Prosecute Shelter Director Who Fraudulently Euthanized Sponsored Pets

Target: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Goal: Charge Georgia shelter director for fraudulently euthanizing animals who were supposed to be protected under a sponsorship program.

Pet owners in Georgia and surrounding areas forced with the difficult task of having to give up their pets were known to travel up to hundreds of miles to get to Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter. The shelter was supposed to be no-kill, and its ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program was supposed to offer former pet owners a guarantee that their pets would be adopted into happy new homes. However, a recent undercover investigation revealed that the program was a fraud, and animals who were reported by the shelter to have been re-homed were really euthanized.

The ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program costs only $100. For that fee, pet owners were told that their dog or cat would be guaranteed not to be euthanized. The fee was supposed to have been used to cover the costs of any medical procedures, such as neutering/spaying and vaccinations, and also the adoption fee of the animal. This program was open not only to pet owners giving up pets, but also to donors who could donate $100 to ensure that a shelter pet of their choice would be cared for and adopted rather than euthanized. The program was supposed to make it easier for low-income families to afford to be able to adopt a pet.

Recently a FOX 5 I-Team reporter, Randy Travis, went undercover to investigate the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter after receiving a tip from shelter staff member Lynne Cousins that the practices at the shelter were less than humane. What Travis found during his investigation was shocking. The shelter’s claims of being no-kill were determined to be a lie, and its groundbreaking ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program a scam. It was discovered that dogs and cats in the Lucky Pet program were not so lucky after all, as many of them were euthanized. What makes matters even worse is that despite the fact that the animals were euthanized, the shelter lied and sent out emails to the pets’ former owners stating that the animals had found loving new homes.

Pet owners and donors who thought they were helping to save animal’s lives were shocked when they discovered that the pets they thought had found new homes were actually killed. Lowanda Kilby, Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter director, claims that she did nothing wrong. She was put on permanent unpaid leave, but so far has not been charged or prosecuted for her heartbreaking acts of fraud. There have been no reports yet about what happened to the money invested into the fraudulent ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program.

By signing this petition, you are asking that Lowanda Kilby be prosecuted for the fraud she perpetuated at the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter. Fraud in any setting is a crime, but what’s even worse in this case is that Kilby’s lies led to the deaths of healthy, adoptable animals. Kilby even went as far as to lie to pet owners and donors, telling them that animals they had financially sponsored had found new homes when they had really been needlessly euthanized. Kilby’s actions are inexcusable, and she does not deserve to go unpunished.


Dear Governor Nathan Deal,

As you may or may not know, giving up a beloved pet can be a very heartbreaking experience. Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter’s ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty” program seemed like a great solution for pet owners who had to give up their pets, but wanted to find a way to ensure their former family members found loving new homes. For a fee of only $100, animal lovers were told they could sponsor a shelter pet’s care, cover the animal’s adoption fee, and guarantee that the cat or dog would be placed into a new home.

However, a recent undercover investigation revealed that the “Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program was a scam. Shelter director Lowanda Kilby had no issues with taking people’s donations, but fell sadly short when it came to upholding her part of the bargain. Animals who had been fully sponsored by their former owners or members of the public were commonly euthanized rather than receiving the new homes and care they were guaranteed. Kilby even went as far as to lie to donors, telling them that animals they had financially sponsored had found new homes when they had really been euthanized.

Please consider arresting and charging Lowanda Kilby and any other associated shelter workers who knowingly took part in this fraud. Fraud is a crime, but what’s even worse in this case is that Kilby’s lies led to the unnecessary deaths of healthy animals. Please also investigate what happened to the money that was invested into the fraudulent ‘Lucky Dog and Kitty’ program, and if possible return donations to the animal lovers who were greatly saddened when they discovered that animals they had paid to save had actually been killed.


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  1. No conscience, these people must be prosecuted for such horrendous acts.

  2. Peggy Clark says:

    Just to clarify. So she takes money and lies, and kills the pets on top of it, so she has broken 3 to four of the 10 commandments…. so judgment day is coming… why lie about it, people will still donate to try and help the pets…. just dont lie about why you take the money… bad!

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