Fire Elementary School Teacher Who Beat His Dog To Death

Target: Field Elementary School administrators

Goal: To remove Derek Fierro, a teacher who has been charged with punching his own dog to death, from his teaching position.

A young teacher at a Chicago public school was recently charged with punching his own dog to death in the bathroom of his home. Derek Fierro had adopted Doc, a yellow Labrador mix, as a puppy from the Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation. The two lived together happily for nearly a year before the teacher killed the very animal he had promised to take care of. Doc had apparently refused to get into the bathtub to be washed after soiling himself when his owner lost his temper and punched the dog until he died from his injuries. Derek Fierro was charged with aggravated animal cruelty after turning himself in to police, who found the dog’s body in the trunk of Fierro’s car.

Elementary school students rely on their teachers to serve as positive role models in the classroom every day. We entrust our children to the care and guidance of teachers, which is why we never expect those who lead our classrooms to suddenly become violent criminals. To see an elementary school teacher react to a dog’s misbehavior in such an appallingly violent manner calls into question whether he should be entrusted with young children at all.

While Fierro expressed remorse to police for his crime, he is clearly an unstable individual that should not be trusted around children if he cannot be trusted around animals. Chicago Public School inspectors are currently investigating Fierro’s case to see if disciplinary action is needed. Tell administrators of Field Elementary School that such a violent and uncontrolled individual should never be allowed to teach Chicago’s children.


Dear Field Elementary School administrators,

When parents of Chicago send their children off to school in the morning, they trust that they will be receiving instruction from stable, caring individuals. Unfortunately, not every teacher in the Chicago Public School system makes a perfect role model. But it’s shockingly clear that the classroom is no place for teachers who become violent criminals.

Derek Fierro of Field Elementary School was recently charged with aggravated cruelty to animals after he punched his own dog to death. The dog expressed no signs of aggression, but was merely reluctant to get in the bathtub to be washed.

Any individual who reacts to typical canine behavior by killing their own pet is not the sort of person that should be leading a classroom. Fierro clearly cannot control his own anger and does not understand how to respond appropriately to misbehavior. This dangerous and violent individual should be removed from the Chicago Public School system entirely. I ask that you relieve Derek Fierro of his teaching duties at once.


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Photo credit: Elf via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This kind of sadistic murderer is teaching our kids?

  2. Liz Godber says:

    Surely this man shoud not be alowed to teach children as he obviosly has a vile temper which he is unable tocontrol – what an sppauling thing to do to his trusted friedn.

  3. Why hasn’t he been fired..seriously

  4. Anybody that is able to lose their temper so severely as to beat a “beloved family member” to death is SICK in the HEAD! I dont believe he should still be alive. I say a head for a head, beat him to death so he knows exactly how his innocent dog felt!

  5. Anyone who can kill their pet in a fit or rage, can easily lose their temper and harm a person. It is a natural consequence. I believe that he should be put removed from the classroom. He should be mandated to do community service work for a year + and live on social assistance. Perhaps once he is humbled, he can take another job, but certainly not in the classroom!

    • Audrey, That creep should not get away with murder like that, he should be put in prison with guys who love and train animals and let them get justice for that poor dog. I bet the asshole would never try to beat a man because the bastard would get his ass beaten to death he is evil.

  6. Daniela Bress says:

    As long as we make a difference between murderers’ victims we shouldn’t be surprised of our children being their next one.
    Such scum practises with animals, but sooner or later the greed for a kick will be stronger than the fear of penalty – we don’t deserve better until we learn to respect all kind of life!

    The fact that such a creature is allowed to teach our children doesn’t surprise me – in our human society it’s alright to torture and kill all kind of animals as long as it happens for our purposes: animal testing, factory farming, fur farming, trophy-hunting, trapping, oversea live animal transports, rodeos, cock-and dog-fighting, orcas and other dolphins in little bathtubes, all kind of zoos, puppy mills, pet breeding, etc. – how can you teach anyone that suddenly it’s not o.k. to torture and kill an animal in one special case?

  7. stephanie stanley says:

    Sick B*****d should lose his job and have his face published in the papers.

  8. This guy needs to be locked up. This is not normal behavior. Someone stated he was going through a divorce trying to defend him – BS – this is the statement:

    Karen McGhee · St. Louis Community College-Forest Park
    but being charged with something is not the same thing as being convicted…anyone could have made this charge against him…is he currently in the process of getting divorced? I think it would be best to allow him to be innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    Come on woman – the dog is dead – what more proof does one need – did the wife beat the dog? Obviously the dog was beaten to death – did I say DEATH! I wouldn’t want this nutjob around my kids or my animals!

    Lock him up!

    • this person who defended this nutjob saying there going throgh must be a friend of his , big bloody deal a lot of people go through divorces and THEY DONT BEAT THERE PETS TO DEATH makes you wonder why his wife left him obviously cause hes VIOLENT if thats how he reacts to a puppy hows next , his wife is luckly to excuse him and i d personally beat him to death the poor puppy , yes lock him up but without any home comforts bread and water without and comforts for him prison should be a punishment

  9. This monster might be a next mass murderer..! His screws are loose..! Who knows what he will do next…can anyone imagine the pain that the dog had to go through? Nothing justifies a cruel act.

  10. Irena Franchi says:

    Such a violent person can’t be teaching to children.

  11. Omg…fire this guy…fine him to the max….give him prison time.

  12. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  13. says:

    Horrible person. I detest him.

  14. Marion Clemens says:

    This individual is not from this God Given Earth! He has serious issues and needs to be punished for his criminal activity, not just relieved of his duties at the school.

  15. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    Apart from what this sadistic moron could to children – to me there is no difference. This precious dog’s life was no less valuable than a child’s. This man should be beaten to death!

  16. toni harrison-kahn says:

    He most certainly does need to be sacked….working around children after punching his dog to death….definitely a no-no…..who will be next on his list….and for God’s sake don’t ever let him have another animal….the maniac is NOT SAFE.

  17. Bruce Sanders says:

    Never mind “firing” him, I want him LOCKED UP for 20 years. Maybe if he’s in prison someone can PUNCH HIM TO DEATH!

  18. There aren’t words for someone who could do such a heinous thing….oh wait, there are. MURDERER! It’s time that we start considering ALL living, breathing beings as equal. Murder is murder. This creep belongs in prison.

  19. C.G.B.Spender says:

    I believe this deluded young man was recruited by Teach For America. This organization is well known for seeking radical youth for their program. Imbalanced to begin with they run a brainwashing summer commando-type training school which mentally weakens them and desensitizes them to the point where anything can happen, to pet or human alike.

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