Let New Haven Family Keep Their Pet Rabbit

Target: Raymond Conners, supervisor of the Connecticut Animal Control Division

Goal: Allow North Haven family to keep their pet bunny despite law that requires at least 2 acres for rabbit ownership

In North Haven, Connecticut, authorities are trying to take away a family’s pet bunny. While this bunny is only a pet, the law states that properties under 2 acres are not allowed to own livestock or rabbits. Kayden Lidsky, the family’s 7-year-old daughter, is devastated by the news. Not only is this bunny Kayden’s pet, but she mentions that it is her best friend. It seems absurd to take away a child’s pet, especially a rabbit which is not violent or dangerous. It remains in a cage most of the time and will not attack people like a violent dog might.

While it makes sense to limit owning livestock to families with larger properties, it does not make sense to include rabbits in this law. Although the Lidsky’s rabbit is rather large at 20 pounds, it is still smaller than your average dog. If a rabbit is able to stay inside and in a cage when necessary, why should the size of one’s property matter? It is completely unnecessary and cruel to take away a little girl’s pet for essentially no reason. Demand that Kayden Lidsky be able to keep her pet rabbit.


Dear Raymond Conners,

Recently, a North Haven family was told that they would have to get rid of their pet bunny. According to the law, if a property is under 2 acres, the family that lives on that property is not allowed to own livestock or rabbits. While it is understandable to limit livestock to certain-size properties, it does not make sense to apply this law to something as small as a rabbit.

The person most affected by the news is the bunny’s owner, 7-year-old Kayden Lidsky. She tells reporters that the bunny is her best friend and she wishes that it wouldn’t get taken away. Not only is this law ridiculous, but now a young child is getting hurt because of it. A bunny is not like a dog which may get violent, and is probably only the same size as a cat. If the rabbit remains in the house and can be kept in a cage when necessary, the size of the property should not matter. Please do not let this ridiculous law affect this family and let Kayden Lidksy keep her bunny.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    How ridiculous!

    There are no words to describe such nonsense, this little girl is not going to eat her beloved pet.

    Too much regulations for insignificant things relating just to privacy but no effective laws and real solutions to the problems concerning society.

    What’s about antibiotics needed in factory farming because otherwise the animals would die long before reaching the slaughter weight; the nuclear waste we leave our future generations to deal with and even produce more and more every single day; the “fun”murderers and child abusers – even death penalty means paying a lot of taxes for their cost of living; the damages caused by fracking just for a few dollars more; all the extant wildlife which will soon be gone forever because of human greed, ignorance, perversion and hypocrisy; the pets not wanted or needed anymore that are dying daily in the gas chambers of a so called civilized human society; the rainforests cut down without any future-oriented reason but for much money for a few greedy people, all the children dying of hunger in developing countries because we the industrial states rule there with our “subsidies” to keep our low-wage workers, etc. ?

    Human beings mostly are ruthless, greedy, hypocritical, ignorant, not able to think ahead, not capable of compassion, idle and irresponsible, there’re so many things for us to change immediately – to interfere in the private lives of children is surely NOT one of these tasks!

  2. What happens to all the bunnies that are sold at pet stores at Easter time? No pet stores in Connecticut doing this? Totally absurd, never heard of rabbits as livestock, and pet stores don’t sell livestock.

  3. bruce studtmann says:

    After reading this article i had to sign the petition. The last thing a 7 year old needs is all this pressure. School will be starting soon and she will be thinking all day about weather or not her pet will still be there when she gets home. I went to North Havens websight. It says North Haven is a special community where you can be proud to raise a family. Person to person service is the best so give them a call at 203-239-5321. So i think i will good luck Kayden and bunnie.

  4. Completely absurd!!

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