Protect Pets from Anti-Vax Movement

Target: Simcha Felder, New York State Senator

Goal: Legislate against anti-vaccination movement threatening pets.

The anti-vaccination movement is threatening many of Brooklyn’s pets. Despite the alleged connection between vaccines and autism being proven false time and time again, many people in Brooklyn still hold it in enough regard to decline vaccinating their dogs against various diseases.

This is beyond unacceptable; it is disgusting. The anti-vaccination movement has done enough to harm humans; not only do its supporters continue to spread the wrongful claim that vaccines cause autism, but it has led many to allow their children to become ill and possibly die from easily preventable diseases. Now, it is trickling down to pets.

Owners claim they will seek alternate methods of preventing diseases, but it is all too likely that these dogs will die from distemper, rabies, and other illnesses if they are not protected. Furthermore, reports from a veterinary office say that autism has never been diagnosed in a dog, so the erroneous belief becomes even more ridiculous a reason to withhold such protection.

We cannot allow people to endanger the lives of their dogs due to inaccurate rumors and beliefs. Sign this petition to demand Brooklyn outlaw the anti-vaccination movement.


Dear Senator Felder,

Many pet owners in Brooklyn are applying the anti-vaccination movement to their dogs, refusing to have their dogs vaccinated against diseases such as rabies and distemper. The movement is already harmful due to its spread of lies; the belief that vaccines cause autism has been proven false time and time again, and aside from that, no dog has ever been diagnosed with autism. Such a thing is not possible.

You must stop this dangerous trend from claiming the lives of many dogs. Vaccines are vital to the upkeep of good canine health, and any pet owner who claims to love their pet should understand this. It should be illegal to deny pets protection against disease. Outlaw the anti-vaccination movement now, and ensure that all dogs receive the protection they sorely need.


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    • YOU do it. Don’t dictate and impose your decisions on others.

    • Raleigh, use your head. If people like you all vaccinate their pets, then they are protected against all those scary diseases, aren’t they? It’s those people choosing NOT to vaccinate whose pets are at risk, aren’t they? They have the right to choose the risk over the negative side effects, so why do you need to dictate?

    • Yes, but do NOT over-vaccinate. Titer = Immunity.

  2. Won’t be signing this petition. I disagree with forcing people to have their pets get vaccinations.
    Many people are concerned about their pets getting vaccines, not because of autism, but because of many reports of adverse effects on dogs and cats.
    Many dogs and cats have had severe reactions and many have died from vaccines. So people have a legitimate concern about this. Having a concern for one’s pet is not a disgusting thing.
    In the UK, over 2000 adverse reactions have been reported since the Lepto vaccine’s inception in 2014. This vaccine is suspected in the deaths of at least 120 dogs. There are many reports of adverse reactions, including deaths, in the U.S. as well.
    Veterinarian Dr. Margo Roman, who has been practicing in California for 32 years, reported that her own dog died after a rabies vaccination.
    Pet owners have a right to make sure vaccines are safe before allowing them to be administered to their pets.

    • ….not to mention being frightened into administering the costly heartworm medication and applying the spot-on flea/tick neurotoxin on their animals backs which uses the pet’s blood circulation as a delivery system to poison the vermin.

      If you research the subject, there have been many documented cases of vaccination injection site carcinomas in pets as well as other serious consequences. The pharmaceutical have evidence of the side effects but continue to push the products to the vets and a compliant public.

      • Czerny A. – It’s despicable that they use fearmongering to get people to buy products and get vaccinations for their pets. They don’t encourage people to RESEARCH things for themselves, but just expect us all to just believe everything they say.
        I agree with you that we all need to take responsibility and do research ourselves on this matter. The info is out there as you say. We need to stop relying on “authorities” so much and stop being so passive and compliant.

        • I have a friend who upon my suggestion had asked his vet about a titer test to check for the immunity to various diseases instead of shots. The vet disparaged it and bulldozed him with legal reasons into vaccinating an elderly dog annually.

          I had a pitbull-mix born in my home from a pregnant stray. Her mother nursed her for 8 weeks. She never had a vaccination in her life. Her titer check showed she had full immunity from her mother. She ate like a queen and rarely visited a vet, except for spaying at age one. She lived 14 years with no graying and no arthritis, looking like a svelte young dog to the end.

          • Hi Czerny A. – Sorry to hear the story of the vet refusing to test for immunity and bulldozing your friend into vaccinating his poor dog. How often does that happen I wonder? (Maybe a lot.)
            I’m glad to hear about your having had a naturally healthy pitbull-mix dog, who lived a long and healthy life with no vaccinations. That’s great to hear!
            In the whole vaccine issue, people sometimes forget that the body has it’s own immunity to sicknesses and diseases. Vaccines aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of health.

          • Hi B Denno, nowhere to reply to your last post so I wrote here:
            Dr. Christiane Northrop wisely said, “Build health instead of testing for disease.” That can also be said of vaccines. My other pits were rescues, so I can’t be sure that they weren’t vaccinated earlier; however, after they came to me, they never had another shot. The last one left me Jan this year at age 17+. Take care.

          • Hi Czerny A. – I like that quote.
            Nice to know your dogs were healthy without having all those (maybe extra) vaccinations over the years. So sorry to hear that they aren’t around anymore.
            BTW, I love the photo of the sweet dog in your thumbnail picture. All the best.

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    vaccines are just dangerous to us humans but not animals?

  4. Margaret Melnick says:

    I think a pup needs to be vaccinated just like babies do. But I also believe animals the same as humans don’t need to be vaccinated every year. It has been proven this is not necessary. We humans don’t get vaccinated every year for dangerous diseases such as polio, typhoid, even measles and mumps why do we feel our animals need vaccine every year? Over vaccination can be just as dangerous (Vaccination sites) can contribute to cancer (it seems this has been found to be correct) Even some honest vets have admitted to me that yearly vaccinations aren’t necessary. Once they have their 3 puppy shots and a booster like a human they build up an immunity to the disease. Sorry in good conscious I can’t sign this petition.

  5. michelle taylor says:

    Vaccination is essential.Without vaccination there is a high risk of death.

    • Then why aren’t there reports of massive disease outbreaks and deaths in Brooklyn? We both know that virulent outbreaks make good headlines anywhere because it causes panic and makes our everyday lives a little less humdrum.

      I don’t know what are the motives of this petitioner to vilify Brooklynites and to strong arm legislation on them. Next she’ll be urging neighbors to inform on each other.

  6. Pet guardians should educate themselves on vaccinations–the type, the frequency, the necessity. In the age of Google, the information is available to everyone to make a wise choice. In the past, we did as we were told by the vets without questioning because it never occurred to us that maybe our vets had a profit motive; after all, the yearly vaccinations was a money-maker. I’d like to suggest the pet care book by Martin Goldstein, DVM: The Nature of Animal Healing.

    Who is this petitioner, anyway? Why specifically target Brooklynites and call their decision “disgusting”? She is behaving like a Nazi. I WILL NOT SIGN THIS.

  7. This hysterical petition is a witchhunt against Brooklynites based on hearsay and rumors. Ms. Savitzsky has no real facts on which to base her high-handed petition to legislators to impose laws on Brooklyn pet owners. She derides and smears a phantom group of people by calling their choices “disgusting.” She supports unnamed vets and, by extension, the pharmaceutical companies who have ample evidence that their vaccines and flea products cause health problems in pets but continue to promote them with fear-mongering: both have a profit motive.

    Coincidentally, this week in a local Brooklyn paper, there was an article on the exact same topic also written with the same disregard for facts and with the same unsubstantiated content. Did the outraged Ms. Savitzsky start a petition based on an unprofessional local article to demonize Brooklyn pet owners who try to educate themselves and dare to question the annual barrage of vaccinations? Have there been reports of outbreak among Brooklyn pets?

    To threaten Brooklynites with legal consequences, to excoriate a community without basis, and to demand laws to deny a specific group of people freedom of choice is fascist and intolerant. This is still America where we have the right to form resistance movements against the tyrannical medical establishment and Big Pharma. Why would the dictatorial Ms. Savitzsky call for more government interference and control of its citizens?


    • In her petition, Lindsay Savitzky is calling on Sen. Felder to implement legislation to OUTLAW a pet owner’s right to refuse vaccinations in Brooklyn. She proclaims that she “cannot allow people to endanger the lives of their dogs.” She is also accusing anti-vax pet owners of not loving their dogs. Being typical of her kind, she can’t entertain the thought that maybe it is because we love our pets that we want to protect them from the deleterious health effects of over-vaccinating.

  8. Who benefits from mandatory vaccinations? Those who question the safety? NO!! The ONLY ones who would even take the time to start a ridiculous petition like this is Big Pharma and/or veterinarians. They are worried that pet owners are fed up and beginning to question the underlying reason their vets are now suggesting so many vaccines. Why they are ignoring the science and insisting on annual or even every three year vaccinations……..when clear science proves they can last a lifetime. Why are vets not jumping on the titer bandwagon? Their profit margin on vaccines is enormous. Funny how vets are vaccinated for Rabies when they go to vet school…….are they revaccinated every year or every three years? Hell no, they do titers, probably never needed another bloody shot! Wake up folks, between vaccinating the bejesus out of our pets we are also given hugely toxic flea, tick and heartworm meds like they’re candy. What the hell are we doing??

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