Stop Dogfighting in California: Make it a Felony to Be a Dogfight Spectator

Target: California State Legislature
Goal: Make it a Felony to be a Dogfight Spectator in California

Currently California is one of 14 states that has a loophole in its dogfighting laws, making it only a misdemeanor to be a spectator at a dogfight. While California State Law 597.5 rules both dogfighting and possession of dogs for fighting as felonies, the loophole of a misdemeanor in lieu of a felony for being a spectator at a dogfight significantly weakens the effectiveness of the California state laws to outlaw all traces of dogfighting. If there’s an audience, there’s a market.

While larger-scale dogfights have been on the decline in recent years, partly because of the extraordinary efforts by the Humane Society of the United States, “street dogfighting” is on the rise in urban areas, including urban areas in California. Impromptu back alley or basement dogfights may break out as a way for one person, or group, to show his or their status over the other.

As for the dogs, there are no winners in dogfighting. They might fight to the death, or be killed by the owner because they lost, or might have “won” the match but die later from their wounds. Fighting dogs are bred to be the way they are and therefore their living conditions are often isolated, either being tethered by chains or locked in cages.

Join the HSUS in combating all dogfighting by petitioning your California state representative and telling them to do away with the state dogfighting law loophole to show that California truly is against any and all forms of the act, whether the accused is an active participant or a spectator.


Dear Sen. Kehoe and Rep. Fletcher,

I urge the State of California to tighten up its policy on dogfighting by making it a felony, not just a misdemeanor, to be a spectator at a dogfight. While the state law defines dogfighting and possession of dogs for fighting as felonies, the loophole of a misdemeanor in lieu of a felony for being a spectator at a dogfight significantly weakens the effectiveness of the California state laws to outlaw all traces of dogfighting.

I am very concerned about the rise in “streetfighting” with dogs in urban areas and believe stricter state laws will help to combat the issue.

As a result, I strongly request that you urge your fellow lawmakers to upgrade California state dogfighting laws to show that we are one of the 19 states that has a no-tolerance stance on dogfighting.


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  1. Dogdefender says:

    Having been in law enforcement and a current shelter volunteer the law needs to changed from Agriculture to the Penal Code and specifically written. It should be a felony with a mandatory minimum 5 years to attend, place bets, facilitate or bring animals to a location for purposes of dogfighting. The more specific the easier to get convictions.

  2. STOP these retards from hurting animals. A spectator is just as guilty as the instigators of these horrific and cruel crimes. These people should be stopped and prosecuted. Poor adorable animals subjected to human depravity. We humans truly are the worst species on earth capable of the worst monstrosities. Thank God that there are many sentient beings amongst us that can make a difference

  3. Put the dogs on the owners and people that support dogfighting so they could feel what the babies are feeling!!!!


  5. carol desilvio says:

    People that are in this disgusting ring should be put in a cage and tortured

  6. I agree with all of the posts above ^^^^^.

  7. How can ppl watch this inhumane shit it’s just shows that ppl are sick and there no better that the child molesters or serial killer there totally sick and need put down

  8. Why can’t the police conduct raids like they did in the prohibition era. Get the paddy wagons out and arrest everyone.

  9. Stefanie Wyatt says:

    It HAS to STOP everywhere!!!!!!!

  10. I absolutely agree with everyone’s comments it has to stop everywhere our first friends do not deserve this its so horrible and horrific what they do to these dogs and because of that pitbulls have a bad reputation bad name just bad all over people are frightened of them don’t want them around when in reality these pitbulls back in the late late late later days for nannies for families yes nannies they were the protector and watched over babies toddlers children yes they did do the research people these dogs are not evil not mean they were raised to be this way and I’m going to fight for them I don’t own a pitbull but I will fight for them until the day I die to get get them the rights they truly deserve.

  11. Carla Andrade says:

    If you people are bored go watch tv or do something! Go skydiving, kayaking, just don’t be entertained by watching dogs or any animal fight to the end. This ain’t the hunger games. Go watch the movie if you wanna see death!

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