Demand Justice for Severely Burned Puppy

Target: Dallas County DA Craig Watkins

Goal: Demand maximum jail sentence for the man who purposely severely burned a four-month-old puppy

Eighteen-year-old Darius Ewing, of Texas, recently turned himself in for the crime of purposely setting fire to a four-month-old puppy. The puppy, named ‘Justice’ by the rescue staff who tried to save him, unfortunately passed away ten days after his rescue. Ewing reportedly poured lighter fluid over the puppy and then lit the fluid on fire with a cigarette.

Justice, a Labrador puppy, suffered from third-degree burns on over 70 percent of his body. Police present at the scene reported that the severely burned puppy was found hiding behind an air conditioning unit. A group of teenage boys present were allegedly laughing about the poor puppy’s fate. Police also found a rope, and suspect that the group involved may have had intentions of hanging the puppy. Witnesses reported seeing the group of boys attempting to strangle Justice with the rope prior to setting him on fire. A young girl who witnessed the event used a t-shirt to put out the fire. Darius Ewing eventually turned himself in, but police are still searching for the other suspects.

DFW Rescue Me transported Justice to a local emergency clinic for treatment. However, little Justice’s wounds were severe and he did not survive. Ewing has been charged with animal cruelty, which in Texas is punishable with a fine up to $10,000 and/or up to ten years in prison. By signing this petition, you are demanding that, if found guilty, Ewing receive the maximum sentence allowable by law. Purposely setting a puppy on fire is a shocking, inexcusable act of violence. If Ewing can do this to an innocent animal, who knows what other crimes he could be capable of. Demand justice for Justice and request the maximum jail sentence be assigned to Darius Ewing and his associates, if they are ever found.


Dear Dallas County DA Craig Watkins,

Please prosecute Mr. Darius Ewing to the full extent of the law for his heartless crimes against Justice the puppy. Ewing turned himself in to police for allegedly using lighter fluid and a lit cigarette to set an innocent four-month-old puppy on fire.

The pain that Justice must have endured is heartbreaking to think about. The dog suffered from third-degree burns on over 70% of his body, and unfortunately, despite efforts to save him, passed away as a result of his injuries. How anyone could do this to a puppy is incomprehensible. If Ewing can do this to an innocent animal, who knows what other crimes he could be capable of? He is a danger to society and deserves to be punished for his crimes.


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Photo credit: DFW Rescue Me

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  1. The Puppy murderer and his half-witted “friends”, must all be horse-whipped through the streets, and then be-headed. Problem solved! I volunteer to push the switch on “Madame Guillotine”, with great pleasure.

  2. jackie wigh says:

    Get rid of this filth in society. Trash is trash – get rid of it, permanently. I don’t know why we waste time, money and space on this evil rubbish in society. At the very least, do the crime do the time. Little Justice … RIP.

  3. Burn him just like he burned Justice….that wouldn’t even be justice for such a heinous act.

  4. marjie thornton says:

    These people are breathing the same air as the rest of us and taking up valuable space on this over worked planet – enough said.

  5. Rob Muhlrad says:

    This happened in Texas. You know, the state with the Wild West mentality. Do you really think this scumbag will get the max? He’ll get a slap on the wrist and be told not to do it again. I truely hope I’m wrong.

  6. Patsy Henderson says:

    I think anyone who could do such an horrible thing to an animal could do the same to a human .Maxium sentence is not enough.

  7. nelda mcdaniel says:

    Give him the maximum sentence with no parole. He is scum and find the others who were a part of it and charge them too. They should all be burned.
    How could anyone do this to such as sweet helpless animal?

  8. Until our society stands up united against such evil this will continue. Personally I am asshamed to be part of a society that allows these kind of people to get away with this. We must change the mentality that animals are lesser than people. In many ways they are superior. They are unmatched in loyalty, dedication and trust on many levels, yet we repay them by lighting them on fire, abandoning them to starve on the streets or surrendering them to a shelter where they will be neglected to the point of starvation and illness just before being euthanized. Until we educate those who make the laws in the hopes that we can change the laws, this will never change.

  9. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Hang him by his balls with piano wire. The more he struggles, the tighter it becomes. He and the other scum intended to hang the 4 month old baby didn’t they?

  10. This is truly sickning! This person is not a child and knows right from wrong. He is defenitely not crazy or else he would have set himself on fire! He is just a sick bastard that needs to pay for what he has done. If we had stricter punishments this type of abuse would not happen. Make him pay!!!

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