Demand Apology from University that Sewed Kittens’ Eyelids Shut

Target: University of Cardiff President Sir Martin Evans

Goal: Apologize for a cruel experiment in which kittens had their eyes sewn shut

Comedian Ricky Gervais is leading the charge to condemn a publicly funded experiment in which the eyelids of kittens were sewn shut at the University of Cardiff.  Constituents are outraged at the unimaginably cruel premise for the University’s study which they claim conformed to humane standards for laboratory research.  Animal research is an outdated waste of money and innocent life.  The University of Cardiff owes the citizens of Britain an apology and an assurance that an experiment like this will never take place again.

The University conducted the study to find a cure for lazy eye in children and insists that its methodology was approved by both the University’s own ethical review board and the Home Office Animals in Science Regulation unit.  More than 30 kittens were used in the experiment, all of which had to be killed when the experiment was completed.  Five of them had their eyes sewn shut and 26 were raised in darkness for up to 12 weeks.  Advocates for the study claim that animal research is necessary for experiments such as this and that the kittens were treated humanely.  Others aren’t so convinced, including Gervais and Ingrid Newkirk of PETA who claims that such experiments hurt far more than they do good.  Another advocate for felines claims that the laws under the Home Office Animals in Science Regulation standards allow only for kittens to be used when no other animals can be found to be suitable.

We can only hope that animal research continues to become obsolete as new cruelty-free advancements make research more efficient and humane.  If the University of Cardiff refuses to give up animal research altogether, it must at least ensure that such brutal experiments never take place in its institution again, especially when public money is involved.  A serious review of both government and university standards is needed, along with an apology for the inhumane treatment of these animals.


Sir Martin Evans,

Revelations about a publicly funded study that involved the sewing of kittens’ eyelids shut that occurred at your university are shocking and outrageous.  Research scientists kept 26 kittens in darkness for up to 12 weeks and at the end of the experiment, all of the more than 30 cats were left dead.  The university claims that the research gained approval from the ethical review board and the government agency responsible for regulating the use of animals in laboratories.  And though questions linger around the legality concerning the use of kittens in this case, the fact is the university’s ethical review board failed monumentally if they did not halt such a blatantly cruel experiment like this.

People are angry that their tax dollars went to funding an operation like this.  And though the possibility of the University of Cardiff rejects animal testing altogether may unfortunately be less realistic than many of us would hope, the university has a responsibility and duty to the people of Britain to go above and beyond the minimal standards for animal welfare.  And just as we have failed the innocent cats who had to lose their lives in this experiment, the university has failed to respect the people of Britain who want at least a basic humane standard for animal testing.  Though we sincerely and respectfully ask that the university would condemn the outdated and brutal institution of animal testing altogether, you must at least apologize and ensure that an experiment like this never happens again.  The ethical review board should revise its standard to incorporate a respect for animal life that goes far beyond any conventional guidelines.  Please use your influence as president to make this a reality.


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  1. To think that my taxpayer dollars are going for these atrocities!!

  2. These experiments have been done millions of times for decades and there is no need to repeat them, except for the grant money to the experimenters and universities in the name of so called science.

  3. poor things just babies and already being tortured thank god that i wasn’t born a kitten.


  5. Daniela Bress says:

    Stop animal testing, at all! There’s no need for just one more – even not for medical purposes, 7 billion people are too much, it’s time for a natural selection of our species. We don’t have the right to claim for ourselves a long life while we take countless innocent creatures’ life!

  6. I agree stop animal testing, period. Don’t lie and say it saves lives, technology has advanced and animals are too different from humans anyway. They would never do those things to us. wrong wrong wrong and really who is the person that actually sews the babies eyes shut?? what a scumbag.

  7. They better stop animal testing period.

  8. Nicky Matthews says:

    no reason in the universe to do any cruel experiments-those that do are pathetic vile psychopaths -& one day they will experience the horror they put any animal threw-

  9. Psychopaths Clearly

  10. Krissoula Vincent says:

    Have them apologize are you kidding me??? I would NEVER even accept such an apology, nor would I expect we’d get one either. I will happily sign this petition as it is still in circulation after all this time. I can only HOPE it doesn’t simply go by the way-side. Hopefully it will be delivered to it’s rightful destination, & respectfully READ by the people we need targeted. And, instead of respectfully ask that the university condemn the outdated, & BRUTAL institution of animal testing altogether, I want to DEMAND that they STOP it altogether NOW!!! As in a full STOP!!! It should be more like an eye for an eye in re: of those SADISTIC GHOULS, who hide behind the guise of JUNK SCIENCE to perform their HEINOUS, CRUEL, & TORTUROUS FRANKENSTEIN EXPERIMENTS!!! Anyone who has an EVIL hand in such BARBARIC ABUSE causing such unimaginable SUFFERING to those poor, innocent little kittens, which by the way are/were sentient beings…are clearly the PSYCHOPATHS of society!!! And, to me they’re nothing but the very worst kind of REPULSIVE BASTARD’S!!! After all isn’t Britain considered to be a civilized country??? My husband is British, & is also thoroughly DISGUSTED…

  11. Deborah French says:

    Only monsters with weird brain patterns could be involved in any of these disgusting, barbaric experiments. I cannot stop shaking. This has sickened me. Fucking bastards. People are not going to put up with this. They will rise up and stop this shit by any means necessary. We have had enough.

  12. Annette. Astin says:

    I also agree. I’m suck of it also and won’t it stopped and now because the people that do this are beyond evil. They are COLD, MEAN,EVIL need to be killed also.

  13. Screw the apology wtf for.? Shut down the whole place. strip them of their credentials. Plaster their names all over news. any “student” who took part in it should get the same. and all should b castrated. quite enough human filth on the world. they dont deserve to breed

  14. Kimberley Lilith Jolie says:

    This is horribly cruel
    How can anyone do this
    It is barbaric

  15. Um, an apology is all we’re demanding? Really? Where is the justice?!

  16. Disgruntled citizen says:

    I was born with lazy eye. I had surgery in 1970 or so, to shorten a muscle in one eye, to make hem fuction, or appear to function together. I’ve functioned relatively well and can see out of both eyes. They cannot look exactly at the same thing. They work like Monovision, but my brain switches instantly, to which eye I need to use. This condition after surgery, did not affect my ability to read, see or learn. In my opinion, as a person with the affliction, these experiments were not needed at all!

    They could have used human patients with the affiction, and put a patch on their eye. I had to wear a patch over my good eye (one that didn’t have surgery), to strengthen the remaining muscle of the one that had surgery.

    If these surgical measures work since 1970, than the torture and death of these poor innocent kittens at the hands of demented humans, was NOT needed or justified!

    It’s a fact of life, humans are not perfect clones. Some will have crooked eyes, crooked teeth, freckles, moles, port wine birthmarks, and birth defects, as well as be blind, deaf, or have limited intellect, or memory, speech, and other disorders.


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