Encourage the USDA to Investigate the Death of 400 Pregnant Cattle

Target: United States Department of Agriculture

Goal: Investigate the death of 400 cattle and strengthen standards for overseas animal transport

A ship transporting almost 4,000 cattle from the United States to Russia has recently come under attack of multiple animal welfare groups, who are urgently calling for an investigation into the death of 400 pregnant cattle. It was reported that the Pearl of Para ship transporting the animals had docked in July, and received complaints that it smelled “awful.” The exportation of cattle from the United States to various countries in Asia and Europe is a common practice and about 100,000 animals were transported last year, according to the USDA.

These voyages lasting around 2 weeks are often very stressful for the cattle who are subjected to poor ventilation systems, motion sickness from the ship, and extreme heat. These conditions cause the animals to end up sick, injured, or in some instances, dead. In the case of the Pearl of Para, accounts have claimed that the poor ventilation lacked a backup system. This, combined with the breakdown of manure, caused an increase in ammonia fumes, which led to the suffocation of 400 of these poor animals.

According to U.S. regulations, ships are supposed to have extra motors and fans available in the case of a malfunction, which should be repaired immediately. While it is almost impossible to ensure the survival of every animal on board, different measures could have been taken in order to better protect the crammed cattle. It is unacceptable to allow innocent animals to suffer for long periods of time, only to have them die in a miserably hot, cramped space.

Further action needs to be taken to encourage the USDA to revise the current regulations that dictate an animal’s “fitness for survival” in cases like these.  Compassion in World Farming, as well as the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), are two groups that are advocating for a change in policy. Show your support by signing this petition, asking the USDA to conduct an immediate investigation into this case in order to prevent a similar outcome from occurring in the future.


Dear United States Department of Agriculture,

In a journey from the United States to Russia, 400 pregnant cattle out of a total of 3,900 on board the transport ship Pearl of Para have died. This number is appalling, and better steps need to be taken in order to ensure the survival of these animals. While it seems inevitable that some animals may die on long voyages like these, it is unfair and inhumane to keep them in cramped spaces with a lack of breathable air.

It has been suggested that these animals perished due to a poor ventilation system and the lack of a backup system capable to provide these animals with relief from the hot conditions. It is intolerable for these poor animals to suffer for weeks, only to end up dead before they even reach their destination.

I ask that you conduct an investigation into this matter to determine what could have prevented so many of the cattle from dying. It may be time to revise the current regulations to account for the horrible conditions these animals face at sea, and it is time that their welfare is put first. Don’t let more animals be subjected to harmful and stressful environments while traveling abroad. Please have some consideration for the well- being of these animals and make necessary changes to protect them.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    And you seriously want to kill wolves, because they tear a few cattles?

    Take a look at ourselves – who’s the real danger?

  2. But USDA itself is killer of animals…USDA needs to be investigated/persecuted/disbanded for killing millions ,millions of innocent and harmless animals, birds and wildlife …please research.





  3. Unbelievable how these poor victims are treated.

  4. Mary Finelli says:

    These transports are the modern-day slave shipments. There is no way animals can be properly cared for when sent this way and it should be banned.

  5. No doubt that on top of this cruelty, these cattle were raised on the land where our wild horses were removed. 9 head of cattle were replacing each wild horse removed. Our heritage wolves are being killed because cattlemen want our public land. Government AT the people not BY the people. Who, in this creation are we going to vote for?

  6. Margo van der Voort says:

    This is heart breaking news. Why put pregnant cows on a ship? What horrible treatment. No animal should be transported anywhere. Australia exports thousands upon thousands of cows, sheep and goats each year. Hundreds don’t arrive at the destination alive and the boats they are forced on are substandard. Horrible practices and to then be killed in brutal ways makes it even worse. STOP ANIMAL TRANSPORT NOW!!!

  7. Reply to : Margo van der Voort who said:
    “Vegan! Vegetarians still consume dairy products which comes from abused animals who have their calfs taken away from them and are doomed to producing milk for the rest of their lives, milk that was meant for their calfs!” Wrong, Kiddo! I’ve been Vegan for decades. I use rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, etc. NO animal milk! Instead of eggs, I mix tofu with flax seed oil. Very tasty! Also, I’ve been in animal rescue work for 45 years. Any questions? Please stop generalizing and learn the true facts, my dear. Also, the plural of “calf” is spelled “calves”. Have a nice day.

  8. We need to inform the public more and more about these horrible conditions! Get the word out! Encourage them to get up off their duffs and take some ACTION! Remember, the “bad” humans are allowed to get away with their evil by the “good” humans who just sit on their hands, smile sweetly and allow it to happen! I actually know a church group that says, when they learn of such horrible conditions, “We will go and sit quietly and picture white light! That will take care of the problem,” GRRRR…Take some action folks! Really make a difference for a change!

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