Prosecute Woman Filmed Biting and Hitting Dog on Subway

Target: Jennifer Bluhm, OSPCA Deputy Chief, Toronto, Canada

Goal: Prosecute woman caught on video repeatedly hitting and biting her dog.

A woman on a subway was caught on video repeatedly beating and biting her small dog. The woman can be heard yelling “stop it now, you hear me, at the dog. She strikes the small animal, who tries getting away from her. At one point the owner is clearly seen snatching the dog up and biting its face. After abusing the dog for several minutes, another passenger intervenes, saying “you’ve got to stop hitting your dog,” but the woman begins lashing out at him. “What the f*** are you talking about,” she yells.

The emergency alarm was set and police eventually escorted the woman off the train. Unfortunately, they decided to release her with nothing more than a warning, and the case was handed over to the OSPCA. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that this woman be prosecuted and banned from owning more animals.


Dear Ms. Bluhm,

A woman was caught on video abusing her dog on a subway. The owner can be heard yelling at the small dog, then hitting him repeatedly before biting him. The abuse goes on relentlessly for minutes before a passenger steps in and tells her to stop. The woman turns her anger toward him, and is eventually escorted off the train by police.

Unfortunately, the police don’t seem to take animal abuse seriously because they released her with nothing but a measly warning. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to help save this poor dog. Please see to it that the animal is removed from the owner’s custody immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Roxy Yuang

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  1. Sonja Beyer says:

    Why was this poor dog not taken away from her? Please take the animal away from this awful woman and never ever let her have any animal again. She does not have herself under control, how can she be allowed to keep helpless creatures?

  2. No one has done nothing???? There right there stupid poeple. I would attack that shit woman the same way. She uses the dog as a victim can’t u see?
    Someone should have take the dog out, i mean there were several people against a woman, what could she do? Than she should be beaten the same way and left on the floor with a warning. When the police arrive they would be all saying nothing. They won’t have anyone to blame and even with cameras they wouldn’t do nothing as it was a crowd. They had done nothing against this woman, never mind a crowd which was right applied justice that they failed to do.The dog should be taken by someone to a shelter and she should get the same. She will keep theis behavior. She was so sure that nothing happens to her that she has done that in front of everyone. If it was a stupid brat i bet people had interfere.When the brat probably will deserve it while the dog not.

  3. How anyone can think this sick freak criminal should be wandering the streets is beyond me, what is this idiots job? She may be taking care of your kids at a daycare. How any sane person doesn’t think this freak should be in jail and then confined to a mental institution. The police need to find and investigate this violent out of control criminal. Any idiot who lays their hands on any living creature in violence needs mandatory sentencing!! How they can let a living creature suffer at this freaks hands and not arrest this nut job. I can promise she will kill and tortures other living creatures, she may be biting your children, she maybe a care giver for children or the elderly. The police dropped the ball finding this insane criminal and letting her go. They failed the community!

  4. Astounding that the police think this criminal should be let free In our community. Let the cops who let her go live next door to this freak. She’s a danger to every sane person she comes in contact with. Jail and hold this idiot for a mental evaluation!

  5. She should serve jail time and a hefty fine and never own an animal again. If I saw that happen I would have taken the dog from her and called police. Dumb woman.

  6. PATRICIA KatWrangler WELCH says:

    I hear the pup was taken away from this monster. Now maybe it’ll go into a loving home. That idiot should be sent to prison.

    Karma isn’t dealing with evil fast enough for me. It seems humanity has gone off the rails. It’s scaring the heck out of me.

  7. tina robertson says:

    Its a good thing Ive never run into this woman. She might be a scary crackhead but I would have plotted w subway members to take her bitch ass down. I simply would have told her that i had video of her cruelty and i would not allow her to leave my sight w the dog. I would follow her until i could either get the dog or flag a police officer. Of course first i would offer her money for the dog so she could buy some more of her beloved crack. Crackheads will sell you a baby if theyre out of crack.

  8. vegetarian says:

    Police how do you think you are benefeting the community by letting her go? It’s mentally disturbed and you do notbing? No wonder society has no faith in police and this is a prime example
    Animals are innocent lives and this was a baby pup for crying out loud and you did nothing? It’s time to take the law into our own hands when it comes to animal abuse because if police do nothing then bad karma to them and they deserve what they get so shame on you
    I for one would beat the living crap out of them and then make sure they get locked away because I wouldn’t feel safe with lunatics that are mentally disturbed out in the general public putting not only us in in danger but the innocent lives of animals
    Thank god for animal organizations who at least we can rely on more it seems than the law itself and if that’s the case then what a scary world if it has come to this and we wonder why the world is what it is today

  9. june bullied says:

    thank god the alarm was sounded but as per usual, the police r too damn lazy to charge her. they don’t seem to think animal abuse is a bad thing. someone shd have taken the dog while the other person punched her in the head 10 times. I hope her address is out in the open so other a animal lovers can harass and beat on her repeatedly

  10. I bet that as soon as she got from under everyone’s attention, she bit and slapped that poor little dog even more, blaming it on her getting caught. I don’t get why she got a pass.

  11. A monster is on the loose and she must be charged and the poor dog taken from her now. What a a evil and sadistic sicko!!

  12. Linda Cummings says:


  13. Pat Williams says:

    Witnesses! Pictures! And all she gets is a verbal reprimand and is let out, With the dog?!! And what do you think happened to the dog?? Living in total Hell, with your permission!! Good job guys! Tell me, Who are we supposed to call?? Someone…. but Not you! See something, Say something..


  15. Ginger Neimo says:

    She is very lucky I was not there. She would be picking up her teeth.

  16. Catherine Adams says:

    Boggles the mind no one took the dog from her. What was anyone going to do to someone helping a poor innocent creature… Arrest you! What irony. The way our crazy laws protect criminals and the like, anyone trying to take the dog from her probably would have been prosecuted and arrested, yet the purpertrating sicko druggie get’s to leave with the poor frightened abused pup! How Is that! Where are our priorities letting this psycho walk free with no consequence! Boggles the mind!
    I pray it’s true the pup was rescued from her!

    • You’re right. Here in Canada people are afraid to do anything because of our crazy laws. Last month a man in Halifax was charged with multiple charges including attempted murder, after he shot a burglar who had broken into his home with the burglar’s gun.

  17. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    if certain animals like dogs and tigers are designed to bite humans, then humans are not designed to bite animals.

  18. Alice Knight says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable!This poor little dog should be taken away from this woman. Why has this not been done?
    This lack of responsibility by the police is pure nonsense.
    This woman is barbaric. She should never own any animal! Our animals deserve strict protection laws, stricter abuse laws.
    The laws need to better protect all animals from abusive and cruel situations. Animals are living, breathing and thinking souls. Start treating them with respect and dignity.

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