Justice for Injured Opossum Allegedly Tortured

Target: Clinton R. Boddicker, County Attorney for Lee County, Iowa

Goal: Demand that the men who allegedly tortured an opossum after it was hit by a car receive the maximum penalty under law.

An opossum was reportedly swung around by its tail and tortured after it was hit by a car. The alleged cruelty was caught on video and went viral. Demand justice for this innocent opossum.

“[The video] starts off as one of the individuals holds the opossum by its tail and swings it back and forth several times before appearing to throw the opossum,” stated DNR conservation officer Ben Schlader. The three men in the video then reportedly began hitting the opossum with objects.

The opossum died from its injuries. Jerry McGee, Austin Salyers and Casey Taylor were all charged with animal torture, an aggravated misdemeanor. Sign below and demand that McGee, Salyers, and Taylor receive the maximum penalty under law, if convicted.


Dear County Attorney Boddicker,

An opossum suffered tremendously when it was allegedly tortured by three men in Lee county. Video footage reportedly showed the men throwing the already injured opossum and hitting it with objects. We demand justice for this poor opossum.

McGee, Salyers, and Taylor reportedly found the opossum after it had been hit by a car. They then allegedly began recording themselves torturing the poor animal. The gruesome video was posted on Facebook and then went viral. It generated multiple complaints from concerned citizens.

This horrific torture cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PublicDomainImages

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  1. Alice Knight says:

    I beg to differ ,but, these are not “men” They are a menace to society and our animal world! The thrill and power individuals feel from harming and killing an innocent creature is beyond my comprehension. I believe whatever cruelty is performed on an animal, the individual/s responsible deserves the same. These “men” seriously need some form of intervention and the harshest of penalties.

    • I agree and we should put into law for this type of punishment. An eye for an eye. Maybe then and only then will men like this think twice about committing violence against these innocent animals.

  2. Teresa Moy says:

    Sick bastards!

    These are the type of retards that will hurt your children!

    Lock the Morons up!

  3. Laurie Miskell says:

    These are the types of POS that will hurt your children given the chance. That innocent animal didn’t deserve what they did and they need to pay for it. A misdemeanor for animal torture? That in itself is a crime. Change your laws, protect those who can’t speak for themselves.

  4. These are not men…they are evil monsters and they deserve a long time in the klinker AND a good stiff fine….

  5. These evil humans must be punished. This innocent animal did not deserve to be tortured to death. This is NOT funny nor should anyone condone this kind of animal abuse.

  6. Jeannette Allan says:

    Degraded dark creatures with dead hearts, and moronic minds, they pollute the air of decent people by walking close to them… let what’s coming to them get there in full measure… and soon.

  7. michelle taylor says:

    Instigation of the death penalty is required for all animal abusers.An eye for an eye,with no exceptions!

  8. Vicious. Swing them by their tail too (yes they have one) and crush them to death.

  9. These are your Future Serial Killers — Take these Worthless Pieces of human Garbage OFF our Streets == Do the same Torture to these Bastards !!!!!!!

  10. I have a pet oposssum and hes very nice…..

  11. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer

  12. Margaret Belew says:

    I personally believe that any one that is capable of cruelty to an animal is just as easy to change to children. It my skin crawl to see this behavior. To JAIL with them all.

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