Justice for Horses and Farm Animals Allegedly Left to Starve

Target: Matthew Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney

Goal: Harshly punish couple who allegedly failed to care for animals, leaving them to starve and suffer, despite warnings.

Three malnourished horses, six chickens, and one potbellied pig were reportedly seized from a property in Pennsylvania because the owners had failed to provide necessary care for the animals. All of the animals were reportedly showing signs of weight loss, which the owners were unable to explain. SPCA Chief Humane Officer Nikki Thompson said one horse had lost so much weight that “its hips, ribs, and spine were clearly visible.”

There were a total of five horses on the property, but two of them had previously been relocated for rehabilitation due to problems that allegedly went unresolved by the owners. According to court documents, the owners didn’t provide the poor animals with necessary food, water, or veterinary care. The SPCA had begun receiving animal welfare complaints about the owners for months, so the owners were ordered to provide immediate veterinarian care. Unfortunately, a month later, the animals were still experiencing  inexplicable loss of weight. Bucks County SPCA Executive Director Linda Reider said that they’re optimistic that the animals will be able to make a full recovery, but “the road may be a long one.”

It’s sickening that despite warnings and follow-up visits from the SPCA, the owners still refused to do something for these innocent animals. They seem to have allowed them to continue suffering, when they could have released them into the custody of officials when the first horses were seized. People like this should not be allowed to own animals. Please sign this petition to demand that this couple be punished and banned from ever owning animals in the future.


Dear Mr. Weintraub,

Multiple horses, a pot-bellied pig, and chickens were reportedly seized from a property in your county when the owners failed to provide them with necessary nutrition and care. According to the SPCA, one horse’s health declined so badly that its ribs, spine, and hips were clearly visible.

Some of the horses had already been taken from the owners and sent for rehabilitation months before the rest were seized. Instead of feeding the animals or choosing to release them into the custody of authorities, the allegedly allowed them to continue suffering. We, the undersigned, demand that this couple be punished and permanently banned from owning animals in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: BLM Nevada

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  1. Rubens Jean-louis says:


  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    Starve this stupid couple for the rest of their lives! Make it worse put them i to a prison and let them watch other inmates eat while they are not allowed to eat or drink anything!!!!

  3. Stupid rotten monsters. They deserve the same treatment. Let them starve to death. And WHY weren’t the animals removed earlier if there were already several complaints? Somebody is not doing their job correctly.

  4. The attached picture looks like it was taken from a mustang round up, that green plastic fence barrier is same material you often see there, would love to know if this picture is really one of the rescued horses!?!

  5. Carol Green says:

    I don’t know why, with after several complaints were made and 2 horses previously moved by officials, it took another 4 weeks for the authorities to make a welfare check to see if the owners were in compliance. When the authorities deem it necessary, for the animals’ sake, to remove any animal in trouble, all animals should immediately be removed from a property. Or at the very least, give the owners a time limit of 48 hours to comply and be ready on hour 49 to remove all the animals.


  6. It clearly shows that administration accepting complaints, and fail to act, are incompetent and should be fired immediately.
    The abusers: 20 years hard labor!


  8. lynn woods says:

    may these horrible so called human beings be punished for what they did to these innocent animals why weren’t the rest of these animals seized why were they left to this torture your system sucks put these animal abusers away for a long time in fact starve them for a while see how they like it and make sure they never have another animal put them in jail with animal lovers

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the pricks rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  10. Laura Austin says:

    We The People.. demand maximum penalty for this type of abuse. These helpless animals rely on Judges to give these people the sentencing that they deserve as a lesson it’s not acceptable under any circumstances in our society. There’s no reason what’s so ever them harming any animal in such a way as they displayed. It’s pure hell the way these animals have to suffer needlessly and relied on humans to take care of them instead.

  11. Judith Weber says:

    This IS inhumane, cruel, barbaric and disrespectful. These people need to be sited for this inhumane and disrespectful behavior toward living creatures and have the suffering animal removed and housed at THEIR expense until the horse (or dog or cat) is found a suitable humane home or shelter, NEVER TO BE EUTHANIZED. These persons need pay for the animal’s care, just the same and a license is required. Just do it! Society will be better for it. Children and families will treat each other better when they see that society and authority cares and respects lives. These people known to commit this heinous act need to be prosecuted, punished, embarrassed and never allowed to own animals again in life. Their faces and names need to be on Television, in newspapers, magazines and all social media. Furthermore, these continuous examples violence toward defenseless animals pets or otherwise needs to be a focus of an international ANIMAL ABUSE WEBSITE. These people must be identified just like pedophiles, child abusers, and rapists. NEVER EVER IS THIS BEHAVIOR TO BE TOLERATED IN THIS WORLD. There is enough terrorism, senseless violence, and war.

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