Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea

Target: Seon-Bong Hwang, Mayor of Yesan, South Korea

Goal: Shut down dog meat farms in South Korea.

Over 100 dogs and puppies were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where they were forced to live in disgusting conditions. Locked in cramped cages, wallowing in their own waste, their feet swollen, dogs kept on this farm are made to suffer before their eventual slaughter.

The slaughter of dogs for their meat is barbaric enough, but the extent of their pain and suffering before they meet their fate adds a new layer of horror to the dog meat industry. Dog meat farms are less common in Korea as of late, but several still do exist, and far too many dogs are forced to live in their deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed and sold as food.

According to reports, the farm in rural Yesan that the dogs were rescued from has said they will be transitioning from dog meat to crops. But one farm stopping the production of dog meat is only a small part of the solution. These farms need to be completely shut down to better the chances of slowing and eventually halting the dog meat trade. Sign this petition to demand South Korea shut down any remaining dog meat farms that continue to operate.


Dear Mayor Seon-Bong Hwang,

Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm under your jurisdiction. While this farm reportedly claims to be transitioning to crops, there still exist such farms where dogs are kept in deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed. No dogs deserve to live in such conditions to begin with, and to have them suffer in isolation, wallowing in their own waste as they await the butcher knife is beyond inhumane.

You must see to it that this farm not only keeps its word and transitions from dog meat to crops, but that other dog meat farms are shut down as soon as possible. The dog meat trade is cruel and inhumane, and the sooner it comes to a halt, the better.


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Photo Credit: Thailand-Vietnam Animal Crime

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  1. The fact that they eat these poor little, defenseless animals is bad enough, but to put them thru such horror, pain is absolutely sadistic, barbaric and heartless. I believe they like torturing these animals and they find enjoyment in it, which is pure evil and is the Devils hands at work. And if someone tells me well they are poor and need to eat… being poor does not make you sadistic and barbaric. I have been vegetarian for 12 years and have decided not to eat the body of any animal.

    • These “people” are wicked and evil and I sincerely hope an earthquake or something wipes them all off the face of the earth. This made me sob for hours I WANT THESE HORRID SCUMBAGS TO SUFFER AND DIE. I’m a veggie too, everybody should consider this

    • Well said, Anna! Good for you for choosing not to eat meat! Thanks!

  2. This needs to stop there is no need for innocent animals to be killed please help stop this

  3. Elaine Milbourn says:

    What sort of people can treat dogs or any other animal in this way, certainly not civilised people. This is way beyond the bounds of decency and those involved can only be regarded as savage sub humans. It is long past time that this vicious cruelty was ended.


    This is just sick..these people are twisted pieces of shit..Dogs were not put on this earth as a meal..if they do this to dogs? What other horrific crimes have they committed? This needs to stop..and anyone found continuing it, should be put to death..

  5. Heather Brophy says:


  6. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    The pictures I’ve seen of the torture and cruelty these poor animals endure can’t be erased from my mind. In this day and age, it’s incredible that people can be so barbaric and heartless. It’s even painful and heart breaking to think about what those people do.

  7. Sherry Young says:

    I HATE South Korea, China and any country that eats their dogs/cats….nothing but a bunch of EVIL HEARTLESS GODLESS human animals that can abuse then cook alive INNOCENT dogs and cats…..wish those kind of people and countries didn’t exist in this world…..NEED TO PUT A STOP OF THIS PURE EVIL NOW!!!!!!

  8. Lyn treds says:

    Of course theses bunch of fooks deserve to be strung up! And worse..and yeah I was part of the bomb them to hell and back..still am at times And I hope they rot in hell..but in the long run it doesn’t help the animals ..and them in charge won’t give an monkeys arse about the many,many petitions I have/ will sign.I grew up in good underprivileged uk..and I am an vegan..but older and wiser i see that I can help the ones whom can actually go out and stop this horrific barbaric in these God forsaken countries God knows they are enough out there..this is what I was saying

  9. Sugandha N. says:

    WE must end thr abuse of all animals of any kind… Stop factory farming, wearing leather, animal experimentation and etc…

  10. yeah, bomb the dgfckrs into hell where they belong.

  11. You kill these dogs out of superstitious nonsense. .they do not add virility to the body..maybe rabies but nothing good..stop this barbaric festival at once!! Your country is tarnished because of this !!

  12. This is so barbaric and horrific. This along with all other cruelty to animals – worldwide – needs to stop.
    So glad that some of these poor dogs were rescued. I hope they all are soon.

  13. Jaime Perez says:

    This practice is so sickening and disgusting. Why do they have to be so cruel and inhumane to the innocent dogs and cats?! Those who eat dogs should be stricken with a horrible disease!

  14. Patricia James says:

    Seriously, Isn’t it about time this stopped! Are all Asian/Middle Eastern countries like? It’s disgusting that people would even think absolutely up eating dog meat. These poor animals deserve a life just like us, it is heartbreaking.

  15. Paula Eggleston says:

    I won’t support my country’s military defending a country that tolerates this horrific torture of dogs or animals of any kind. This barbaric tradition of eating dog meat and South Korea’s inability or unwillingness to stop it makes me think they belong with their neighbors to the north. Good luck to them without the protection of the USA. Go back to being a society that has no choices….clearly you won’t take advantage of the freedoms you have to protect these innocent animals.

  16. What moron would eat a dog????? Only imbeciles who are barbarians! !!! These are very sick individuals who would do this! !!;

  17. This is beyond “cultural” beliefs. It shows a barbaric, primitive and sadistic mentality that is sociopathic. Not a good way to portray yourselves to the civilized world. I will not spend my tourist dollars in your country, and I continue to not support your economy by making sure I do not purchase products made in South Korea: Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, etc. Plenty for me to choose from that are made elsewhere. I will continue to support all global efforts to stop this sadistic inhumane torture of these creatures. Do you not realize the positive benefits dogs provide to humans? Have you read the psychological studies that prove it? Do you not know how many service dogs assist the disabled, the military, law enforcement, airport security?? Shame on those of you in your country who participate in this torture.

  18. Nadine brundage says:

    The horrific way these animals are treated makes me Sick and then they become their dinner. Evil, heartless and cruel.

  19. This trade is an abomination in the eyes of anyone with an ounce of humanity!

  20. Gene Sengstake says:

    You have to wonder what kind of people make up this world we live in. The dog meat trade has nothing to do with culture – it is nothing more than outright cruelty – by the sickest form of human beings. That decent people can stand by while this “industry” continues almost unabated is beyond comprehension. The same goes for the Jap dolphin slaughter and the canadian seal slaughter. The so-called law prevents decent people from stopping these events. These atrocities need to be stopped – permanently – no matter what means are necessary to do the job. But let us not kid ourselves – animal cruelty is “legally” ongoing in every country in the world. The only real way to stop it permanently is by force – and then the good guys – yes – they are the “good guys” – will end up paying the price. Most people don’t like what is happening – but very few (yes there are a few) have the compulsion or guts to actually become activists and do something that will actually make a difference. So we wonder why things like this are allowed to happen? – well – because “we” allow it to happen – – –

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