Demand Apology From Shelter Director Who Fraudulently Killed Pets

Target: Lowanda Kilby

Goal: Apologize to clients for lying about their pets being adopted when they were actually euthanized.

Lowanda Kilby, director of Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter, has recently been convicted of fraud when authorities discovered that nearly one hundred pets have been euthanized at her hand since May of this year. While it seems cruel enough that healthy, fun-loving pets at this no-kill shelter were being put down; an added heartbreak comes in the form of the hundred emails that were sent to former pet owners informing them that their animals were adopted into happy homes. The emails were sent just after the pets were euthanized.

For L0wanda Kilby, the name of the game is profiteering. She gains profit at the expense of pet owners by advertising a “Lucky Dog, Lucky Kitty” program, whereby owners or volunteers can pay a fee of 100 dollars to guarantee that a specific pet will not be euthanized. The money is supposedly used for vaccinations and other medical services in order to defray the costs of adoption. Sadly, the money goes directly into Kilby’s pockets and the healthy pets are conveniently euthanized next door to the clinic, making her business as lucrative as it is deceptive. Lynne Cousins, Kilby’s co-worker, confessed to having sent numerous emails to former pet owners telling them that their beloved animals had been adopted. After two years of lying about the company’s operations, Cousins claimed that she could no longer stand to contribute to the fraud. She was recently interviewed by investigators and made public the information that her director had attempted to keep hidden for so long. Just a day after her confession, Kilby asked her to resign from the shelter, and so she did.

Kilby has now been placed on “administrative leave,” but she refuses to confess that she has lied to patrons and pet owners for several years and continues to claim that her intentions were nothing but honest and good. Not only this, but she denies that any euthanization occurred, despite recently recovered documents proving the mass murder. Kilby owes each trusting client a confession and apology for such a heinous crime, and knowledge of her behavior should be spread so that such cases can be prevented in the future.


Dear Lowanda Kilby,

I am outraged at your attempts to lie to pet owners about the deaths of their beloved animals, and I demand that you confess to this crime and apologize to those you hurt. To claim that your organization is a No-Kill shelter is a lie, and to inflict further damage by lying to those who donate money to save innocent animals is simply appalling. To kill healthy dogs and cats for your business development is inexcusable. The hurt you inflicted on so many trusting people is difficult to comprehend.

The people you have hurt deserve to hear the truth from your lips and they deserve an apology for the pain you have put them through. The hundreds of healthy animals that died at your hands deserved better than the fate you bestowed on them. You owe all these victims nothing less than a confession and apology.


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  1. Heinous crimes that must be prosecuted. A tragedy for trusting pets and their trusting owners who were deceived, too sad for words.

  2. I agree with Cliff Joesephson – people who harm and torture animals are the true scum of the earth, yet we let them off, for the most part, with only a slap on the wrist. Pets are members of the owners family, and some times more loved than family. To kill beloved pets when a shelter has no further room may be a sad necessity sometimes, but to lie to their families, telling them that they’ve gone to a new family home, is unconscionable.

  3. Muriel Servaege says:

    I can’t understand such a behaviour. Those people should be sentenced,flung into prison and stay there for quite a while.

  4. Muriel Servaege says:

    As I’ve said, such people should be flung into prison and stay there. Their blatant disrespect for the people who trusted them deserves no better. What’s worse, they’d been entrusted with the care of dogs they killed.

  5. I agree, an apology is not acceptable but some jail time being someone’s “bitch” might be close, at least 5 years!!!


  7. Carol Glasscock says:

    Ms Kilby is now in state prison serving 15 years then 10 years probation. At sentencing she apologized to her family and the people of Rabun County. Never even took responsibility for what she did. Her lawyer had her and her family convinced that she would get probation.

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