisoning, and other stress related illnesses. The captive dolphin industry accepts these losses as routine operating expenses. Which is why supporting places like the GA Aquarium, other aquariums who house cetaceans and parks like Sea World only helps those out to make money from their display of these mammals.
    Dolphinariums want you to believe that their mission is to protect dolphins in the wild through “research” and “public education”. When in fact the only research going on is how can they keep these mammals alive longer so they can make more money!


  6. Steve Cripe RN Steve & Sue Cripe says:

    Someone needs to lead a change to give the Canadian Associations of Zoos & Aquariums actual power to set down and enforce rules and fines.

    • Gving ANY zoo association power is NOT helpful. They are just private organizations that lobby for captivity and importing more wild animals. They do not issue fines, and their standards are much lower than sanctuaries. They consistently lie and defame sanctuaries whose standards are much higher. AZA CAZA, WAZA are not a government or impartial governing bodies. They are only interested in collecting money form their members and helping them cut costs to make more money so they can pay the association more fees. They want power but willnot use it for the good of the animals only themselves.

  7. The sea lion, Sandy, mentioned above, has since passed away 🙁 Marineland is also now suing the most recent whistleblower for $1 Million. Check for full details. It’s ridiculous. A donation site has been set up to assist with the legal fees of the ex-trainer being sued –

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