U.S. Senate: Reject Cuts to Renewable Energy Programs

Target: Thad Cochran, Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee

Goal: Block severe cuts to energy efficiency and innovation programs passed by the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives has passed a crippling budget cut for programs supporting renewable energy development. If approved by the Senate, the measures would impose a 45 percent overall funding reduction for research, innovation, efficiency and regulatory efforts. This represents potential realization of a Trump Administration desire to shift the United States away from clean energy.

Under the House bill, funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would fall from $2 billion to just over $1 billion. A reduction of that magnitude would imperil research programs that have been critical to the evolution of solar panels, electric car batteries and LED lighting. Numerous clean energy infrastructure projects, such as the Cape Wind off-shore wind farm, are in danger of cancellation without continued government support.

Senate Republicans have demonstrated a willingness to serve as a check against the Trump agenda. Please sign the below petition urging their membership to push back against severe cuts to renewable energy programs.


Dear Senator Cochran,

I am writing to urge that you advocate against the steep cuts to clean energy programs contained in the “Making America Secure Again Act” recently passed by the House. This measure would imperil research programs that have produced critical advances in solar panels, electric car batteries and LED lighting. It would also further withdraw the United States from a surging renewable energy sector, which already employs far more Americans than coal, oil and natural gas combined.

You and your fellow Senate Republicans have demonstrated a willingness to push back against the Trump agenda regarding healthcare and sanctions on Russia. Please continue protecting American interests by preserving funding for renewable energy.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    And here’s another instance of das fuhrer destroying the country.

    Trump and the republiCONs are raping and pillaging this country for entirely for their own enrichment at the expense of our wildlife, natural resources, and citizenry.

    Who is Trump paying off? Who is getting paid off? to undermine every step forward we made into protecting this planet before that con artist took office?

  2. Senators Perdue and Isakson, And any other Senators this petition goes to!

    Our protection of the stability of our ECOSYSTEM comes first. Before any other thing. Like with life, taking preventative pro active care of one’s body comes first….without that care, everything else is harder and more costly.

    There is NO thing on youre schedule than this. There is NO loyalty and purpose more noble than this one. There is NO economic concern more concerning than the prevention of the costs of disaster, drought, fisheries weakening, ocean abd Great Lakes warmng and acidification, coral death, shellfish shell thinning due to the acidification of oceans from Carbonized rain from atmospheric CO2….same thing that makes caves…aquifer poisoning, aquifer depletion due to over dependence upon irrigation, agricultural and shoreline real estate value decrease, the costs of building water breaks, seawalls in Miami, Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk, the all our beach towns, and low country cities…Historical places and tourist economies, many of these – Martha’s Vinyard, Jersey Beach, Economically gigantic cities – MANHATTAN, Costly residential areas – Long Island, …it is a long list.
    Humanity has never confronted such a responsibility — and it is a Response- Ability. Because science that I have read over the past 15 years clearly spells out that ‘WE HAVE THE MEANS ALREADY…WHAT WE LACK IS THE POLITICAL WILL.”

    Senators, really, do you really think you know more about our ecosystem than those who daily study it? Really, do you really disbelieve the science that tells us we are warming? If you can’t feel it where you live, that is because over 90% of the excess, new heat is absorbed in ocean. I say – if you are not fairly literate about the sciences that impact mankind, the settlements we have organized, so many on oceans or seas or major rivers (London, Venice, the West Bank, Marseilles, the Greek island of Crete, home of the Minoans, Copenhagen, Normandy….places you’ve visited touring Europe. MIGRATIONS. What do we think is driving the migrations of Syrians, that is so upsetting , putting us into conflict among ourselves about what to do? Tribal conflict and war ..over what? Do we not think and know that dried up lands are a huge driver of migrations, have been in all of history.

    Postponement is already too costly.

    It is on our heads …it will be our mark on history.. what we do and what we postpone.

    You do know that billions have been spent misinforming the public….EXXON, the CLEAN COAL thrust….The science on climate and emissions , Atmospheric C02 and acidification of rain. — this stuff dates from the 50’s and further back than that. Records acq uired from these industries that document THEIR knowledge …Only recently published – but — duh— anyone thinking about it knows they have known long before the general public got wind of emissions/warming connection.

    Do you really doubt this body of evidence and its demonstration of causality? Science 101 tells you that correlation is not prove of causality. Right. But – when science cannot feasibly freeze variability of all the variables except the ones under study — science turns to statistics applied to reams and reams and reams of data from a great variety of studies….asking if the findings converge on a conclusion — is there ‘convergent evidence’ of causality –?
    or not. And the statistical testing of the likelihood of these findings occurring just by chance? That is tested by probability testing methods. VERY methodical, this. And these methods, these ‘predictive models” and their statistical likelihood of being predictive by chance…these methods are of the same methodology used in , well, political science, insurance, all market research, financial predictions and Wall ST., business admin research, a great deal of medical research — epidemiology, for instance, all the social sciences, advertising, and more. America’s great corporations that want America do do Everything by means of ‘free market’ ideal — these Corporate giants and investors – the Koch Brothers – pay attention to this methodology too. and they understand it. But they don’t want the electorate to …so they fund misinformation campaigns. To sew doubt of the necessity of taking action and fear that Big Government will be Communist and ruin America.

    This whole thing is a Greek tragedy on steroids.

    PLEASE, oif you care about anything, if you have any ethical sense, Adamantly oppose any legislation that ini any way weakens regulations that protect the stability of the ecosystem in which we are so fully embedded for millions of generations, while world powers rose and fell, the Great Garden of our planet has so far remained largely predictable. Until now we treat it as acceptable or negligible collateral damage. Oh, acceptable it is not.

  3. Cuts = stifling creativity to generate viable products, and independence of money-grabbing corporations!

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