Don’t Criminalize Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms

Target: US Congress

Goal: Don’t penalize those who take videos or pictures to expose poor conditions on factory farms.

Recently, laws have been proposed for the 2012 legislative session that would make it illegal to take videos or photos of factory farms without their permission. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent undercover investigations to show the public the poor and inhumane conditions in Confined Animal Feeding Operations in the US. Write to your state representative to let them know that we need stricter laws against animal cruelty and to hold big corporations accountable instead of protecting them from scrutiny.

At factory farms, there is no concern for the welfare of animals. They are considered a commodity and their right to live a healthy life is disregarded. For instance, calves are removed from their mother only 12 hours after their birth to be sent for dairy or meat production. Throughout their productive lifespan, they are kept either by a rope tied around their neck to a stall, kept in a confined space, or on a dry lot with no vegetation. A high volume of cattle are cramped together causing disease from standing in their own manure.

Cramped conditions apply to all factory farmed animals. Pigs and chickens are also confined to pens and cages with concrete floors that prevent the animal from acting out normal instincts such as digging in the dirt or foraging. Animals become aggressive and stressed from these conditions and often inflict pain on each other. Pigs tend to bite at each other’s tails, resulting in the clipping of pigs’ teeth and tails. Chickens peck each other to death, which then results in the clipping of their beaks. Chickens can even be starved up to two weeks to increase egg production through excessive molting that comes with starvation.

When the time comes for the animal to be slaughtered, a good number do not even make it to the slaughterhouse. This is because they are so ill and diseased they either die in the farm, on the way, or are pushed into the slaughterhouse by any means necessary often causing harm or death to the animal. Sometimes slaughterhouses fail to completely stun animals before the process begins and they are left to hang and bleed while conscious.

With inhumane conditions and a complete violation of animal rights, these factory farms are getting away with too much. We cannot sit by and let big industry farming hide their dirty secrets by allowing “ag-gag” laws to be implemented. Sign the petition to let legislators know that factory farming is immoral and that ag-gag bills are an assault on the First Amendment rights of citizens to speak out against factory farms’ negative impacts on our food.


Dear Congress,

Factory farms are inhumane and ignore the fact that animals shouldn’t be treated so poorly. Close confinement causes animals to become on edge because they cannot act out normal animal instincts. Abuse in the form of cutting off beaks, tails, teeth, and even testicles takes place in these confined feeding operations. Undercover investigations are the only way that the public can gain information on the conditions of where their food comes from.

Legislation should focus on strengthening animal cruelty laws, not incriminating those who speak out against it. Ag-gag bills protect inhumane conditions at factory farms and protect the outright violation and disregard for animal rights. The abuse to animals in factory farms is highly disturbing and should not be allowed to take place. We need to shine a light on the activities of big farming corporations, not condone them. Please oppose bills that criminalize those trying to expose immoral actions and create accountability for the people who handle our food.


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photo credit: vegan butterfly via flickr

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  1. For corporations, money is the bottom line, and compassion towards other living beings is meaningless.

  2. Daniela Bress says:

    When corrupt elected officials do not do their job, it is a fundamental right of every individual to look up what’s really happening by himself!

  3. cecily colloby says:

    So now we are protecting animal abusers??? Why am I not surprised? The world has gone mad but you can be sure we will pay for it…God pays debts without money.

    • Please, do not cow tow to these abusers and, sign this petition now as the only way we can gather evidence is by covert conditions by using the existing legal procedures

  4. Carol McCartney says:

    The only people that want this outlawed, are the ones that have something to hide.

    PLEASE stop eating animals!!!!

  5. Roberta Hubbard says:

    We will fight back for the rights of animals and will not quit. Profiting off poor animals does not give them rights to evil acts done unto them. Please say no to eating animal products and support life not death.

  6. Let the world see the truth.

  7. The truth will out !

  8. We will continue to gather any evidence, in any way shape or form to bring to justice mongrels that are cruel intentionally, or not, to animals and, they deserve no leniancy for their actions.And remember! No one individual has a monopoly on animal cruelty. It belongs to all human kind and must not be tolerated in any way.Animals are put on earth not to be abused, and are to be treated humanely and with the dignity that they so deserve!!Even in death.

  9. THis law is BS!
    They do not want us to SEE what is going on because if we do, it may upset us and we may CHOOSE not to purchase! Cant let that happen, so therefore, we must OUTLAW it.
    Anyone who voted this in, I condemn you to the same type of HELL you induce on these poor VOICE LESS animals!!!!
    I pray that you get what you “gave out” in TEN FOLD!!!!

  10. shutdown all factories now!

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