Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea

Target: Seon-Bong Hwang, Mayor of Yesan, South Korea

Goal: Shut down dog meat farms in South Korea.

Over 100 dogs and puppies were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where they were forced to live in disgusting conditions. Locked in cramped cages, wallowing in their own waste, their feet swollen, dogs kept on this farm are made to suffer before their eventual slaughter.

The slaughter of dogs for their meat is barbaric enough, but the extent of their pain and suffering before they meet their fate adds a new layer of horror to the dog meat industry. Dog meat farms are less common in Korea as of late, but several still do exist, and far too many dogs are forced to live in their deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed and sold as food.

According to reports, the farm in rural Yesan that the dogs were rescued from has said they will be transitioning from dog meat to crops. But one farm stopping the production of dog meat is only a small part of the solution. These farms need to be completely shut down to better the chances of slowing and eventually halting the dog meat trade. Sign this petition to demand South Korea shut down any remaining dog meat farms that continue to operate.


Dear Mayor Seon-Bong Hwang,

Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm under your jurisdiction. While this farm reportedly claims to be transitioning to crops, there still exist such farms where dogs are kept in deplorable conditions before they are eventually killed. No dogs deserve to live in such conditions to begin with, and to have them suffer in isolation, wallowing in their own waste as they await the butcher knife is beyond inhumane.

You must see to it that this farm not only keeps its word and transitions from dog meat to crops, but that other dog meat farms are shut down as soon as possible. The dog meat trade is cruel and inhumane, and the sooner it comes to a halt, the better.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thailand-Vietnam Animal Crime

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  1. they sick bastards should be shot but they should be tortured first asians are the cruelest races of people they eat anything that breaths

    • You better believe they will eat anything, even their own flesh, and blood, as in human fetuses. They just opened another Korean market in the city of Arcadia, California, and I am deeply concerned that they are selling dog, and cat meat, etc. They sell a whole lot of pig (pork), as they do everywhere anyway, and that is bad enough. I wish they had never been allowed to overtake America. This is now a foreign owned, stinking THIRD world country, and getting worse by the day.

  2. These people are heartless bastards. I hope they rot in hell.

  3. What about cats? What about all the other animals they boil or skin alive? It’s horrible for the dogs no doubt, but so many more species face a horrible death there, yet all I see are petitions for the dogs. Can’t somebody make one regarding the conditions of more animals they torture around there instead of just focusing on the dog part?

    • Amen to that! You are so correct. Everything predicted in the Holy Bible is unfolding before our very eyes. We are living in the most evil, and perilous times, yet history does repeat itself in so many ways. Things will continue to get worse because the majority of so-called called human beings are driven, and controlled by Satan, and pure GREED. Only when the real Jesus returns, will things become as they should be. The majority, however, will be deceived by the IMPOSTER, who comes in place of Jesus The Christ.

      • thank you A and Deborah.. i’m so tired of petitions only caring about dogs. as if cats are inanimate objects. I also see people condemning foreign countries for this as they chow down on beef and pork etc not caring that the factory farm animals in this country are treated close to the same. cat and dog meat is also legal in the U.S. and so is sex with animals. I did not sign this petition.

        • I think you people are being a bit unfair & miss informed,,, we are all on here signing anything & everything on this site to try & help ALL ANIMALS,,, not just dogs!! we all sign 100’s of petitions for many other causes, many on farm animal abuse,fur, leather, wool,eggs,lab animals,torturing & filming to upload onto the evil web, trophy hunting, working animals & much much more & as long as dogs & all other Animals are on this site we all sign… we all know its not just dogs in all asian shit holes that are be tortured to death… ALL Animals need saving from this vile, evil, depraved scum in the world!!

  4. poor poor babies my heart breaks for them. I

  5. poor poor babies. I just cannot sleep thinking about them. just breaks my heart. Just thinking about them being so scared knowing what is going to happen to them

  6. I hope all the people that partake in this abuse die a slow death from some virus that the dogs and cats could carry.

    • Slow and excruciatingly painful!!! I would personally love to torture these pieces of shit! The things I would do to these subhuman filth and I’d laugh at their shrieks of pain!

  7. jennifer taylor says:

    It is essential that we unite together internationally and exterminate each and every one of these repulsively slant eyed ugly. asian dog and cat murdering scumbags.Death by a slow and agonising means for these POS is essential! OH YESSSS!!!! An eye for an eye.

    • AMEN! I despise these repugnant scum of the earth! They must be forced to endure 1 billion times the pain that the innocent animals do! Because they are NOT INNOCENT!

  8. BOYCOTT KOREA AND OLYMPICS! South Korea and their dog/cat meat obscene satanic torture and killing is NOT deserving of such honor.

  9. my heart breaks just looking at the picture, i would so like to put all the evil so called human beings in a cage and just keep squashing them in, then leave them there, to suffer a shxtty death, slow and painful, or cook them alive. i could listen to the screams with a smile.

  10. Nooshin Perla says:

    Hay, what about our loving sweet dear cats?? Sick DAMN people in Korea, burn in HELL!!! Damn sick morons eat what ever that moves. Even their names makes you vomit! YAAAAKKKKK

    • that;s right. I never sign a petition that does not include cats. you wouldn’t believe the justifications I get from IDA HSUS ASPCA HSI IFAW for not bothering to put as much effort into protection for cats..assuming they put in any at all. I will NOT donate to any of them.

      • Nooshin Perla says:

        I am with you 100%. I do NOT give money or any kind of support for those who are ignoring our LOVING, BEAUTIFUL CATS!!!!!!

  11. HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!! this is how cows and pigs and turkeys and chickens are treated in this country. their lives are nothing but nonstop pain and neglect. their deaths are brutal. the unluckiest ones are the ones who aren’t even dead when they are butchered. fois gras is beyond cruel. veal is pure torture. wake up and boycott meat altogether.

  12. Fucking Asian countries kill everything that moves. Wish they would would die from animal hate disease. No compassion there what so ever…

  13. Gisela Kelso says:

    No animal should be killed for human consumption or any other human (ab-)use. We can practice a healthy diet without the consumption of meat. Just like all dog meat farms in Korea,and elsewhere, should be shut down and made illegal, all slaughterhouses on this planet should also be shut down. Even though dogs are animals of companionship and have a special bonding to humans,they shouldn’t be the only animals not being eaten by humans.There is also a lot of abuse going on in slaughterhouses where farm animals are being killed, we just don’t see it. People who conduct dog meat farms and who eat dog meat should think about all the great things that dogs do for humans.There are many types of service dogs that keep saving human lives. Just an example:who wouldn’t want to be located under debris after an eartquake and saved from a slow death? Or saved from suffocation after being caught in a snow avalanche? There are so many great things dogs do for humans, shouldn’t we be grateful and show our appreciation by ending the dog meat trade for good?

  14. This just breaks my heart to see these innocent fur babies treated like this. What a barbaric culture. Never would I visit a country like this. This needs to stop & those involved need to receive a very harsh punishment. This is so sickening.

  15. South Koreans who torture dogs like this are as disgusting and non-human as North Koreans. Stop this stupidity!

  16. wendy Burrows says:

    savages, savages, savages.
    I wish the worst kind of natural disaster for this sick continent.
    all animals are treated like shit by these people in china, phillipeans, Vietnam, korea, Thailand.

    Time to return the favour mother earth. Do your worst.

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