Seek Maximum Punishment For Man Who Beat Dog With Hatchet

Target: Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist

Goal: Seek the highest penalty for man who beat neighbor’s golden retriever with a hatchet.

Ricky Lee Knowles lured his neighbor’s dog and proceeded to mercilessly beat him until neighbors called police.  Knowles trapped Kona, the golden retriever, tied him to a pole, and beat him with a hatchet, causing brain damage and extensive fractures on his head. Knowles pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges but avoided a felony charge that would have indicated that this man is a vicious threat to the public.

Knowles does not specify the catalyst to his rage, but admitted to enticing Kona with treats, locking him in the garage, and repeatedly striking the defenseless pet with a hatchet. One neighbor heard Kona screaming in agony and called 911, reporting, “He’s killing something in there, you have to come quick!”

Kona was not expected to live, but persevered through $5,000 worth of surgeries and physical therapy.  He can now function, but is permanently psychologically damaged. His owner, Sam Hokinson, reports Kona still cowers at sudden movements.

Knowles was arrested and charged with first degree animal cruelty, theft, second-degree criminal trespass and taking, concealing, injuring or killing a pet or an animal.  These charges equated to a class C felony.  Ask the prosecutor to push for the highest punishment, one year in jail, for Knowles to show that Pierce County values the safety of all sentient life.


Dear Prosecutor Lindquist,

Please prosecute Ricky Lee Knowles to the fullest extent of the law. Disconnected from self-control, with unbridled rage, he is a threat to any human or animal who may upset him.  As a remorseless defendant who could not articulate a reason for his actions, Knowles poses a concern to community members not only concerned about animal welfare, but arbitrary violence in all forms.

Please work to show that Pierce County will not tolerate vicious attacks on any subordinate being.  Humanitarians and animal welfare advocates alike are livid because this animal possesses the same capacity as humans for joy, pain, anticipation, friendship, apprehension, and fear. Based on those traits, Kona deserves a moral consideration and legal protection.  Thank you for prosecuting Knowles on behalf of the local and larger communities’ commitment to intolerance of egregious violent crimes in order preserve safety and justice.


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Photo Credit: KOMO 4 News, Seattle, WA

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  1. That bastard needs to be horse-whipped through the streets, and then be-headed. I happily volunteer to push the button on Madame Guillotine! Problem Solved!

  2. Jill Laufer says:

    Oh My God, this man should be pulled apart by his limbs! Or burned alive! I hope I never meet him, because I’ll hatchet him myself. Infuriating!

  3. Daniela Bress says:

    Hey, no reason to get upset, he’s just practising. There surely will come a day he will live his violence out on humans and get a longer time in jail.

    We shoudn’t be surprised of such a result teaching our children that it’s alright to torture and kill animals as long as it happens for human purposes – animal testings in laboratories and schools, trophy-hunting, factory farming, fur farming, zoos, nuclear testings at wildlife places, orcas and other dolphins in little bathtubes for our “entertainment”, extinctions of species for new constructions, pollutions for our idleness or greed, pet breeding, killings at “shelters”, etc.!

    How can you make someone understand that torture and killing an animal just for fun is not alright in just a few special cases?

    Don’t get me wrong, in my oppinion this scum needs to be put to sleep, but objectively we have to take a very close look at our so-called civilized human society!


  5. vince de leon says:

    I am so ashamed,. Stop for a sec.. and think how sick the human species have become, (self centered, egotistical, greedy, distant from the universal principles ( where, we must respect the right to the life of others, human or not). who are these strange creatures, that walks on two legs and label themselves “humans”?

  6. Susan Pateracki says:

    These kind of people need to be taken out of society. They need to be kept away from animals and children. This man is a sick person with no morals. We don’t need him walking around our neighborhoods.

  7. eye-for-an-eye… no mercy for this evil being!

  8. someone should do the same to him!

  9. This sick SOB should be given the maximum punishment and should serve a lengthy sentence. He is a menace to society. Clearly a disturbed subhuman who deserve the worst. What an absolute loser. Psycho!!

  10. Patty Langford Romero says:

    I am in agreement with everyone that has signed before me. this is horrendous. This jerk is just practicing for more brutality and that includes people. He deserves the same. Lock him up for life and make sure his cell mates know what he has done1

  11. Leigh ann Smith says:

    IF man doesnt seek justice, then our almighty God will, there will come a day that he will have to face the most high Lord and Savior, JESUS, and he will punish him accordinly….GOD is in control.It was awful what he done to that dog…….

  12. rebecca allen says:

    The way I see it whatever you do to pets/animals should be done to you. i wish this could be how it is. then people would be torn apart, burned, beaten and neglected. If you can harm/kill an animal then you can harm a human. animals have the same feelings we do and loyal/trusting no matter what.

  13. To me this is something more than just punishing the wicked. Our country is acting more and more on their anger.

    If you look at our country and how we are changing it, from Genetically Modifying our Food, Vaccines, Irradiating our Food (yes we are passing our food through radiation, drugging our beef and chicken with hormones and antibiotics, we are a toxic society, and for some of us those toxins are making us angry – real angry and sometimes we don’t understand it or even recognize it. We are sick, and we are passing our sickness to our children through taught behavior and even genetically from parent to fetus

    We are drugged in multiple ways, from 5 Hour Energy Drinks, Anti-Depressants, and yes, drugs from meth to bath salts. However, the Aurora Killer, as it were, was not on drugs and was highly educated. No one ever suspected that he would do such things. But he did.

    We bully each other as children and those wounds, on top of being physically sick with all the processed food we eat, don’t heal. We are sick, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    It’s becoming more and more evident, to me, that this person is not evil, he drank the water, and the water changed him.

    You’re drinking the water too.

    Of course this is just my humble opinion.

  14. Cut off his dick. this man and ecery other man who does sick crap like this. i PROMISE u men will stop doing this stuff bc men do NOT want to lose their penises. make it public knowledge. sick animal cruelty = we take your freakin dick away. for sick women … i dont know sell them into prostitution in iraq or something

  15. Sheila Blackwell says:

    Can’t imagine a punishment heinous enough for this sick excuse for a human.

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