Justice for Hundreds of Cats Found Dead Inside Barrels

Target: Vikki Bair, Crown Attorney of Ottawa, Ontario

Goal: Whoever is responsible for the barrels full of dead cats must be found and banned from ever owning animals in the future.

Dozens of cats were reportedly found dead inside of a home just a week after a news channel had showed them roaming the residence. Ten barrels, each containing 40-60 dead cats, have been found so far, and volunteers have reportedly filled two trash bags full of the poor cats’ carcasses, along with over 70 live cats and kittens. Volunteers have been at the house for days just trying to trap the live cats, then take them for veterinarian care, and then to foster homes.

According to the Ontario SPCA, there’s a potential that the people responsible could face charges, but the investigation has been “difficult because many volunteers are removing the cats from the property and taking them to get care before investigators can assess them.” It seems that whoever is responsible for this was killing the poor cats and stuffing their bodies in barrels like garbage, which is cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent cats be given the justice they deserve.


Dear Ms. Bair,

Animal volunteers have reportedly rescued over 70 cats from a single residence. According to outlets, they’ve also found 10 barrels of dead cat carcasses, each containing between 40-60 bodies. In addition to the disturbing barrels full of dead cats, they also say they’ve already filled two garbage bags with dead cats. The live cats are being trapped and sent for veterinarian care.

Whoever is responsible for this disturbing cruelty is clearly a danger to cats. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to make sure that these cats are given justice. Please see to it that the people responsible for the numerous deaths and suffering of innocent cats are banned from owning animals for the rest of their lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cameron Daigle

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  1. Doris Khong says:

    This serves as a GENTLE REMINDER for HUMANS to BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD!!! Always REMEMBER that GOD IS WATCHING and that KARMA does exist as What Goes Around Comes Around!!! Blessings to ALL THOSE KIND SOULS who are ALWAYS there to SUPPORT and to VOICE for all the voiceless, helpless ANIMALS that were created for us to respect, to love, to care and to protect them and NOT otherwise!!! What’s WRONG with “HUMANS” these days???!!! WHY can’t VOICELESS living beings be left alone to live PEACEFULLY???!!! Its always the “HUMANS” that DESTROY the BEAUTIFUL gifts created and please be REMINDED that “HUMANS” are ONE of His creations too!!! Be GRATEFUL and count YOUR blessings that you are still ALIVE to see this beautiful WORLD with beautiful creatures LIVING in it!!! Live with LOVE in your heart for EVERY living being and the WORLD will be a BETTER & PEACEFUL place to live in!!!

  2. Doris Khong says:

    WHO created ALL living beings???!!! Among the LIVING beings, WHO are the FORTUNATE living beings???!!! Do you count YOUR BLESSINGS by being GRATEFUL???!!! Creator created creatures including 2-legged living beings for us to LOVE one another including 4-legged living beings and NOT otherwise!!! Only Creator has the right to determine one’s life span including the lives of animals, therefore, NO human being has that right thus please BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD to ALL fellow living beings!!! Always remember that our Almighty Creator is WATCHING and please be MINDFUL that you have to PAY for every karma created for your EVIL doings!!! WHY would intelligent HUMAN beings choose to create KARMAs???!!! Be WISE and live MEANINGFULLY!!!   

  3. Nooshin Perla says:

    What the…… they have all the dead cats and some alive in that MF home, but they can not prosecute them??????? Are you people kidding?? These losers have NO rights they should be punished to the extreme. NO MERCY!

  4. I cannot believe this bull these people need to be found and punished and pay for what they did these people killed tons of cats took their poor lives I don’t even want to know how they killed them this is beyond sick they are evil demented people I am so sick of people hurting cats and dogs I would never let anyone get away with this these adorable cats need justice and to wake people up that this can’t continue I can’t stop crying God sees and they will get theirs but we can’t sit back and do nothing cause it will never stop

  5. The cat in the picture on top of the pile looks like its alive. Look at its eyes.

    • and that means what? Are you saying one kitten not dead yet on a pile of perhaps dead kittens is …….what? Means nothing! Try standing up for those less forturnate than you. Trying taking a positive stance to protect innocent creatures .

  6. Susan Fong says:

    The sickos who did this must be prosecuted for felony animal abuse for every cat they tortured and killed. They deserve MAXIMUM sentences including jail and fines.

  7. You are, these people, the biggest filthy scum of the earth
    You should be liquidated by this planet
    this mass murder of animals is inexcusable
    you are the life not worth

  8. You are the biggest filthy scum of the earth
    You should be liquidated by this planet
    this mass murder of animals is inexcusable
    you are the life not worth
    god will curse you
    cutting this damned son of a bitch’s head off
    This devil deserves no life

  9. PATRICIA KatWrangler WELCH says:

    Cruelty !?! Banned from ever owning animals again !?!

    10 barrels, each containing 50 cats (splitting the difference between 40 to 60), equals 500 cats, more or less. This is not just abuse. This is disturbing beyond words. Where did these cats come from? Were there reports of missing pets? This needs to be investigated further. And taken seriously.

    To Vikki Bair, Crown Attorney of Ottawa, Ontario : this is a very dangerous person, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. These were NOT “just cats”. Try to imagine the suffering they endured when you make your case. Do the right thing.

  10. Linda Ballentine says:

    Put these DEVILS in jail for life in Gods name please they suffered greatly garbanage people⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️?????????☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️??????

  11. psychotic, demented emotionally disturbed individual Does no one see what is going on?? The cops and authorities are asking for this killer to come get us. The atrocities to these beautiful innocent animals is beyond heart breaking. The magnitude, emence magnitude, is unbelievable. Someone find this perverted empty husk of flesh and kill him. I am sorry, these mental patients can not be rehabilitated, will only escalate in their depravity and jailing these “ppl” will cost the tax payers for appeals and food, drugs.
    I am sick. Too many guilty parties.

  12. tina roberts says:

    If you dont hunt down ank kill the guilty people then i hope you idiots in charge are cursed with a fate worse than the cats. Nit only do these ppl need to stop breathing. Every single living relative needs sterilized.

  13. Nooshin Perla says:

    Would some one PLEASE let us know sick MF who killed those wonderful loving cats. Did they get punished and hopefully dead now! The only answer that is executable is YES!!!!!!!!!

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