Protect Wildlife from Anthrax

Target: Alassane Ouattara, President of Côte d’Ivoire

Goal: Stop anthrax from wiping out wildlife.

Scientists have discovered the deadly anthrax bacteria lurking within West Africa’s Taï National Park. A recent study showed that almost 40 percent of recent animal deaths in the area were linked to the bacteria, particularly chimpanzee deaths; according to the scientists’ findings, the bacteria could very well lead to the extinction of chimpanzees should it continue to spread.

It is unknown why the bacteria is currently active in this location, or how and where the animals become infected. It is unlikely that the bacteria itself can be destroyed, but the researchers and scientists are searching for ways to protect remaining animals from anthrax-related deaths, including the possibility of vaccinations.

We must support this endeavor completely. In an age where a mass extinction is entirely possible due to climate change and other factors, we must protect any and all wildlife as best we can. Sign this petition to demand full support for the West African scientific community’s mission to protect its wildlife from the anthrax bacteria.


Dear President Ouattara,

Scientists have discovered that the anthrax bacteria is active in Tai National Park and that almost 40 percent of recent wildlife deaths in the area were linked to it, particularly chimpanzee deaths. If the bacteria continues to spread, more and more animals will die, and the chimpanzee could slowly become extinct.

These scientists are currently seeking ways to protect the wildlife from the bacteria, including but not limited to vaccination. You must support them as wholly as possible in their endeavor; in an age where we could easily see another mass extinction down the line, we must strive to protect as much of our wildlife as possible. Please grant these scientists your full support in protecting the wildlife of Tai National Park.


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Photo Credit: Department of Conservation

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  1. I have no hesitation in signing this petition – Chimpanzees should be protected at all costs

  2. Susan Fong says:

    Please save these animals. They do not deserve to die especially from this horrible plague.

  3. Anthrax is caused by a bacterium, not a virus.
    How is this petition supposed to be taken seriously if it gets its facts wrong?

    • Anthrax is caused from a bracteria not a virus! Shouldn’t we get our facts straight! Regardless, it must be stopped but we need to know what we are promoting for credibility sake!

    • It is just a reason to use our wildlife as TEST SUBJECT’S, they are full of swamp gas and I did’nt fall for this for 1 minute!!!!

  4. Unfortunately the only way would be vaccines. .but if ranchers can vaccinate massive herds of cattle it should be able to be done …providing they have the vaccine for whatever strain of anthrax it is. .it’s a horrible death for these animals if not

  5. This IS BS!!! They just want ANOTHER reason to use our wildlife as TEST SUBJECT’S with Vaccination’s! DON’T ALLOW them to EXPLOIT and use as Test subjects! This is just Propaganda, I could see through this the more I read, DON’T BE FOOLED!!!God know’s WHAT they will be truely Vaccinating these poor animal’s with if they are ALLOWED that permission!!

  6. Protect ALL animals at any costs.

  7. Alassane Ouattara, President of Côte d’Ivoire:


    THIS IS 2017 – we do have computers. Use of computer-generated imagery, or CGI, to depict non-human animal characters.

  8. Do what is necessary to save wildlife and
    s to experimentation on animals.

  9. Denise Devereux says:

    Another disgraceful act by the evil human race!

  10. I’d like to ask Jane Goodall what she knows about this. I know I can trust her judgement.

  11. Nature treats back now
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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