Applaud Decision to Protect California’s Wolves

Target: California Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Support decision made to nominate gray wolf for the Endangered Species list

Wolves may be returning to California, and the Department of Fish and Game has decided that their restoration to the local ecosystem has importance. The gray wolf has been nominated for protection under the California Endangered Species list. The California Department of Fish and Game should be commended for this action to renew the wolves.

Despite endless exemplary potential wolf habitat, in approximately eighty years there has not been a single gray wolf in California. However, a wolf being tracked by scientists, OR-7, has recently been recorded to be roaming lands in Northern California. With the return of this wolf, biologists are hoping that the wolf population may once again regain some ground in California. Without the protection of the California Endangered Species Act, it becomes impossible to have any hope for the restoration of the wolves.

Wolves serve several essential purposes within the ecosystem, and California’s would be no exception. The Center for Biological Diversity put it this way: “Wolves are a keystone species that benefit their prey populations by culling sick animals and preventing the overpopulation of species such as deer. Studies of the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park show that they benefit numerous other species as well, including pronghorn and foxes, by controlling coyote populations; they help songbirds and beavers by dispersing browsing elk and allowing recovery of the streamside vegetation that songbirds and beavers need.” Surely, there is overwhelming evidence to support the recovery of wolves in California. The Department of Fish and Game in California must be commended for nominating the gray wolf for protection.


Dear California Department of Fish and Game,

Recently, a lone wolf was discovered roaming around in Northern California. The gray wolf, once numerous all across the western United States, has endured a long history of slaughter, nearing extinction. I fully support your decision to nominate the gray wolf for protection under the California Endangered Species Act. Hopefully through your actions, the wolf is now one step closer to being restored.

Wolves play an essential role in the ecosystem, keeping the populations of many other animals in check and maintaining the balance of nature. Without human intervention, wolves stand no chance of recovering to their former numbers. Thank you for contributing to the renewal of wolves, and I hope your future actions reflect a similar sentiment.


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  1. I am starting a campaign to reach out to the public educating people that feel the wolf is not important, and for those who think the wolf is to fear or be intimidated by. In fact coyote’s and wild dogs are far more likely to attach your children, or your livestock. No fear, if you can prove the livestock was killed by a wolf, you will get paid. Death from wolf is far less than that of a domestic dog, or other wild animals. Yes the wolf is a big, strong predator, but what we fear is the unknown. The wolf is far less dangerous than your neighbors pet. Every problem we have ever had with wildlife has been due to our actions or the actions of other humans. Education is the key, and I hope we find enough support to reach the community effected by this reintroduction, because with the correct support, we will have wolves in our state reproducing by next year or the following year. We will find that it will make our game healthier, and our wildlife stronger. In time we will support a healthier world for our children. Support us today, we will support the wolf. –Joe Gerlach

  2. Wolves play a vitally important and well documented role in a healthy ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem supports and protects human lives and is documented to resist the spread to
    Pandemic diseases. Protection of the wolf under tthe endangered species act not only ensures ecosystem restoration and health, it also enhance human life and protects us from the spread of many zoonotic diseases.

  3. Teresa Hamilton says:

    This is awesome! Thank you, California! I hope you lead the way for all of our U.S. of America and hope they have the good sense to follow !!!

  4. Michael Guest says:

    This is another step in the right direction. But more work still needs to be down. The wolves are still in danger, and they our help to stay protected and safe. We must continue to fight to save them before it’s too late.

  5. We as people can helped these animals , and stop the animals mills cross the coutry. These animals don’t have voice , and they need people like us to be their voice and save them . Care, love and stop animals abuser and torturing, harming , neglect them . Put the angry and torturing and abuse on the people who are doing this and the murderers, rapists, molesters, kill them off.Instwad !!.the world would be a better place if we didn’t have the animals abusers, torturers, murderers, rapists molesters and etc etc!



  7. >>“Wolves are a keystone species that benefit their prey populations by culling sick animals and preventing the overpopulation of species such as deer.”<<

    We don't have an overpopulation of deer because of the damn mountain lions overpopulating!
    There have also been wolves back in the Sierra Nevada far longer than the state or the feds are admitting to, because they placed them there! Even the single male mentioned in the BS petition is not counting the small family pack that was discovered last year in Nor Cal!
    You people need to get your facts straight!

  8. Save Out wolves! If the killing and Slaughtering of all our wolves! Our grandchildren definitely their children will see only pictures of the Extinct Wolf!!

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