End Cruel Blood Sport of Fox Hunting in Ireland

Target: Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture

Goal: End vicious blood sport where red foxes are chased from their holes and ripped apart by trained hounds.

Ireland is one of the last countries in the world to allow the vicious practice of foxhunting with trained hound dogs. This blood sport is advertised as entertainment for tourists who wish to experience authentic Irish games, but many are aware that the practice results in painful death for hundreds of foxes each year. These beautiful animals are forced from their homes and chased by trained hound dogs that outrun and then mercilessly shred them to pieces. Not only is the sport inhumane, but it is one that only a person utterly lacking in empathy and compassion can endure to witness. As innocent foxes are dismembered and tortured, somehow Irish foxhunters still engage in this terrible exploitation.

In 2005, England and Wales deemed the sport illegal due to its violent nature. Ireland is now one of the last countries to ban the inhumane murder of foxes. Despite its cultural Irish connections, foxhunting still involves digging a fox out of its home in the ground and chasing it on horseback while hound dogs exhaust and outrun the poor animal, tearing it to pieces once caught. Videos of the sport can be found on public media outlets such as YouTube were foxes are shown to be mutilated and physically tortured by both the hounds and foxhunters. The lucky surviving animals that do not suffer death by hounds are stuffed into small bags and carried off to be killed in whatever manner best pleases the hunters. Hunting in this manner is a cruel and coldblooded murder of innocent creatures.

While the terror of the sport is well-known among those native to Ireland, and many have fought for the illegalization of such hunting for many years, nothing has yet succeeded in barring these crimes. However, a certain “Code of Conduct” that the Minister of Agriculture signed 1998 allows for foxhunters to be registered and approved for their sporting activity without question and gives no protection to Ireland’s wildlife. This code has yet to be overturned, and it serves as a barrier for all animal rights activists who wish to stop this heinous practice.  The country’s honorable activist group, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports, needs the help of many voices to stop this sick source of amusement.

Support the ban of blood sports in Ireland and tell the Irish Minister for Agriculture to oppose the senseless killing of foxes in the country. There are various ways to hunt without inflicting torture on innocent creatures. No animals should withstand such torment and pain for the pleasure of hunters who kill them for sport.


Dear Irish Minister for Agriculture,

Ireland is one of the last countries in the world to allow the cruel blood sport of foxhunting to continue on its land. Every year, hundreds of innocent foxes are torn from their underground homes and chased by trained hounds until they are outrun and subsequently ripped to pieces. It is perplexing that a country could allow such a heinous crime to be continually and legally committed, and I urge you to take a stand against foxhunting to end the practice permanently. This type of abuse is inhumane and should not be tolerated by any civilized society.

Please stop the inhumane murder of foxes for sadistic sport and end this blood bath before more are mercilessly killed. It is your duty as a representative of Ireland to vie for civilized practices and protection for your nation’s wildlife, and foxhunting is neither civilized nor safe. It is a despicable custom that many of your citizens oppose. You have the power to intervene.


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  1. How about a tourist attraction of an authentic execution of a human by the guillotine? Backward.

  2. Daniela Bress says:

    More and more human beings long for real bloody entertainment like fox- and wolf hunting, trophy hunting, dog- and cock fights, bull fighting, etc.; hey, I have a very good idea:
    there was a real bloody tradition in Rome, let revive it and take murderers, child abusers and our “brave” today’s hunting heroes in a big stadion to have real fights til death.
    It would be the kind of entertainment they’re longing for and reduce the taxes needed for the cost of living of our inmates!

  3. Speaking as an Irish person who has always been passionate about the welfare of animals, the majority of people in this country find fox hunting barbaric and are campaigning everyday of the week to have it stopped. These cruel people are in a minority and a whole country cannot be labelled as ‘backward’. There are many many compassionate people all over Ireland-in fact almost 500 of us will take part in an animal rights march on Sunday to fight for this cruelty in our country. There are good and bad everywhere, not just in Ireland

    • Daniela Bress says:

      Hey Wendy,

      I really hope you didn’t get ME wrong, because I don’t think that being able to feel good by torturing and killing is a problem of a person’s nationality. Such pathological scum is living in all countries all over this world. Unfortunately, it’s a very human problem and so we can find it everywhere.

      I know for example that most Spanish people want the bullfightings to stop, nevertheless, their government gets agriculture subsidies and supports breeding fighting bulls and renovating of arenas with it.

      I live in Germany and believe me, I don’t agree with almost all ways of treating animals in this country and above all I really hate the German’s lethargy regarding the resistance against abuses!

      Best wishes and kind regards,

      • Of course not Daniella, I understand what you are saying.I was referring to the comment that the lady above had made

      • Bernie Wright says:

        Yeah it shows you are German alright Daniela.Your race cant really call anyone scum or critique others.Forgot a nice vegan by the name of Adolf Hitler ruled you lot of inbred savages and ythe German butcher bill of the 20th century is somthing to be really proud of isnt it???

        • Victoria Cole says:

          What an appalling thing to say Bernie- does that mean meat eaters are like every meat eating criminal- murderer or rapist? Stalin,Henry VIII,other Nazis and Mugabe promoted hunting ?

          Yet Gandhi, Einstein , Paul Mccartney vegetarian – look at all good they did

        • Evelyn Ball says:

          Always some idiot brings that shit up! Looks like they should of culled the likes of human trash like yourself Bernie Wright!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Francoise Lefevres says:

      What you say is true, Madame, fortunately there are people like you who are fighting against this minority.

    • Francoise Lefevres says:

      What you say is true, Wendy, fortunately there are people like you who are fighting against this minority.

      • Well the alternative is to sit back and do nothing and then things definitely will never change. Apathy is one of the greatest reasons our world is the way it is

  4. Nicky Matthews says:

    it is time that any human -who takes part in any kind of animal abuse understands fully-exactly what deep harm they are doing to not only the innocent animal-but to the entire balance of our world- & hey yes even to themselves-i have no doubt they will all realise fully oneday-the hell that they have inflicted on any sentient being will come back to them- its time to just stop now-there is nothing that can justify such barbaric madness-perhaps those that behave in such cruel unconscious ways have to admit to themselves that they are indeed psychotic.it must all stop now-

  5. John Fitzgerald says:

    Animal cruelty dressed up as “sport” is a stain on civilisation. Unfortunately we have people who seek to justify the cruelty of foxhunting and who spend vast amounts of money on PR campaigns aimed at persuading the public that such practises are acceptable forms of recreation.

  6. Is there no end to human cruelty? All this make me want to PUKE!!! OMG, please make it STOP!!

  7. Victoria Cole says:

    Yes governments and some people in most countries don’t give a damn about animal rights or compassion, lot of Irish people and others across the world do and its our job to stick together and stop disgraceful hunting?, animal transporting distress and fur https://awionline.org/content/animal-advocates-urge-ireland-end-cruel-animal-transport https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/eBay_to_stop_selling_fur_from_Chinese_Fur_Farms/

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