Iowa Representative Supports Animal Abuse

Target: Iowa State Representative Steve King

Goal: Stop supporting horrific dog fighting

Iowa Representative Mr. Steve King has been making the news a lot lately, and not in a good way. Steve King has made it clear in no uncertain terms that he supports dog fighting. Animal lovers throughout the country are shocked at some of King’s most recent statements. Is someone who supports violence and animal abuse really the type of person we want representing our nation?

Most people with even a shred of common sense understand how horrible dog fighting is. However, Rep. King on numerous occasions has taken the opportunity to speak out in support of animal fighting. The most recent event was during a ‘tele-townhall’ meeting, where King was questioned about his ‘opposition to animal rights and recently introduced legislation that would undermine local standards preventing animal torture’. King’s response, in a nutshell, was that he doesn’t understand why humans are allowed to fight for sport but animals are not. King is also known for making a, thankfully unsuccessful, effort to make it legal for an adult to bring a child to a dog or cock fight.

Of course the main difference between human and animal fighters is that humans have the ability to decide for themselves whether or not they want to step into the ring. Humans are compensated for fighting. Animals, on the other hand, are usually very cruelly trained and receive nothing other than pain and stress for their time in the ring.

Studies have shown that 70% of animal abusers go on to be arrested for other felonies, including violent crimes against people. Representative Steve King is a longtime supporter of animal abuse, speaking out for the legalization of dog and cock fighting. State Representatives are elected for two-year terms. Mr. King has been an Iowa Representative since 2003, and will be running for reelection again this year. Is someone who supports violence against innocent animals really the type of person we want in our Congress? By supporting the legalization of animal fighting, King is supporting the type of violence that is known to often times lead to violence against humans. By signing this petition, you are opposing Steve King and his heartless support of animal abuse.


Dear Representative Steve King,

Your continued support of animal abuse is absolutely appalling. It doesn’t take much common sense to understand that the main difference between human and animal fighters is that animals are given no choice in the matter. While humans can choose for themselves to fight for sport, and receive compensation, animals are forced to fight. Dogs and cocks must be trained to attack other animals, and the training process is usually brutally cruel. Few humans would willingly choose to participate in fights if they had to undergo the same cruel training that fighting dogs are forced to endure.

Studies have shown that 70% of animal abusers go on to be arrested for other felonies, including violent crimes against humans. Is this type of violence really something you think should be supported? In the words of philosopher Immanuel Kant, ‘he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.’ Please keep that in mind, especially as you campaign for reelection later this year.


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  1. Who ever elected this SOB? Those who abuse animals are most likely the abusers of their fellow humans.

  2. The only way this SOB was elected was by a state apparently full of animal abusers….sick, barbaric, heads in their a.. so called “humans?” that need same barbaric cruelty done to them!!!!

  3. you disgrace mankind!!! SICK,BARBARIC!!! theres also viagra mate,if you need to feel manly…dont take it out on the animals!!!
    All too often, the suffering and torment animals endure in abuse cases is overlooked and not taken into consideration at the time of sentencing or sadly, it is not taken seriously enough to warrant even substantial jail time. Studies have proven that animal abusers are 5 times more likely to commit violent crimes and 4 times more likely to commit property crimes than those who do not have a history of animal abuse. In the 1970s the FBI recognized the link and found that the profile of serial killers most often includes a history of animal abuse often starting in childhood-COULD YOU BE ONE OF THESE PERSONS….steve king

  4. puddin tain says:

    I guess he’s trying to make Iowa the new home of Michael Vick. Kind of like Dick Cheney, too much of a pussy to fight, but willing to send others to do it. What a poor excuse for a human being.

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