Demand White Nationalist Student be Expelled

Target: Dr. Marc Johnson, President of University of Nevada, Reno

Goal: Demand white nationalist be expelled for rallying.

University student Peter Cytanovic will not be expelled after he was identified as a participant in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. The university states that while they do not support the ideology represented by white supremacists, they also claim that the University of Nevada, Reno “stands for the basic principles of the Constitution, including free speech and the right to peacefully assemble.”

Not only is it an outrage that this white nationalist ‘bro’ will not be punished for his actions, but it is beyond atrocious that the university considers hate speech and racism “free speech.” Those who espouse such ideologies deserve to be punished. Racism and hate speech are never acceptable, but in today’s political climate we must ensure that the courts and the authorities come down extra hard on such crimes.

White supremacists should face consequences for their ignorant and deplorable behavior, and Cytanovic is a racist who must be punished. Sign this petition to demand UNR expel this racist from their school.


Dear Dr. Johnson,

Your decision not to expel student Peter Cytanovic for rallying with white nationalists is deplorable, as is your reason of “protecting his right to free speech.” Inciting violence against minorities deserves punishment. Cytanovic was not expressing an opinion; he was seeking to cause harm and pain to those who did not fit the white nationalist ideology.

Our current political and social climate is extremely fragile due to the White House’s elitist and xenophobic ways threatening to set this country back at least sixty years. The ugly incident in Charlottesville is just one piece of the overall dangerous puzzle, and those who participate in white nationalist rallies and other propaganda must not go unpunished.

We urge you to set an important example and expel Cytanovic immediately.


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    Nationalist’s have no place in society! They spread hate. SHOULD BE EXPELLED FOR GOOD!

  2. Selena Brooks says:

    He needs to be expelled from the university. Parents are not sending their kids to school to learn HATE! It must not be tolerated. Then be ready for major lawsuits and even protest if he’s not expelled.

  3. I disagree with this petition.
    Maybe Peter Cytanovic was just young and stupid by attending this rally. Who has not done stupid things when they were young? Should he have his career destroyed because of this?
    As well, this could become a witch hunt. Are they going to seek out ALL students who have ever attended a white nationalist rally and expel them all?
    And why just white nationalists who have attended rallies? If they are going to be honest and consistent, they would have to then expel ALL other types of hate group followers who have attended rallies. That would include Black Lives Matter, Jewish Defense League, Christian Identity Church, anti-immigration groups and so on.
    In previous historical witch hunts – such as the one in Salem, Massachusetts, and the Roman Catholic Inquisition – the witch hunters were always far worse than the “witches” they were hunting.

  4. I disagree as well on the grounds he does have free speech. You can’t pick and choose who gets to say what in a free speech society. You can only choose not to listen or speak your own mind. He has every right that the rest of the students have to be there. To expel him means that members of any group that could be considered hate groups such as antifa, BLM, Far left, far right, etc are subject to the same rules and should also be expelled. I may think his opinions are terrible but the positive and the negative of free speech is that everyone has the same right. Like it or not.

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