Horses Dumped in Killing Field and Left for Dead Deserve Justice

Target: Susan Denham, Chief Justice of Ireland

Goal: Start punishing people dumping hoards of animals at “killing field” and leaving them to die.

People have been dumping horses at a field in Ireland, leaving them to die. The land is marked for a large-scale housing development, but people have started using it as a “killing field” for torturing and dumping innocent animals. Some of the animals have been subjected to cruelty. Apparently, a stallion and a filly were found with their hooves trapped in fencing, and a yearling was hobbled by a rope tied around its legs. In another visit, they found two emaciated horses who were in such a poor state that one had to be euthanized. At one point, volunteers were bringing water to the animals when “joyriders” chased them from the fields and tried running them over.

Charity workers say there are always 20-30 horses and about 20 burnt cars in the field, and this has been going on for months. Groups of volunteers walk the fields every single day and report the sick and dying horses. “We have taken out so many sick and dying ponies from these fields,” they said. “There are cars always racing around it; the poor ponies are on high alert constantly.”

Please sign this petition demanding that authorities get involved and put a stop to this killing field.


Dear Ms. Denham,

Dozens of sick and dying animals are being dragged from a “killing field” in Ireland after people have begun leaving them to die there. A large-scale housing development was planned for this land, but it has become a place of torture for innocent animals, some of which have had their legs tied together.

We, the undersigned, are urging you to do everything possible to put an end to this horrifying killing field. Please see to it that the people who are doing this are prosecuted.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson

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  1. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Where the hell, may I ask, are any ajthorities to put a stop to this. Why are there all of these sick and dying horses in the first place?This is unspeakable. And of course, there are the maniacal joyriders to make these poor horses suffering even worse. I have never heard of such a thing before. Way to go, Ireland.

    • I agree with you Marilyn. Obviously the authorities know about what is happening and yet they seem to have done nothing to stop this from happening time and time again.
      Cameras should be set up to catch the people dumping their poor animals and to catch also the car racers.
      Is this the way to treat poor horses and such when they have probably been devoted pets.
      Disgusting !!!

  2. Oh my God…’indeed some of us humans are vile animals…
    This is sickening, how can this STOP!!!!!!

  3. Keith Crane says:

    Punish theses scum,to hell with that,its not enough, shoot and kill these lowlife bastards on sight, and do the same to the filth who are driving the vehicles.

  4. Humans are disgusting! These people in particular.

    • I’ve lost faith in us as a species overall. Those that have morals, a brain and a heart are not enough to turn the tide. We should collectively stop reproducing and save the earth and all the innocents. Give another species a try.

  5. This is truly shocking! Action is needed NOW to put a stop to this despicable cruelty. The individuals who carry out such disgusting acts of cruelty must be traced and SEVERELY dealt with. There has to be justice for those poor innocent horses who have not survived, and more importantly, the horses who are rescued deserve justice for their disgusting ordeal. Every effort must be made to track down those wicked humans who have inflicted such pain and trauma to creatures who have no voice and are vulnerable and helpless in the hands of these cowards.

  6. Shame on you Ireland !!

  7. im in ireland, and i feel ashamed about horse riding in Dublin and the way the irish treat teir animals, i would like to know where is this happening and if i can go as volunteer as well. Once i had a situation with a “horse riding driver” when i said to him that his horse was thristy, he answer to me, come back when you have a horse stupid bitch, and he chased me with the car for two blocks swearing at me. they are violent and ignorant people, its sad the way that the horses suffer in this city.

  8. Except for a few exceptions –
      Shame about all the Irish or those living in ireland –
    (Politicians / judiciary / police) to do this with making, making eyes or even worse. It is a national shame in ireland. For decades the geldmafia in the form of dog breed,
      Hunting, horse breeding, dog farming, sheep farming and much more, simply everything that brings a lot of money. Animal abuse there are Unfortunately around the world,
    But there are nations that drive it to the top because the politics is very involved.
    dirt mafia. Also the politicians have the big problem of the travellers not under control –
    I wish every animal torturer a life full of pain or the destiny does the rest.
    Saves all these poor animals who have to live in this Irish hell.

  9. What is the word for seeing to see others suffering from pain and dying? There must be a word for it. Please Karma do your thing. I hope her soul burns in HELL
    so, my wonderful, sweet angel, now you’re in a better world and lets you in sky cure from your madness torment.
    my heart is crying and bleeds – I pray for you and for all poor and suffering animals
    I love you all my sweet angel

  10. Sherri Deschler says:

    Where are the athorities who can they allow this to continue !!!

  11. El Thamarat says:

    Irish authorities by their inaction are essentially promoting the torture of innocent horses at this former housing development site, including car drivers racing around and over the tormented and hobbled horses. These are ongoing harrowing, abhorrent crimes exacerbated by slime filth ignorant people with no conscience or morality. Where is the local Irish constabulary? Where are the Irish animal lovers? Where are the Irish sanctuaries to care for and nurture? This is not the Ireland the world is fascinated by.
    Ms. Denham, as busy as you no doubt are, I implore you to acquaint yourself with the ongoing atrocities being committed here. This is a seriously negative reflection upon Ireland as an otherwise great nation, and upon the human race. The beginning of the end of such cruelty can start with your legislating/enforcing a definitive end to the animal torment here. Show some compassion _ please. Justice encompasses our animals too.

  12. Linda Bauer says:

    Just tell me, if this be the case, what can anyone do for these poor neglected horses? If more law inforcement would go in or a team to fight them off, they just may have the chance they need to be helped and cared for! Why not fight back the best way possible to make this suffering of the horses stop!

  13. Is Ireland trying to compete with China or South Korea??
    Whilst they are the real champions when it comes to animal abuse
    Ireland is not far behind.
    Why are there so many sick bastards in the world?
    Mabey something to do with the fact that the governments​ are allowing it.
    Animal abuse will never stop until the authorities start taking it seriously by making an example of scum who deliberately abuse animals.

  14. This is totally shameful. Why & How on earth this country called Ireland have no rules and rights for the defenseless Animals…Enforce the new laws to fit the Era…Ireland…

  15. Simon Rimmer says:

    The human race is absolutely disgusting, humans need to have a good look at what they are doing to the world. Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime, time to clean up the human garbage in the world.

  16. Listen up Ireland – enforce positive change for the animals and prosecute these useless humans who think that animals are disposable. Shameful behaviour won’t go unnoticed by the world.

  17. Why in the name of humanity isn’t there a place for sick animals to be humanely euthanized. And can’t the others be given to an animal originzation Or sanctuary? I can’t believe that there is not a humane place in all of Ireland to help these innocent animals that have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.
    I can believe the Irish treating their animals without feeling, look how they send thousands of their animal on ship to other countries. The ships are nothing more than a horrible killing chamber for most, the ones the arrive alive only have more suffering ahead.
    Ireland, I’m ashame to say I’m any part Irish, get your heads out of your dirty asses and do something to help all unwanted animals and punish the creeps that continue to harm animals.

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