Pet Store Dogs Who Were Allegedly Sick and Neglected Deserve Justice

Target: Cy Vance, New York District Attorney

Goal: Shut down store selling high-priced dogs after they allegedly allowed the dogs to suffer illnesses and neglected to treat them.

Multiple dogs were reportedly found suffering from illnesses and neglect at boutique pet store where they were being sold at a high price. According to the investigator, some of the dogs were suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis, bloody diarrhea, and open surgical wounds. Others were malnourished and underweight. Video footage shows one dog with its eyes swollen shut due to conjunctivitis. According to the investigator, the dogs were mistreated by employees who hit them with towels, held them in submission, and grabbed them roughly.

Some of the puppies reportedly weren’t taken to a veterinarian immediately, despite having infections and fevers. The Chelsea Kennel Club is also accused of failing to reveal full health information to their buyers. This information was revealed by a Humane Society worker who went undercover, working at the kennel and documenting the issues for two months. Please sign this petition to demand that this boutique be shut down permanently before more animals suffer.


Dear Mr. Vance,

A boutique pet store, where high-priced dogs are sold, is accused of allowing the dogs to become ill and neglected. According to an investigator who went undercover and documented the cases for two months, some of the puppies had pneumonia, open surgical wounds, bloody diarrhea, and breathing difficulties. The report says that the animals weren’t taken to a veterinarian immediately, despite having infections and fevers. The boutique also failed to give full health information to their buyers, the report states.

It sounds like this is a business ran by cruel, greedy people who care nothing about the animals. We, the undersigned, demand that this “boutique” pet store be shut down immediately before more animals suffer.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Teresa Trimm

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  1. THIS petition is well meant, but misses the point.

    ALL PET STORES buy from puppy mills, even “boutique, high priced” ones.

    95% of their puppies come to them with illnesses, poor care, poor breeding backgrounds, and directly from Puppy mills which know enough to make their name sound like a wonderful, safe place: “Happy Meadows Beagles” or whatever…….THIS IS WHY PET STORES MUST BE MADE TO STOP SELLING PUPPY MILL PUPPIES, BY LEGISLATION TO REQUIRE THEM TO SELL ONLY PUPPIES AND KITTENS FROM SHELTERS!

    • Lajeanne totally agree! Stop pet stores from selling puppy mills and only sell from shelters.

    • Rachael Markson says:

      Right on point Lajeanne! The mills must be shut down which will in turn shut down these horrible stores as they only care about money. I wish the petition named the store? How will the person receiving it know what to do?? It seems to lack alot of info..but maybe this isn’t the version being sent for privacy reasons. I remember many years ago there was a bill to put a 2-3 year hold on all breeding..even good breeders to help with over population issues. However the breeders and several groups including the AKC shot it down. Money always wins.

  2. They are all just babies, playing and being babies. Cruel and evil humans should NEVER work with baby animals or small children.

  3. Pet stores in general are huge abusers of animals.
    PETA, which has done several extensive investigations into various pet stores and their suppliers, advises people never to buy any animal or animal supplies from a pet store.
    Anyone interested, just google animal abuse in pet stores to find out about the horrifying abuse that goes on in this industry.

  4. Shut this horrific store down and any others.

  5. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Pet stores should only sell supplies. Employees have little to none training . Cruelty is rampant. It’s sad that these petitions never get less.

  6. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer

  7. Pet stores only need to sell supplies. I know that there are always exceptions to the rule with pet store owners, but the majority are unregulated and poorly staffed with knowledgeable and carrying people. Living in Texas we all need to take a look at Austin pet store rules and regulations. Pet stores can not sell cats and dogs. They are trying to shutdown Chelsea Kennel Club but what about the peolpe selling them the puppies. We need to go to the source.

  8. Czerny A. says:

    As long as status-oriented people want “pure-bred” dogs and cats, there’ll be unscrupulous breeders. These people want to show off their wealth with an expensive breed. To them, a shelter dog is discarded trash.

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