Don’t Protect Drivers Who Run Over Protesters

Target: Senator Bill Ketron of Tennessee

Goal: Don’t protect drivers who harm protesters with their vehicles.

After the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, legislation in Tennessee will protect drivers who hit, injure, or kill protesters, as long as criminal intent is not proven. Republican State Senator Bill Ketron has introduced this bill.

Under this legislation, drivers will be immune to liability if they claim their action of hitting a protester on the street was “unintentional.” This bill will put protesters across the state, only expressing their First Amendment rights, in danger, while protecting those who want to silence or even kill them.

After the violence in Charlottesville, it is clear that now, more than ever, the First Amendment rights of speech and assembly are threatened with violence. Sign the petition and demand that Senator Ketron withdraw his legislation.


Dear Senator Ketron,

You have introduced legislation that would protect drivers who strike protesters in the road. After the violence in  Charlottesville, this legislation is shameful. This legislation is seeking to silence the free speech of protesters and cause them harm.

Americans should be able to freely and safely demonstrate their First Amendment rights. I ask that you withdraw your legislation from the Senate in Tennessee. It will only lead to more violence and bloodshed.


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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no driving on protest sites!

    • Gen, once again you are talking about a subject that you seem to know little or nothing about. I have read reports where these lawless protesters have stopped ambulances and firetrucks…I suppose you approve of that? After all the people who might have called for help might be Conservatives, right? I have a really, really good idea…keep the damn riotous protesters out of the travel lanes of our highways. Then none of them will be injured by people who are engaged in legal activities.

    • When protestors surround a vehicle and start screaming and hitting the vehicle, the driver has to get away from the dangerous situation. Are you suggesting that the driver just sit there and allow himself to be injured? Put yourself in the driver’s shoes.

  2. Selena Brooks says:

    What’s next no charges for MURDER!

  3. If you being attacked in a riot, you do what you need to do to escape. This is not just about Virginia, these have been going on for months….from the left randomly attacking people. If someone intentionally does drives into a crowd…max punishment. But, attempting to escape a violet mob…nope.

    • Maria Mongiat says:

      It’s called assault with a deadly weapon. How about not driving into a crowd of peaceful protesters?

    • DON’T SIGN.
      JOHN I agree. These people the protesters are nazis, are arrogants, prepotents and want to IMPOSE ro all what they want. They are all over the world usually from left as you say, they attack viciously anyone who don’t agree with them and their stupid point of views. Theyt are also usually immigrants, refugees, islamics, blacks and so they are already starting to impose what they want in our countries.Since Trump win the man had not a moment of piece, is everyday, every moment in Europe in the news because these shit people didn’t want him. When obama win there were many ones who didn’t want him also, but they accept the majority, but with these people there is no majority unless is the one they want. They will disrupt and cause problems after problems, they will keep calling the others of what THEY ARE NOT THE OTHERS, and they will try to make themselves victims when is the others. They manipulate media and all, to be the poor ones when they are parasites wanting all, and when the country is a wreck they will move on, to next on.Many of this petitions about islamics, blacks etc are one of them who does them to try victimization. Of course the others will try to escape violent attackers faking they are doing a protest and even a protest needs to be legal and the council need to know about, police etc, so did they contact anyone?
      it seems they didn’t.
      Someone says peaceful protesters, when most of the time the tv shows a different story, cameras do not lie.

    • Tina Shurtleff says:

      It was the sly right that brought weapons not the left. Grow up

    • John Burgess Agree with you wholeheartedly.

  4. Janet Lynch says:

    Ketron’s bill, which whose intent is to protect persons who would intentially use motor vehicles as murder weapons, intentionally killing and maiming innocent civilians excercizing their first amendment rights, is reprehensible in the extreme. Would Mr. Ketron excuse those who used vehicles to kill French and German citizens if they claimed it was “an accident”. Ketron’s suggestion is the most reprehensible thing I have heard from a legislator. He should lose his seat for proposing a bill which would legalize intentional murder if the perpetrator simply claims it was an “accident”. Ketron disgusts me and so do you, Burgess, whoever you are you violent scum.

  5. Are you for real ?????

  6. Only repugnants would do this. Thank God i left party of evil five years ago.

    • Gilda, you’re correct that only repugnants would run over people on purpose. But the party of evil is doing most of the demonstrating out in the public roads since their evil world’s smartest criminal woman lost. So yes, the nazi’s, the blm, the antifa, and many more are members of the repugnant society. But it’s really simple, even a democrap can understand it…don’t stand in the roadway impeding ambulances and firetrucks and lawful law abiding American citizens and guess what? You won’t get run over!

  7. If you are blocking traffic, that is not a peaceful protest! Do it on the sidewalk like normal people. But if you can’t and you think you have to get in the street to block traffic to get your stupid dumbass point across then you are fair game as far as I’m concerned! People trying to get to where they are going don’t want to be bothered by a stupid protest, but by all means block traffic when I’m on the road and your family will be going to your funeral. It’s your choice, do it the right way or do it the wrong way.

    • Go wash your white sheets for the next rally.

      • Chazz York says:

        I was thinking the same thing Gilda. LOL! There is no excuse for mowing people over with your car Kyle. That is both wrongful, and despicable. You sound like a Psychopathic hate monger, not a responsible and respectable human being. You genuinely should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Responsible and respectable human being? Really!! 99% of protests are done by violent liberals still crying about there candidate not winning the presidency. You need to wake up! Protest the right way and let people go about there business. If they want to stop and listen that’s there choice but you have absolutely no right to disrupt other people’s lives to get your stupid point across! Get a fuckin life!

          • Kyle .You are spot on.And these moron liberals will never learn they have lost and lets get on with nation building. They are born evil and will die evil.

        • Mr York. Oh my. You upset the supremecist.

      • Protest the right way and there won’t be any problems. No protest gives you the right to block traffic! That has nothing to do with freedom of speech moron! And WTF does the KKK have to do with free speech and blocking traffic? Like I said, you block traffic and there will be consequences!

      • Gilda, I hate to say it but you’re simply a friggin’ leftist idiot. Stay the hell out of the road with your “peaceful protest” full of un-employed liberals and nobody will get run over…it’s so simple that even the dumbest antifa should understand!

    • LMAO!!! Next rally. Boston. And you might like website Daily Stormer.More suited for you.

    • Sandra Cesa says:

      You are full of crap. You are a coward hiding behind a keyboard. You are in need of mental intervention. go put your white sheet back on, coward!

      • LMAO!!!! A female Nazi!! My sheets go on the bed not the closet moron. Next rally for you and Kyle. Pack your sheets.

        • Maybe someone will run you over at one of those stupid rally’s you participate in. Remember to go out in the middle of the highway and make those vehicles stop! LMFAO!!! You are really easy to laugh at with all of what you have to say. I think you have some sort of fantasy about nazis. ? You are such a LOSER!?????

  8. Chazz York says:

    There is no excuse for mowing people over with your car. If you drive into a crowd you know full well that you are going to harm and or kill the people you run over. No law should ever seek to make that OK, under any circumstances. We are not a race of evil mindless Troglodytes, and we should never condone behaving like we are. Anyone who does that to someone or to a group of people should damn well go to prison for murder and for attacking with the intent to kill. Another term for it would be wanton endangerment with the intent to kill.

  9. Jaime Perez says:

    This ridiculous action makes you feel unsafe if you’re trying to stand up for what you believe in. People who drive into crowds will just use the excuse of, it wasn’t intentional, and get away with murder.

  10. Nicholas Lee says:

    Only in US would driving into humans be considered legal.

    • Correction. Only a REPUGNANT would do this. The Nazi in the White House would have no problem doing this. His Nazi father would be proud. Retired cops in Queens saw his pos father at KKK rallys all the the time.

      • Gilda, you don’t know your history…trump is on record many times standing against the kkk and other groups. You would know this if you did the slightest bit of research beyond the democrap party propaganda.

        • Wendy Waltenberg says:

          Sorry !!!
          Trump still has not come out against the KKK and other white supremist groups. This is what all the hooha is about around the world.
          Trump needs these people to vote for him that is why he will not condemn them and their racist views.
          What a sad sad sad country the poor old USA is now.

  11. Violent liberals? LMAO!!! I see we have delusional right wing nuts. Must listen to Alex Jones who says rally was staged by JEWS!! LOL!

  12. Violence and violent criminals must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It should be a mondatory sentence for any violent criminal. Violence is our societies biggest problem. Violence has become common place..people should be outraged at violent criminals. Jail time counciling and long probation for anyone who lays thier hands on any living creature in violence. Use a deadly weapon like a car you should automatically be charged with attempted murder and given mandatory jail time! Stop violence and you will make a big difference in the quality of life for all Americans. Btw the medical community that has cause the opioids crisis should be responsible for solving that problem. Pharm companies should foot the bill to fight the opioids crisis they created!

  13. Wendy Morrison says:

    People whom drive into protestors need to be charged with ASSAULT, and if anyone is killed by these drivers these drivers need to be charged with Murder!

  14. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Where did all these nuts come from? We have people bringing weapons to a “peaceful” rally? Now their bringing cars to lowdown opposing views. They scream about their free speech but club those who exercise an opposing view. The KKK and Nazi’s are evil. We fought them once, do they think we won’t again?

  15. I’m sorry, but no thanks. I won’t sign this. What happened in Charlottesville was vile & disgusting. Actions like that deserve maximum punishment. They’re monsters. Charlottesville is not the norm though. Protesters shouldn’t be in the middle of the street, blocking highways, & surrounding vehicles. It’s irresponsible. Surrounding vehicles & screaming, hitting the car, & acting violently, I don’t blame anyone from trying to get away from an increasingly dangerous situation. Also, by blocking roadways, protesters are preventing emergency personnel from responding to situations, families trying to get to one another, etc.

    A call comes in to 9-1-1 about someone getting beat to death by an abusive spouse…police & EMTs can’t get through because protesters want to block the roads & someone dies because help couldn’t get there. A house is on fire with people trapped inside….fire rescue can’t get through because protesters want to block the roads & someone dies because help couldn’t get there. Someone is having a heart attack….paramedics either can’t get there or can’t get through to the hospital because protesters want to block the roads & someone dies because help couldn’t get there. Someone gets a call that a loved one has a severe accident & is trying to make it to the hospital but can’t get there because protesters want to block the roads.

    You want to protest, FANTASTIC! Don’t do it in the middle of the street!! Your life & your cause is NOT the only battle being fought that day. When you prevent people from fighting their personal battles, I promise you that they won’t give a fig about yours. Using Charlottesville as an example is an unequal & unjust comparison to protesters getting hit while standing in the streets & surrounding people’s vehicles & frightening them.

    I’m a liberal that proudly supports anyone that wants to exercise their right to protest. I am also rational & understand the difference between a disgustingly intentional act of violently plowing people down & someone acting out of fear & desperation. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Protesters, stop playing in traffic.

  16. Stay off the freaking street. People are sick of it. Protesters do not have any right to impede traffic. They should be charged with kidnapping.

  17. This destruction of our history is very upsetting.

    No white person alive today ever owned a slave.
    No black person alive today was ever a slave.
    We can’t move forward if people keep living in the past.

    It’s a pathetic and weak people that are so fragile
    They must have something removed or destroyed simply
    because they are “offended”

    Leave our history alone and let us unite and come together to make a better history for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Does no one care there is a man that is trying to destroy us by sending nuclear bombs over here? You are playing right into the hands of our enemies. Help & love one another. It is much more rewarding.

    God Bless America & all her people. Help us to see the right way and walk in peace together. Amen

  18. Someone that knew the driver said he was petrified and accidently stepped on the accelerator because he was being chased with axes and hammer’s from behind, that he never meant to hurt anyone and I do believe that, there was a very dangerous crowd, throwing cement filled can’s rock’s feces urine horrible stuff! I heard they said the next protest they were going to throw HIV tainted syringes at the protesters next time! Sound’s like a very Deranged crowd to me and I definately would have feared for my life.

  19. Mary Martinez says:

    The protesters are idiots,but even idiots don’t deserve to be mowed down,that is vehicular assault/homicide. The idiots jobs are to stay off roads and not block traffic. I just wish everyone could grow up and maybe play nice

  20. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    The world is going crazy everyday! A shit people do create a shit laws and there is nobody to stop it?
    Then, why there is a driving test or a driving license when any idiot can drive without care?

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