Dog Killing Is Out Of Control: Demand New Management At Georgia Shelter

Target: Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen

Goal: Remove manager from position and end kill policy at local shelter

More than a dozen dogs and puppies were abruptly put to death at an animal shelter in Macon, Georgia after a quick phone call by the new interim manager at the Bibb County Animal Welfare Department. Following the resignation of the previous manager, interim manager Deborah Biggs implemented new policies which reduced capacity and increased adoption costs, essentially creating an environment where increased killing of adoptable animals became “necessary.” Bibb County must end these atrocious policies and remove Ms. Biggs from her position immediately.

The shelter in question had undergone a period of ten weeks without any kills before Ms. Biggs was given full reign over operations. In addition to increased adoption fees and lower capacity benchmarks, Biggs implemented an open admission policy. This enables anyone to leave their animal at the shelter, even if it is already over capacity. Before, owners were told to keep the animal and return home if such a situation occurred.

With capacity set at 55 and a steady stream of new animals showing up, populations of 70-90 become the norm. Thus, open admission ensures even more animals are murdered as capacity populations overflow more swiftly than even animal rescue outfits can accommodate.

To make matters worse, following an outcry over the 15 destroyed dogs, the shelter killed four more which were said to have mange and be overaggressive. No treatment was even considered in this situation for the animals with mange.

Sign this urgent petition to Bibb County’s Commissioner so that more killing of innocent dogs and cats is not allowed to continue.


Dear Commisioner Allen,

Local public outcry has been widespread and deafeningly vocal in response to the killing of 15 dogs at the Bibb County animal shelter. I am writing in solidarity with those locals to demand that the no-kill policy be reinstated, the interim manager be replaced, and the new polices be revoked.

Deborah Biggs, who oversaw and ordered the killings, did so under the seemingly sanctioned veil of her own policies. Reduced animal shelter capacity, increased adoption costs, and an open admission policy is an appallingly effective recipe for increased euthanasia practices. Four more dogs were killed recently without any effort made by the shelter to seek treatment for their mange.

Please make a concerted, swift effort to stop such unthinkable destruction of life. Replace Ms. Biggs immediately and implement policies which enable a no-kill shelter to again be the norm.


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  1. What is it with Georgia and other Southern states so willing to kill dogs and cats when there are options to get htem good homes?? This makes Georgia as a state look very bad to the rest of the nation.

    I have had it with barbaric and cruel managers at these shelters not caring about “lives”. Vermillion in Kaplan, LA is another HELLHOLE. Pam M. runs it and she must be replaced.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying…IF they know that it negatively effects their tourist industry, then maybe they’d do something. The world knows and is watching. Controling backyard breeders and offering free/low-cost spay and neutering in trouble spots would be money well spent.

  2. Patricia Wicker says:

    SOUTHERN REDNECKS, All so CRUEL, What is wrong with these Southern States?????

    • Kathryn Dalenberg says:

      What is “wrong” with the southern states is that idiot rednecks get elected to office and they in turn appoint their good ol’ boy friends. We have an animal PAC here in Alabama, Alabama Voters for Responsibile Animal Legislation [AVRAL] and we are REALLY fighting an uphill battle but we are TRYING. And, I can assure you, there are those of us here in the South who are as angry and frustrated at The South as those of you in other parts of the country are. Thanks for caring. 🙂

      • ok no racist stuff alot of rednecks as you say own furbabies and work their ass off im a huge animal advocate and to be honest the shelters up north are just as bad they even have gas chambers for the animals still new york manhattan brooklyn all are very very very high kill shelters thats what i do try to save them daily thank you for loving animals we need as many as we can rednecks and all in this fight

  3. людмила says:

    я жила на территории Грузии в 80 годы. там к собакам относятся так-же как и в Китае. По моему ничего не изменилось. Единственное отличие они их не едят.


  5. I think education is key. Why are their so many pets being turned over to shelters? Puppies grow up to be dogs. They need to be trained to become a part of their human family. Puppy mills could also be a source of the problem also.

  6. Humans should care about animal lives in this case; dog lives.
    Please have in mind that dogs suffer just like we humans do.
    Humans have a better consciousness please!

  7. Strange that one of the most religious parts of the country is so big on killing. I do worry about the issue of people having to bring back a pet to surrender it because there was no room the first time. How many will do that? Some will just abandon the animal. Another problem with some no-kill shelters is that they may refuse the animals who need help the most–the old, sick, hurt. It’s about time local governments supported their animal population in a bigger, better way.

  8. Linda Swanson says:

    Almost all southern states have shelters that are little house of horrors. The south likes to hold itself out there as a bastion of gentility when things like this killing says the total opposite is true. There are shelters all over that have become no-kill and don’t believe that means jamming dogs in so tight that they fight and disease spreads rapidly. They use that to defend the indefensible. Right now there is a bill before Congress to make these inhumane people stop gassing their dogs in shelters. Follow what is going on and don’t believe your self serving legislators and commissioners. They only care and worship money

  9. terrible ,the godly south of america,bible bashing in ine hand and killing in the next,how do these people sleep at night,I have nightmares thinking of these poor dogs.My two dogs were rescue,my border collie was left tied to a tree about 6weeks old,skin and bone no fur,he,s nearly 16 now and he,s seen me through some tough times and kept me sane,I weep for america,s dogs

  10. Andrea Collier says:

    The legendary animal rights activist Cleveland Amory once wrote a book about people like you. It was called “Human Kind?”

  11. Alexander Hawkeswood says:

    There is absolutely no need to put any dogs down. If money and/or space are issues, the surplus dogs could be released into the wild. That’s where they originally came from after all and might be better off there anyway. They would have all the freedom in the world and learn to live as nature intended. They may not survive but at least they have the opportunity to live and live well at that


  13. Definitely get rid of her. Better yet let her spend some time in jail because there has to be something to charge her with. Dixie Dogs are sent here to the North frequently. Did this shelter ever consider doing this.My children have four of these Southern dogs and they are the best, and I mean the Best. They need to consider responding with sanctuaries here so the animals have a chance. The shelters around my area are no-kill shelters. People sometimes take dogs temporarily until homes are found, but most times they end up adopting the dog because they fall in love with the dog. To kill so many dogs was, and always will be wrong. Let’s give each animal we come in contact with a chance to be loved.

  14. Ms. Biggs, you are committing MURDER! Stop now. You will only have God to answer to!

  15. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    I have already signed this petition and voiced my opinon of this woman. However, I am totally disgusted with all the South bashing on here. I am a born and bred Southerner, and also of over 50% Cherokee heritage. I have tons of friends and family that are animal lovers and detest any killing of innocent animals. Considering the sites I am a member of and seeing where 40 and 50 dogs and cats are in danger, being at the 11th hour in places like NY, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, Texas, California, Washington State, Oregon…need I go on. I get these lists on my Facebook from the sites I belong to, and sit and cry because I have now way to save these animals except to sign petitons, advocate, write e-mails and pray. Praying comes first and these are Gods creatures and I know he cares and loves them as much as us, the ones supposedly created in His own image. When others bash the south, I have to wonder if they really know what is going on in their own backyards, and how their closed mindedness can possibly be coming from a supposedly created in God’s image human. I do not bash others that live in the North, Midwest, or anywhere when I see how many animals are being killed in those states, I try to help save the animals, not act like the ones that have killed the animals and bashed those in the area it is happening in. If you can not just help, instead of bashing people that are in a state, you are as bad as the persons doing the foul deed. I guess Lennox, Dre (in Colorado no less, and other dogs that have been put at risk by stupid laws are not to be counted since they are not in the south. The only southern state that I know of that has a BSL law is Florida, and all the other states are in the north and other areas like California. Do I bash any of you because you may live in these states that have put in stupid laws? No, but if that is only what some of you understand, then I can oblige you very quickly. Back off on us Southerners, or the next thing you will experience is the wrath of a true animal lover and all of her friends the ARE true Southerners, not transplants from other states that start all this killing as they take our jobs and I would venture to say that Deborah Biggs is probably from some other state and not even a true Southerner.

  16. PLEASE replace Ms. Biggs immediately and return the shelter as a NO KILL SHELTER!

  17. I’m from the deep south (n. Ga.) It breaks my heart to go back home & have to see all the strays, etc. Even the little town south of Trion, (summerville) now has an animal shelter. Good or Bad, anyone with common sense knows you cannot run a shelter if you do not even like animals, Garland shelter has the same problem. Been trying for years to get her replaced to no avail. Houston has the same problem, their death rate is very high.

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