Ask USDA to Keep Milk in School Lunches

Target: Food and Nutrition Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Keep milk in the National School Lunch Program

A non-profit group of physicians has demanded that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ban milk from school lunches. They believe that the calcium in milk has no effect on children’s bones, positive or negative, and that the fat content in milk is contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic. The group wants to replace milk with more greens, which they claim have more calcium for children.

However, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a notoriously vegan organization, that sells a vegan diet program from its website. Milk, as a product from dairy cows, does not meet vegan requirements, so it’s no surprise that the PCRM wants milk banned from the National School Lunch Program, headed by the USDA.

Milk contains not only calcium, but Vitamin D, which kids don’t get enough of already, due to the increased use of sunscreen which blocks natural vitamin D from the sun. Milk also contains what is known as good fat, or naturally-occurring fats that provide energy and help build and maintain the body’s cells. Even if schools chose to serve the National School Lunch Program’s recommended one cup of fat-free or low-fat milk at breakfast and lunch, the lower the fat content of the milk, the better chance a kid’s body has at absorbing the calcium. Middle school-aged girls are already at a risk of not getting enough calcium, and milk is by far healthier than sugary juices and sodas.

Sign the petition below and ask the USDA to not give in to PCRM’s demands to ban milk from the National School Lunch Program. Milk is still healthy for kids, no matter what, and provides a lot of health benefits to children they wouldn’t otherwise get from other drinks. While greens are good for kids as well, both milk and greens can be provided—schools should not have to choose between the two.


Dear Food and Nutrition Services,

Milk still provides vital nutrients and health benefits to our vitamin D-deficient and calcium-deficient kids. While there are several green vegetables available that provide these sources of calcium and vitamin D, there is still no need to remove milk from the National School Lunch Program.

Please do not give in to the demands of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a vegan organization that would prefer not to have any animal-related foods in children’s lunches. Milk is better for children than the alternative of sugary juices and sodas, and even if it contains fat, the fat is still useful to children, providing energy and cell maintenance for their bodies.

I am asking you to continue to keep milk in the National School Lunch Program, and give kids a chance at getting the calcium and vitamin D they need, as well as avoid the sugary drinks that contribute to childhood obesity.


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  1. Only organic milk should be served to people because the GM/poisoned variety of milk, currently in Americas’ food supply, is full of toxins, chemicals, and a whole collection of poisons that nature never intended. Plus, cows’ milk is created for baby calves who NEED the hormones and natural antibiotics made just for them, not for humans! Do humans REALLY need to be protected from Hoof-and-Mouth disease? Calves do. Just one example. Plus, rice milk, soy milk, etc., all taste better and don’t have all the hazards of cows’ milk!

  2. Jenna Miles says:

    Actually, milk can lead to osteoporosis, ironically this is the drug that it claims to prevent. Studies have shown that it is perfectly healthy, even healthier, for people on all life stages to become vegans, even children, and pregnant and nursing women. The dairy industry is also extremely cruel to animals, and environmentally damaging. You know veal? That industry where baby calves are chained up in tiny stalls too small too move and intentionally kept iron deficient? Where do you think those calves come from? Dairy farms. The unwanted male calves are either killed outright or sent to veal. There is veal in ever glass of milk. Cows are extremely intelligent animals, capable of complex problem solving and have good long-term memories. They form strong bonds between family members, which makes it extremely traumatizing when their calves are ripped away from them at birth so humans can steal the milk meant for them. Milk is an unnatural product for humans. We were not designed to drink milk beyond infancy, let alone the breast milk of another species. Why don’t you just drink cat or dog milk? Same thing.
    The dairy industry also involves branding, dehorning and tail docking and even castration all without anesthesia. This is completely legal, as farm animals are exempted from pretty much all anti cruelty laws. Organic is no better. Mothers and babies are still separated, and a sick animal may even be denied medicine.
    I should also mention that milk commonly contains pus and urine.

  3. were too old to drink any milk except vegan plant protein juices and water.

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