Ban Australian Hunters from Using Dogs to Brutally Kill Boars

Target: Australian Legislators

Goal: Stop Australian hunters from using dogs to brutally kill boars

Pig-dogging, a violent hunting method that uses trained dogs to hunt wild boars is a growing sport in Australia. These dogs, which are usually pit bulls and pit mixes, are trained since birth to specifically chase and brutally kill wild boars. The hunters are supposed to follow their dogs and ultimately put the boars out of their misery by stabbing them or shooting them in the heart. However, the hunters are rarely fast enough to follow their dogs, leaving the boars to a slow and painful death. They often choose not to kill the boars merely to watch the animals fight till death.

Dogs and hunters have been trained to kill feral boars for years. A female boar (a sow) can reproduce 30 boars a year. These boars are highly detrimental to crops and farms. Although pig-dogging exists to control the feral boar situation in Australia, it has unfortunately moved into the realm of entertainment. More and more videos have been posted online revealing the gruesome process in which dogs continuously maul at a boar. The dogs, who wear spiked collars and breast plates as protection, inevitably get injured as well. Instead of bringing the dogs to a professional, the videos also reveal hunters using staple guns on their dogs to close up the wounds inflicted by the wild boar. Videos of the training process can also be found on the internet. Pups are pitted against young pigs as a form of training. The hunting process is disgusting in and of itself. Displaying such a gruesome method of hunting is barbaric.

On top of these videos, there is an annual pig-dogging day called the ‘Dog a Hog’ event located in Queensland. Thousands of hunters across Australia travel to participate in this event, in which dogs fight and kill wild boars. The combination of this day and the widespread videos are making pig-dogging more popular.

Pig-dogging is a horrid and barbaric form of hunting and its soaring popularity must be stopped. The Australian government must enlist other ways of killing boars. These killing methods should not cause the boar to suffer greatly and should protect dogs from becoming killing machines. Pig-dogging should be banned permanently and new videos posted on the internet should be fined.


Dear Australian Legislators,

I am aware that the wild boar situation in your country is problematic and detrimental to your crops and farmers. However, there must be a less painful hunting method than using innocent dogs to kill these boars. Pig-dogging, in which dogs are trained to chase and kill boars is extremely violent, and more importantly, not necessary. Training dogs, especially the pit bull, a species that has gone through so much abuse, to hunt and brutally murder boars is unjust.

The fact that videos of the hunting process exist on the internet makes pig-dogging that much worse. In these videos, you can see how the boars suffer slowly. The hunters do not even have the decency to end their misery. The videos also show hunters using a staple gun to close up any injuries their dogs may have endured during the fight.

Pig-dogging is a gruesome hunting tactic and is completely unnecessary. There are other ways to control the overpopulation problem. I urge you to put an end pig-dogging, provide alternatives, and fine any new video postings.


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  1. More cruel bastard’s! In every corner of the world! it’s a pity ‘they’ can’t be ‘bred out’

  2. This needs to stop now. Have you seen how cruel this is dogs and pigs ripped apart .There is so many cruel f**king bastards out there. The government are so heartless and spineless to do anything for this poor animals if needed to be culled Professional shooters only. These animals don’t need to be savaged to death. The government needs to put a stop asap. This is no different to live baiting how would you like to be the victim. You pack of mongrels. Why has it not been banned its been on 4 corners and youtube or are you all blind.

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