Applaud Police Officer’s Humane Response to Vicious Dog Report

Target: Baltimore State Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz

Goal: Applaud the actions of the police officer who responded responsibly to a false vicious dog report.

All too often lately people have been reporting stories of so-called vicious dogs and the negative way law enforcement officials respond to them. Whether or not they really are vicious, dogs with the misfortune of being born a certain breed–pit bulls, for example–are often looked down upon. Similar to racism, breed stereotyping has been causing a lot of bad things to happen to good dogs. Amid all the negative stories that have been reported lately, it’s nice sometimes to hear a story with a happy ending.

One such story involves Baltimore police officer Dan Waskiewicz, a dog lover who recently responded to a vicious dog report. Thankfully, this story didn’t end with a police officer shooting an innocent dog, as these types of stories all too often do. Officer Waskiewicz reported that he received a report of a vicious pit bull chasing children. When he appeared on the scene, the so called “vicious dog” calmly walked right up to him and licked his pants.

Waskiewicz offered the dog water and called the pound. This story could have ended there and still had a much happier ending than most stray pit bull stories do, but Waskiewicz took things a step further. Fearing that the dog, who was not actually vicious, would be put down, Waskiewicz decided to drive the dog to the shelter himself in the back seat of his patrol car. Ultimately, Officer Waskiewicz adopted the pit bull mix. The dog was named Bo, and now lives happily with the Waskiewicz family and their two other dogs.

It’s unfortunate that more stray dog stories don’t have similar endings. Waskiewicz treated a stray animal with respect, despite false reports that the animal was vicious, and because of this ended up with a loving new family member. Bo is lucky that such a compassionate officer was on duty that day. By signing this petition, you are applauding Officer Dan Waskiewicz’s actions towards Bo. His response to the false vicious dog report was commendable and the world would be a much better place if more law enforcement officials handled animal-related reports in similar ways.


Dear Officer Dan Waskiewicz,

This letter is to thank you for the responsible way you responded to a recent vicious dog report.  All too often law enforcement officials respond negatively towards dogs like Bo, sometimes leading to the brutal and unnecessary death of innocent dogs. But you looked beyond the stereotype and treated Bo with the respect that all living things deserve.

Your actions are commendable, and you are a very worthy role model to other Police Officers in similar situations. Thank you for saving Bo, giving him a loving new home, and setting an amazing example that other police officers will hopefully follow in the future.

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  1. The dog reflects the owner, and pit bulls are no different than any other breed, rather they have many beautiful, affectionate traits. Any owner who mistreats an animal is at risk that the animal can fight back, especially when it is trained for dog fighting, which is what the owner has intended the dog to do.

  2. The dog reflects the owner, and pit bulls are no different than any other breed. When trained for dogfighting, the owner is at risk that the dog will fight back, as the owner has intended it to do. Wouldn’t any gladiator?
    Pit bulls are beautiful and affectionate, so why abuse and accuse them?

  3. Heather Jensen says:

    As the owner of a sweet gentle Pitbull who is at the moment licking our 4 year old daughter to death in an attempt to get a bite of her cookie, this story almost made me cry. Too sweet!!! Racism isn’t just with humans which is sad. It is nice to read stories like this one that show a positive look on the breed. A dog is only as “Vicious” as they are raised to be. Instead of punishing the dog when is it going to be time to punish the person responsible for teaching them!!!

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