Tea Party Leader Believes All Muslims Are a ‘Threat’ to America

Target: Founder and Chairman of the Original Phoenix Tea Party Wes Harris

Goal: Protest Harris’ ignorant and intolerant words about the Muslim community

“Have you ever read the Quran? I suggest you do so, because anyone that is a Muslim is a threat to this country, and that’s a fact.”

These are the words of Wes Harris, founder and chairman of the Original Phoenix Tea Party in the state of Arizona. It seems impossible that such ignorant, intolerant rhetoric is being thrown around in this manner. But in an interview with the Arizona Capital Times, Harris seems to have no problem perpetuating intolerant language and spreading false accusations against a Muslim woman, and the Muslim community at large. As fellow human beings, we should be offended by these words.

The Muslim woman, Huma Abedin, works with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was groundlessly accused of having ties to extremist group the Muslim Brotherhood. In her defense, Sen. John McCain spoke out, calling these accusations against Abedin, “nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable woman, a dedicated American and a loyal public servant.” McCain continued, “These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis, and no merit. And they need to stop now.”

While Sen. McCain’s defense of Huma was an honorable move, it struck a chord with Wes Harris, who has set plans in motion to remove Sen. McCain from his seat on the Senate. According to the Arizona Capital Times, Harris plans to launch recall petitions against Sen. McCain. In reaction to McCain’s words, Harris said, “We must find a way to get rid of this embarrassment.”

In more hateful commentary, Harris told the Arizona Capital Times, “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. If they are Muslim they have to follow the Quran. That’s their religion and that’s their doctrine.” Harris went on to contest that Muslims should not be allowed to work for the government or State Department. About Abedin, Harris went on to say,“Is she a Muslim? Is she an active Muslim? I rest my case. That’s all she needs to be.”

It is inflammatory remarks like Harris’ that are alienating the Muslim population in America. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy—an organization that opposes Islamic extremists—says Harris’ comments are “misguided, ignorant and dangerous.” Jasser explained that there is no fundamental conflict between Islamic values and American values, and there is a difference between being a religious Muslim and being a political Islamic extremist. “A Muslim is anybody that follows and adheres to the faith of Islam. An Islamist is a supremacist that believes the state should be guided by a particular interpretation of Islam.” To confuse being a Muslim with being an Islamist—as Harris did—Jaffer called an “extremely dangerous” mistake.

Wes Harris must be held accountable for his inaccurate, hate-ridden comments. There is no room for such bullying and chest-thumping. Sign below to convey to Harris how isolated he is in his ignorant opinions and to protest his ill-conceived plans.


Dear Wes Harris,

Your recent comments to the Arizona Capital Times regarding Huma Abedin and the Muslim community are deeply offensive and demonstrate a lack of understanding about the Muslim faith and beliefs.

When you stated, “anyone that is a Muslim is a threat to this country, and that’s a fact,” it showed your ignorance about the basic principles of the Islam faith, and that you do not understand the difference between the Muslim—the religious follower—and the Islamist—the political extremist. They are not one in the same as you have failed to recognize.

According to Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, “A Muslim is anybody that follows and adheres to the faith of Islam. An Islamist is a supremacist that believes the state should be guided by a particular interpretation of Islam.” In essence, Muslim ideals and values are not inherently at odds with American ideals and values.

In addition to these hateful comments about the Muslim community at large, you have aided in perpetuating false accusations against Huma Abedin. Before you make any baseless attacks against others, it would be in both your and their best interest to first check the facts.


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  1. Your ignorance breeds hate, and there is no room for your leadership here in the U.S. We can not afford to have a leader sowing the seeds of hate, as we begin to unfold and grow into the only World Leader.

  2. That has been said about the blacks, the Mexicans, the Jews, the homosexuals. Who is it going to be next?

  3. Mabolsa Ritchie says:

    Here we go again. What is wrong with these petition site run by so called do-gooders who have no clue at all. I would say I probably have very little, if anything in common with the Tea Party folks, but in this case, this guy is spot on. The introduction here claims that the accusation of Huma Abedin having ties with the muslim brotherhood are groundless, but this is simply not the case. It is a fact that several members of her immediate family are very much invpolved with the muslims brotherhood whom obama is helping to overthrow the US.

    People, do your homework. DON’T SIGN THIS PETITION!!! This guy is right. EVERY muslim in EVERY non-muslim country is a threat to the saftey of that country. The koran demands that all muslims are violent towards all non muslims and that all muslims must work towards world domination and the eradication of all other religions.

  4. Islam has declared -jihad on all infidels-in all countries if you have read the -Quaran and the Laws of sharia and still think you should sign the petition -do so,this is not just a -religion it is a political ideology hiding behind the -skirts of -religion -Huma Abedin does have family who are involved in the muslim brotherhood-please read the Quaran and the Laws of sharia and form your own opinion-neither Islam or it’s converts -muslims -are a race of people.=please -no accusations of -rascism .

    • There was never – ever – any problem with Islam until the United States went too far with its plundering of the mineral wealth of Middle-East countries. When the criticism of others becomes just a little too strained and bitter, we know that the one accusing is really the one doing wrong. You cannot really complain of any kind of blowback when the CIA and special forces are rampaging across the world and subverting other nations for private profit. They have the right to defend themselves.

      Hardly anyone outside Islam knows anything other than the media propaganda definition of “Jihad”. It actually means this: “Jihad: A ‘holy war’ meant to be fought within oneself to refrain from committing sin and to better oneself. In Arabic, it translates as as ‘strive’ or ‘struggle’.” Strikes me as something a lot of Christians need to look at hard and long.

      Oh, by the way, I am not myself a Muslim. Just someone who values the virtue of living with the truth, and finding out for myself.

  5. Mabolsa Ritchie says:

    But Valhala, if you take away the apologist for islam’s right to cry “racism”, despite it being a false claim, you leave them nothing to argue with. Is that really fair? 😉

    Waken up folks. Time to push islam back to the deserts it came from.

  6. Mabolsa Ritchie says:

    @ Brian W

    This is a bunch of tripe. There was never ever a problem with islam? Really??? There have been over 270million people slaughtered in the name of islam over the 14 centuries that this evil idology has existed. That’s not a problem?

    What you’re telling us is that you now nothing of the hidden history or the lies and cover-ups to keep the truth from the general public. The reason we see so much trouble with islam now, is not because we in the west are interfering with their barbaric way of life, it’s because they now have the money.

    If you knew anything about islam, you’d at least know that since it was invented by that lying, theiving, murdering, raping, paedophile mo, it has seen the world as divided between dar al islam and dar al harb. dar al islam is the land of islam, places where islam dominates entirely, and dar al harb is the land of war, places where islam is not dominant yet.

    The goal of muslims is to impose islam and sharia law on all people across the globe through violence. This would be the case whether there was any interference in their lands or not. It is their mindset. It’s what their religion tells them to believe and to strive for. muslims have acheived nothing ever. They bring nothing to the world but violence and hatred. They have nothing at all to offer the rest of us. They would be no threat to us still, if the morons who run the oil companies and, our greedy politicians hadn’t given these retards money from the oil under their lands. With that money, they wage war against us and people like you are taken in by the lies which help them to infiltrate the west.

    They declared war on ALL non muslims 14 centuries ago. They are at war with us right now, but you and people like you haven’t realised it yet. You prefer to imagine that they are wonderful people and it’s us who are to blame. Do some research on islam to find out the truth, rather than playing your part in jihad, which is not just about personal struggle, it’s also about violent action against non muslims. These are the facts. The ‘interference of the west’ is just a convenient excuse to hide the truth. Don’t be taken in by the lies – which by the way are also a part of islam – taqiyya, they call it. Lying to non muslims for the benefit of islam.

    It’s a thoroughly evil, hatefilled, violent, backward, intolerant ideology. It’s time to recognise that and deal with it accordingly.

  7. Extremists, who thrive on conflict; who do not tolerate diversity; who seek power through division and destruction. The global system they hope to create is one of new walls and new isolation, and radically smaller horizons. It is an anti-democratic, anti-economic-growth, and anti-progress agenda.

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