Save Pit Bull Unfairly Evaluated as Aggressive from Execution

Target: Township of Bloomfield Health Department

Goal: To spare the life of an innocent pit bull that was unfairly evaluated as aggressive

Yet another pit bull has fallen victim to breedism, a discriminatory form of legislation that targets breeds deemed dangerous, like pit bulls. Memphis, an innocent dog with no history of aggression or incidents of biting, is being held in the city shelter. The reason that he is being locked up is mostly due to the results of an evaluation conducted by the Township of Bloomfield Health Department, which is in charge of overseeing the shelter.

The evaluation consisted of situations that were apparently designed to test the dog’s aggression; however, it seemed to be aimed more at instigating violent reactions from the poor dog. In Memphis’s case, a stranger wearing a dark hoodie entered the room and began yelling at the dog for no reason. In response, Memphis reacted by barking and lunging at the stranger. Many people have called this evidence unfair, mostly because of the fact that most dogs would react in a similar way if put in an unfamiliar and potentially threatening situation.

In order to help Memphis, Jeff Coltenback, an experienced dog trainer and behaviorist, offered to evaluate and train the dog himself. He is also known for his attempt to save a dog in a similar situation, named Lennox. For over a week, Memphis lived with Jeff and his wife, who claimed that he was nothing but obedient. Jeff took Memphis out to socialize with other dogs, as well as cats, children, and adults; however this attempt to train the dog was interpreted as actions that put the public in danger. Jeff was ordered to return the dog to the shelter, despite his desire to formally adopt the dog as his own.

Now, a public hearing will take place on Thursday, August 15 in order to determine the fate of poor Memphis. Dogs should not be labeled as aggressive or dangerous if they have no history of violence. Threatening a dog in a stressful situation in order to evaluate it, is completely unfair to the animal, and does not serve as a sufficient portrayal of a dog’s demeanor. Help Jeff fight to save Memphis and sign this petition to ask for his life to be spared. No more innocent dogs should be harmed as a result of this discriminatory breedism.


Dear Township of Bloomfield Health Department,

Please spare the pit bull named Memphis and allow him to be adopted by a family who can love and care for him. It is unfair for him to be labeled as a dangerous dog when he has no history of biting or aggression. Putting him in stressful situations in a so-called evaluation is unfair and many dogs would have reacted in a similar way, barking if they were faced with an unfamiliar person wearing strange clothes aiming to test his demeanor.

From the testimony provided by Jeff Coltenback, it seems that the dog is innocent and harmless, after proving that he is able to socialize in multiple situations with fellow dogs as well as humans. I would prefer to see him alive, with a trainer who will be able to attest to his friendly disposition. Please give this poor dog another chance, and don’t condemn him solely on the basis of his breed. It isn’t right to stereotype him as dangerous when there is little evidence to prove it.


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  1. Johnna bingaman says:

    I get soo sick and tired of people doing this too these poor animals just because of their breeed. Why don’t we just start labeling people who we fell are a threat to society. We can just start doing away with them right. Just leave them the hell alone.

    • Hi Johnna,

      I agree with you all the way. I have a Amercian Pit Bull and if someone tries to come near him they do not have to worry about my dog, but me instead. I wish and pray everyday for the abuse and neglct of animas would stop. This is what I want more than anything in the world.

    • Erica Laganiere says:

      I am doing a school project on a persuasive speech. My topic is that I am against the execution of Pit-bulls in shelters without a fair chance. Anyways, it is the owner at fault, not the breed or the dog. That is just how they were raised and treated by their owner.

  2. once again discrimanating innocent bully breeds if a dog has no signs of aggression,hasent attacked anyone why the hell are they taking it to court the justice system make me sick go to hell murdering innocent dogs

  3. Daniela Bress says:

    Racism is a human problem that doesn’t even stop for animals.

    If we really want to protect our society from dangerous creatures, we have to start, continue and even end with humans!

  4. As long as we have incompetent people in charge of decision making we can expect total abuse of their power.

  5. joseph boyle says:

    If somebody treated me like these dogs I would defend myself. Does that mean that I should be executed? Any of my pet dogs would react the same if frightened or under threat.

  6. These experts?? are responsible for the deaths of many innocent dogs,Memphis reacted the same as we would if confronted with same situation ,please dont let this dog be -murdered the same way as -Lennox was to satisfy someones -inflated -ego.

  7. The Pitbull was used in advertisements for the United States Posters (a White Pitbull with an American Flag Bandana around the neck) with a sentence of the Star Spangled Banner. The pitbull was used in the United States Military and United States Customs had a Pitbull named Lizard the Drug Sniffing Dog which there is a video on youtube. The Customs had a nationwide famous dog named Popsicle a full pitbull who found over $125 Million worth drugs in a truck in Texas. He was featured in NBC Nightly News and other media. Shaka a female pitbull is an Oregon police dog rescued from NY. It is very obvious that pitbulls, pit mixes and other so called “dangerous breeds” are stereotyped. The German Shepherd was labeled unfairly and most are used as police and military dogs around the world. How come now one has a problem with them now? Beligian Mallinois are known for their bites and all how come no one has a problem with them? These dogs are used to protect the White House and may have been used in the compound to get Osama Bin Laden with the Navy Seals. People discriminate other humans and also animals as well. It just shows that there is a human error. Any animal can bite if they are scared, have panic attacks, or is being hurt or harmed. All animals from dogs, cats, bears, and such protect themselves. The issue is that some people labeled a breed that was honored by the US government and still is used by them in a negative way.

  8. Dogs, like us humans undergo stress too, and I must say that dogs are saints to put up with our behavior.





    All pitbulls are a fucking waste of air. They all deserve bullets in the was and if you don’t like it, get bent. Let the band continue, we WILL massacre that breed, one by one!

  11. Hey Richard (STUPID FUCK)

    I think they should put you out of your misery due to the fact you are an uneducated wast of fucking yourself. For example, “let the BAND continue” should be “let the BAN continue” and lastly “They all deserve bullets in the was and if you don’t like it, get bent” do not even know WTF you mean by that one. If you are going to make comments like that “tell your mother/father to stop smoking crack and send your STUPID ass to school.

  12. Lisa Paredes says:

    This is unfair!!!

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