Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea

Target: Seon-Bong Hwang, Mayor of Yesan, South Korea

Goal: Shut down dog meat farms in South Korea.

Over 100 dogs and puppies were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where they were forced to live in disgusting conditions. Locked in cramped cages, wallowing in their own waste, their feet swollen, dogs kept on this farm are made to suffer before their eventual slaughter.

The slaughter of dogs for their meat is barbaric enough, but the extent of their pain and suffering before they meet their fate adds a new layer of horror to the dog meat industry. Dog meat farms are less common in Korea as of late, but several still do exist, and far too many dogs are forced to live in their deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed and sold as food.

According to reports, the farm in rural Yesan that the dogs were rescued from has said they will be transitioning from dog meat to crops. But one farm stopping the production of dog meat is only a small part of the solution. These farms need to be completely shut down to better the chances of slowing and eventually halting the dog meat trade. Sign this petition to demand South Korea shut down any remaining dog meat farms that continue to operate.


Dear Mayor Seon-Bong Hwang,

Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm under your jurisdiction. While this farm reportedly claims to be transitioning to crops, there still exist such farms where dogs are kept in deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed. No dogs deserve to live in such conditions to begin with, and to have them suffer in isolation, wallowing in their own waste as they await the butcher knife is beyond inhumane.

You must see to it that this farm not only keeps its word and transitions from dog meat to crops, but that other dog meat farms are shut down as soon as possible. The dog meat trade is cruel and inhumane, and the sooner it comes to a halt, the better.


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Photo Credit: Thailand-Vietnam Animal Crime

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  1. Margaret Melnick says:

    The only way to truly stop these cruel unfeeling people is if Governments around the world get on board. Refuse to import or export with these Countries. Cut off their cash from other Countries and see how fast their Government will end this sick cruel practice.

    • Absolutely – will Trump (USA) or May (UK) Listen. Does anyone in government care about these poor sad dogs THIS MUST STOP

      • You can bet Trump
        WILL DO NOTHING at all to help ANY ANIMAL ANYWHERE!! He has no heart for animals. Hopefully the rest of the caring world will step forward to help! These disgusting killings have been going on FAR TOO LONG!! My heart breaks every time I read about them. Outrageous!! ?

        • The reality is all presidents prior to TRUMP have failed and closed a blind to this barbaric torture of dogs and cats the other animals in countries I take part in this. I live in Canada and look how barbaric Canada is Mr. Trudeau is still allowing the slaughter of horses and the slaughter of seals completely disgusting. All I can hope for is Trump to make a difference and help stop these barbaric monsters from torturing animals.

        • yeah he wants to kill wild horses and allows trophy hunting so there’s no use talking to that one

  2. simon hooper says:

    I would love to torture these 3rd world revolting cunts


  4. How the hell can anyone with a heart look at those innocent animals suffering and being tortured and think it is alright to do that to them. This senseless act of abuse needs to be STOPPED immediately!

  5. Ruth Tranquillo says:

    They are a bunch of sick morons!!! BAD KARMA WILL GET ALL OF THEM!!!!

    What kind of country allows this abuse?


  6. Shutting these Grusome Balberic Haneous locations is Success.Fir me personally I will never feel right “UNTILL” the MFRS are killed themselfes they have killed many! I can never fully get over this ACT! I wish some sicko would boil n Skin the MFRS who did the killings of these poor animals who were inflicted with un-imaginable bloody terror n pain.If this were to happen would be some consolation as well as Shut down Permantly! God is taking them to Hell but unfortunately they won’t be skinned alive first but the fire will make up for the boiling alive they linflicted on these cats n DOGS!


  8. Alice Knight says:

    This meat trade is totally unacceptable in todays world.
    We don’t need to slaughter dogs to add to the already meat consumption. I cannot fathom why this type of meat trade exists and has not been halted by governments. Are these places so backward they progress into the century? The cruelty placed upon theses innocent dogs is unforgiving. The picture above showing the dogs in cages, makes me so saddened by this barbaric and inhumane practice. Please stop this horrific way of obtaining another food source.

  9. Conni Pedersen says:

    we should do the same things to the people’s who doing this crimes. lock them in to casses. torturing them and killed them.stick them with knives.I think they will like that .so kill the people instead.

  10. These are backward people in a backward country ,as one of the other people commented stop trading with them and force thier governments to act, China is as bad if they want to be part of and trade with the rest of the world they need to start to get civilised.

  11. You are spitting into the Face of God!
    May God show no mercy on all abusers! Damn them all!

  12. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Margaret Melnick has got the right idea, but it is unlikely that governments anywhere will do anything because it’s “right.” Meanwhile, it would strengthen our position in the civilized West if we didn’t eat pigs (smarter than dogs), cows, sheep, birds, horses, etc. We are in a position of weakness in condemning their crime against dogs when we commit crimes against beings equally capable of suffereing.

  13. You are the biggest filthy scum of the earth
    You should be liquidated by this planet
    this mass murder of animals is inexcusable
    you are the life not worth

  14. The leader in this country should shoot whoever committed this sick behavior. Dogs/cats are not for human consumption!!

  15. pierre chantelauze says:

    I can’t stand this unspeakable suffering and the pictures any more . Everything is satanic , the manners , the faces ,the trucks , the distress of voiceless creatures .

  16. I agree with the first comment. The only way to stop this horrific trade is to hurt the Asian countries in their pockets. If they continue to induce this torture on animals perhaps we could induce poverty to them by boycotting all products including foods imported from Asia. These are not human beings inflicting pain but barbaric savages with no mentality. I have been Boycotting China products for a couple of years now and many of my customers are now doing the same. Buddah will cry until then and Karma will get them.

  17. Selena Brooks says:

    This sick country never stops!

  18. Ugh, it’s so hard to see and hear about! How can someone eat a dog or cat and/or your other furry friends??
    Such cruel conditions!!!

  19. Nooshin Perla says:

    HATE these no good heartless evil who call them self humans!!!!!!!!! No wonder they get all those natures disasters. it can’t happen to the better place! All animals are our companion specially cats and dogs, and these A.H. LOSERS killing them to stuff their damn stomach. Burn in hell!!

  20. jennifer taylor says:

    We need to unite together internationally and exterminate every one of these vile dog murdering ugly slant eye asian filth-bags ensuring a slow and painful death.

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