Don’t Release Man Accused of Stomping Puppy to Death from Jail

Target: Racine County District Attorney’s Office,

Goal: Do not release man convicted of stomping puppy to death from jail

Mr. Fred Gossett, and his son Curtis Gossett, of Illinois and Wisconsin, respectively, were both recently sentenced to jail time after being convicted of burglary and felony mistreatment of animals. Fred Gossett and his son reportedly broke into a neighbors home and killed a beagle puppy by stomping on its head. Fred Gossett recently had his original $7,500 bond reduced by $4,500 and now the 59-year-old is asking to be released from jail, stating that health issues prevent him from serving his time.

The owner of the 6-month-old beagle puppy reportedly owed Curtis Gossett $13. While the woman and her children were away from their home, Fred Gossett and his son reportedly broke into their home and stomped on their beagle puppy’s head. A neighbor found the puppy still alive, but in horrible shape after the event. The puppy ultimately did not survive. Fred Gossett and his son were both recently charged with burglary for breaking into the home, and with felony mistreatment of animals. Both men face up to seven and a half years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines for burglary, plus an additional year and half in prison and $10,000 in fines for animal mistreatment. Mr.Fred Gossett, however, is asking to be released from jail, stating that he suffers from back problems that will not be adequately addressed in jail. Both Fred and Curtis Gossett’s preliminary hearings are scheduled for August 15th.

By signing this petition, you are demanding that Fred Gossett not be released from jail, and that he receives the maximum jail sentence for needlessly breaking into his neighbor’s home and killing her puppy. Gossett is trying to use his back problems as an excuse to get out of jail. Obviously his back did not bother him so much that it prevented him from breaking into a home and stomping on an innocent animal. Regardless of whatever medical issues he may suffer from, Mr. Gossett still deserves to be punished for his heartless crimes.


Dear Racine County District Attorney,

Please do not release Mr. Fred Gossett from jail prior to his hearing, despite his claim of back problems. Mr. Gossett has been charged with burglary and felony mistreatment of animals after allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s home and stomping on her 6-month-old beagle puppy, ultimately killing the dog.

Gossett is trying to use his back problems as an excuse to get out of jail.  Obviously his back did not bother him enough to prevent him from breaking into a neighbor’s home and stomping on an innocent animal. It’s unthinkable that anyone could be cruel enough to commit such a crime over something as inconsequential as $13. Regardless of whatever medical issues he may suffer from, Mr. Gossett does not deserve to get away with his heartless crimes. Please consider prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. This guy’s going to be jailed for worse and worse as he moves “forward.” He’s a serial killer waiting to pop.
    Hopefully he’ll get help, or get killed.

  2. Reading a bible in jail would do NOTHING for this POS. Simple solution: Horse-whip his ass through the streets, then introduce him to Madame Guillotine. Problem solved…PERMANENTLY !

  3. Just introduce the bastards to the Guillotine. Problem solved and they will never again harm an animal…or anything else!

  4. These pets are for us to take care of and love, they are Gods gift to us to do just that. Our pets love us unconditionally and are very calming for most of us. these beautiful pets are a part of our family, they are a family member! What this devil and whoever was with him did to this innocent pet was commiting murder and they should be punished for that crime. Sadly though, our laws do not allow that. But, we can change the laws for this sort of thing as well as other criminal abuse to other animals. We need to become proactive and write to our senitors, and any one in office and that includes the president. We can write letters and sign petitions and picket if we have to. I am all for this, and do what i can do. I just dont know where to start other than this petition.

  5. Allison Anderson says:

    His back wasn’t bothering him when he was breaking into the house or stomping the puppy to death. I think a long rest in jail will do his back some good!


  7. Dawn Mello says:

    Sometimes I wish that someone could give these scumbags a taste of their own medicine and then some. I would spit in their faces and torture them. Let the scum suffer, that’s what he did. I really hope the right prisoner finds out what they did and beats them to a bloody pup.

  8. Dawn Mello says:

    I hope someone beats the crap out of him. The law does nothing for animals cause they don’t care. I wish there were hitmen to take care of every scum who did anything to an animal. Let their karma begin. Why the hell add repectively? I have none for scum. Hope he’s hurting bad!

  9. What a poor excuse of a human! I have a name for people like this…….OXYGEN WASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Marilyn Williams says:

    OMG!! I was in tears behind this! I have an adorable little Maltese that I spoil to death… as a matter of fact he “abuses” me but I like it that way. He gets most of my queen sized bed and I take what’s left over. This man is heartless and I hope he lives a long, lonley life!!!

  11. Patricia Wicker says:


  12. concetta spataro says:

    What a sick bastard! He is a cold hearted,twisted ,disturbed and discusting man…..he deserves to rot in jail or a mental institute…..a murderer is a murderer…..just because he may have a small problem with his back he thinks he cant get away with killing an innocent puppy? He can do it to a puppy what will stop him from doing it to a helpless child? He deserves to b sentenced for a long time…and he needs to b tought a severe lesson!

  13. theresa milburn says:

    What sick demented creeps. They deserve to have someone beat the living crap out of them. Stomp on there hands and maybe break them would be good just for starters.

  14. Billy Angus says:

    I don’t care if this moron has the cooties,
    the hee-bee gee-bees, jock itch,
    the turkey-trots, and West Nile Virus!!!
    Keep that puppy-killin’piece-of-$#!+
    in the slammer and throw away the key!!
    No bail!!
    No probation!!
    No parole!!

  15. I hope and pray while in jail someone shows them both what they do to puppy killers….I hope they get them both good….

  16. First Fred wasn’t even there when this happened he didn’t want no part in any thing his son was involved in. his son when arrested told the cops his dad helped but hmmmm why wasn’t his dad Fred there when the cops came but yet Curtis was and there was no evidence that Fred did anything except his son saying he was. But there wasn’t any evidence on his father just hear say from the son that is the one that had evidence all over him. People need to get there facts straight. And Curtis admitted that his father had nothing to do with this crime after the fact he just to wanted less prison time for himself when he got arrested and make it look as if he wasn’t the only one involved.

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